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Feel Good Sunday: A Veterans Day Prayer

“To those who look forward to a smile, a snicker and a little laugh on Sunday mornings I apologize, we will not be able to give that to you this morning. Instead, we offer up warmth, moist eyes and a glow in your soul as I just cannot let Veterans Day drift off into the darkness for another year, not yet.

I cannot do it today, of all days, where spoiled, privileged, do-nothing ingrates take to a field to play a game we played as children and disrespect those who gave their lives so that they can make 30 times the annual salary of average Americans, just can’t do it. Wrong place, wrong message, wrong audience…just plain wrong.

So today we offer a prayer that was given by a true American; one that pushes us forward to save the spirit of America and the National icons that we hold dear. It is our duty, our mission and our obligation to give our all to save the last of our wild horses and burros for future generations to experience, to enjoy and to love.

For the sake of those who died to keep us free, we work with earnest to keep free the wild horses and burros of the United States of America, it is our calling. God Bless.” ~ R.T.

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9/11: We Will NEVER Forget

Commentary by R.T. Fitch ~ president/co-founder Wild Horse Freedom Federation “Etched into our beleaguered memory is the exact moment in time and the location of the space we were occupying when first we heard that innocent American women, children and men were under attack and dying on the […]

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BLM: Let the Carnage Begin!

For immediate release:                                                                         Contact: Tom Gorey Friday, July 19, 2013                                                                           (202-912-7420) BLM Announces Summer Schedule for Tormenting Wild Horses and Burros The Bureau of Land Management today announced its current summer schedule for gathering wild horses and burros roaming Western public rangelands.  The schedule is subject to […]

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US Horsemeat Makes its Way to European Union

By Kelly Ni  of the Epoch Times Staff Health concerns raised over dangerous drugs American horses are sold to slaughter factories in Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay. Many are concerned that the slaughtered American horses, which were not raised for human consumption, eventually make their way into […]

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Does US Military still use Horses and Bayonets?

By Peter Grier, of the Christian Science Monitor “we also have fewer horses and bayonets…” Does the US military still use horses and bayonets? This question arises because of President Obama’s riposte against Mitt Romney on defense budgets in Monday night’s presidential debate. At one point Romney charged […]

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