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Alberta’s Free Roaming Horses Society takes legal action to save Canada’s wild horses (wildies)

Source:  Alberta’s Free Roaming Horses Society Alberta’s Free Roaming Horses Society and have just begun legal action against the Alberta Provincial Government for, what appears to be, a violation of their Statutes and Regulations with regards to capturing and removing the wild horses from Public Lands.  They have been […]

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Horse Meat Recalled Due to Illegal Drugs

Source:  Newsofthehorse.com Canada – The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has issued several recalls of horse meat produced by the Viande Richelieu Meat company and Metro Richelieu Inc.  The meat has been recalled from Canada, Austria and France after investigators found the meat was contaminated with drugs. Investigators found Phenylbutazone (bute) […]

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Feel Good Sunday: Icy Roads Leave Semi Driver Stranded Overnight. But When He Looks out Window, He Spots Horse…

By Keeley Brooks as published on Thoughtful Women ..warming hearts across the world. Canadian winters can be harsh. Motorists can easily find themselves stranded on roadways, because of heavy snow and icy conditions. That’s exactly what happened to semi-truck driver Peter Douglas. The Winnipeg driver was captured by highway cameras […]

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