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Press Release from The Cloud Foundation BLM decision threatens future of Pryor Mustang herd COLORADO SPRINGS, CO – The Bureau of Land Management in Billings, Montana has launched an attack on the wild horses of the Pryor Mountains on the Montana-Wyoming border. After a lengthy comment and review […]

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Correction: BLM does NOT Agree to Increase Size of Pryor Mountain Herd

“Every now and then we get slightly burned by sharing unedited and supposedly informational articles which we ‘assume’ to be correct and concise. Of course, anything from the BLM directly is suspect from the git-go but from the mainstream media we expect better (even though the past election bias coverage should have sent the public screaming to the hills) but over the past two weeks we have been nipped twice and today we will try to rectify the most recent blooper.

Last week we shared an article that had the headlines that the BLM had increased the number of the wild horses allowed to live out their lives wild and free on the Pryor Mountains in Montana…but instead it has come to light that this is not true. Where that unedited headline came from we do not know but it did not originate from anyone who tends to SFTHH. So in an effort to clarify and bring our feet back to the ground it is the same business as usual at the BLM office in Billings Montana, under the direction of Jim Sparks, who IS currently taking comments on the current AML until the end of this week.

Included at the end of this unedited news articles are the comments of Ginger Kathrens of the Cloud Foundation and it is our hope that readers will take the time to respectfully request that Jim Sparks considers TCF’s recommendations prior to the conclusion of this week. You can make a difference.” ~ R.T.

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