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What a Bunch of BLM Bull-Puckey!

Forward by Grandma Gregg This decision “should” have been appealed! Take a look at Appendix “G” of the Research EA Final where the BLM ignores all public comments … including: Public comment 15. Individual “Per the DOI/BLM herd stats the Frisco HMA wild horse population jumped to 67% […]

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Open Letters: What do YOU think about BLM Advisory Board’s Recommendation to Slaughter 45,000 Innocent Wild Horses?

“You know MY thoughts and it is way too early to commit my words to text; not many of them are multi-syllable and most only have four letters. (I have managed to create an entire sentence utilizing only one cuss word, and it makes sense)

Link to unedited transcript from Bogus BLM Murder Board Meeting, yesterday: https://app.box.com/s/xo1xlqq58stg8fdg99guskpk59u1nxr0

Listed below are thoughts from many of our esteemed colleagues and I strongly encourage you to add yours AND to forward them to the email addresses supplied by Carol Walker, below. The bloody bastards! (sorry, that just slipped out)” ~ R.T.

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Breaking News: Bogus, Bloody BLM Advisory Board Votes to Butcher ALL Wild Horses in Long Term Holding

Well they did it; the horse hating, special interest bastards that allegedly ‘Advise’ the BLM have voted that all horses in long term holding, they claim 44,000, be killed…TOLD YOU SO, this morning. Bolstadt and company will not be happy until they murder each and every horse and burro. With the exception of Ginger Kathrens it is what they all want and I hope that they gag on their big fat piece of welfare beef at dinner, tonight.

This board should be dissolved and disbanded IMMEDIATELY, not a moment to waste.

Write whbadvisoryboard@blm.gov and express your views. Although Ginger has been thoughtful and civil, as is her nature, it has proven to be a blunt sword against these boneheads.

More details to follow.

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BLM Propaganda Alleges Wild Horse & Burro Population Exceeds Arbitrary AML by More than 40,000

“It pains me to share articles and news story (below) that are riddled with multiple inaccuracy’s and misinformation from the federal government’s rogue mismanagement agency, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), but it is important for everyone, worldwide, to be aware of the all out war that the BLM is waging against our federally protected wild horses and burros. The current information pumped out by those who are in bed with special interest groups (BLM) states that wild horse populations are in excess by a number that we believe is higher than the actual sum total of all wild equines on our public lands. These are lies, nothing short of stone cold, idiot lies…and we as taxpayers begrudgingly give up our hard earned cash, in the way of taxes, to pay these civil employees with cushy salaries to LIE to us.

Sorry, but my “Stupid Meter” is pegged on ‘full’ and it is by far long overdue for the public to say enough is enough and call out the Administration, the Department of Interior and the BLM on how the federal government is intentionally managing our wild horses and burros into extinction and are currently working on a ‘final solution’ to ensure that our protected equines on our western public lands are forever whipped out and gone…like dust in the wind, their days are numbers…unless we take action, form the plan, work the plan and stop the carnage. Are you up to the challenge, my friends?” ~ R.T.

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Why is the BLM killing wild horses?

By Jack Ferm as published on The Independent ~ A Voice for Utah Horses are not part of America’s food chain! The Bureau of Land Management is a federal agency tasked with protecting our heritage, including wild horses known colloquially as “mustangs.” These majestic animals have freely roamed […]

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A Grim Future Awaits the Nation’s Wild Horses

Last week, a federal judge in New Mexico cleared the way for domestic slaughterhouse operators to again kill and render horses on American soil. Monday night, the 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver stayed that ruling, at least temporarily, so that it could evaluate whether the Obama Administration unlawfully permitted those operators to resume the brutal practice without first complying with all relevant environmental regulations.

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Wild Horse Chaos, Thanks to Obama

Source: By Andrew Cohen as published on Esquire “Babies of weaning age — maybe three months old — were pulled from their mothers and immediately herded into the auction ring, one by one, crying and looking for their mothers as they were sold to the highest bidder…” It’s […]

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