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William Perry Pendley now a leader of the Bureau of Land Management (as Deputy Director, Policy and Programs)

A note from SFTHH:  William Perry Pendley is now a leader of the Bureau of Land Management, as the Deputy Director of Policy and Programs.  Pendley’s twitter account handle is “Wm Perry Pendley @Sagebrush_Rebel.”  (Author Jonathan Thompson wrote: ““(The) Sagebrush (Rebellion) comes into relief as what it really […]

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BLM plan for fuel breaks in Great Basin to cost millions of dollars but will scar public lands and make wildfires worse

BLM’s multi-state HORRIBLE fuel break proposal includes areas where there are wild horses & burros.  The BLM’s plan is to use chemicals, bulldozers, livestock grazing and chaining to make an 11,000 mile (500 feet wide) vegetation-free land scar across our public lands. (Laid end-to-end, from Reno it would […]

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