Longtime Horse Slaughter Radical Gets Violent at Equus Film Festival

Source: NewsoftheHorse.com opening opinion by R.T. Fitch

“Well, well, well, guess who crawled out from underneath his moldy rock and showed his hairy backside last week?  An old, has-been topic of many an OpEd here at SFTHH who we thought died and shriveled away when his cohort in crime, “Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallace, literally left the planet earth to go spend eternity in that special place where killers, and consumers, of companion animals go to rot.  Drum roll please; ole Dave “Doink” Duquette, the great failure of the west, reared his ugly head and laid his hands on a member of the press asking a well thought out question last Friday.  You see, when you corner an animal abuser with an intelligent question they respond in one of three ways; either they cuss, lash out or leave the room.  Duquette was, and is, too stupid to leave the room.  Known for eating horses, not training them, Duquette considers himself a Subject Matter Expert on murdering equines and then spreading out their body parts on the table for all the sickos to enjoy.  And whenever the subject of horse and donkey murder comes to light, or attempts to, there is Duquette spouting off non-nonsensical dribble laced with expletives because he wouldn’t know the difference between a pronoun and a dangling participial if they hit him in the the head.

Please read on about Doink’s abusive conduct and the thinly veiled horse slaughter organization that he belongs to which sponsored the festival this year.  It all stinks of decaying horse flesh and will make you want to shower, or at least wash your hands, after reading about this low-life.  Duquette needs to crawl back into that slimy hole from whence he came; the world has moved on and his primal urges are no longer considered acceptable in contemporary society” ~ R.T.

An employee of Protect the Harvest, wearing a Lucas Cattle Co jacket, Dave Duquette, violently grabbed the microphone from See’s hand, and continued to bully him in an aggressive manner.

Dave "Doink" Duquette: The Bully who gives the cowboy hat a bad name...(take it off in the house, Doink)

Dave “Doink” Duquette: The Bully who gives the cowboy hat a bad name…(take it off in the house, Doink)

New York City – On Friday the 18th at the Equus Film Festival during a panel discussion of horse welfare issues sponsored by Protect the Harvest, a reporter was assaulted and the microphone violently ripped from his hand mid-sentence. Clant Seay, reporter for Billygoboy.com, asked Duke Thoreson, owner of Thorsport Farms, if he was pro-slaughter.  The moderator of the forum stated “I’m getting the hook from the management, so what I’m going to do is thank the panel,” as she attempted to close down the discussion.  Mr See asked why he was being shut down from speaking, and explained he believed he was being censored, and “I believe we have a situation where money has bought and paid for a situation to dodge the issue.”  An employee of Protect the Harvest, wearing a Lucas Cattle Co jacket, Dave Duquette, violently grabbed the microphone from See’s hand, and continued to bully him in an aggressive manner.

Protect the Harvest, $100,000 sponsor of Equus Film Festival and sponsor of Thorsport Farms, is a Political Action Committee founded by Forrest Lucas, founder and owner of Lucas Cattle Company and Lucas Oil Company.  Protect the Harvest’s goal is to round up all mustangs and ship them to slaughter, open horse slaughter plants in the United States, deny any legal rights to dogs abused in puppy mills, sue any state that passes animal agriculture welfare laws, and generally oppose any law that furthers animal welfare goals.  In their logo, Protect the Harvest has a horse head, which would indicate they are in agreement with harvesting horses for food.

Duke Thorson, owner of Thorsport Farms, is no stranger to soring allegations.  Thorsport Farm has been investigated by the Humane Society of the United States and found to sore many of their Tennessee Walking horses.  Thorsport Farm horses are routinely barred from competing by USDA inspectors for soring violations.

A Statistical Analysis of Slaughterhouse Sue

By John Holland ~ President of the Equine Welfare Alliance

“Sue is a compulsive fact creator…”

"Slaughterhouse" $ue Wallis

“Slaughterhouse” $ue Wallis

Hi, my name is John Holland, and I am a data-holic. I usually spend my day furtively downloading statistics and information; analyzing it, graphing it, correlating it and trying to glean insights into the true workings of the horse world.

But today is different. Today, I was inspired to opine by a thing of great rarity in our struggle; a well researched article. It appeared in the Saint Louis Post Dispatch titled Horse slaughterhouse plans stalled in Missouri and it convinced me we are winning this struggle, at least for the moment.

No, the article did not contain a new revelation about the outcome of a court case, or the result of a vote. It contained something even more telling: It documented Sue Wallis slipping beyond the gravitational pull of reality and into an alternate universe of anti-logic, where up is down and dark is light.

Sue begins the interview with her now familiar claim that she chose Missouri because, “If you draw a 500-mile circle from western Missouri you encapsulate 30 percent of the horse herd in the U.S.” After musing over the concept of the US horse population constituting a single “herd”, I began wondered where she got this statistic.

You see, Sue and I share different forms of compulsion. I am a compulsive fact checker while Sue is a compulsive fact creator. So I ran the numbers and the result I got was 23.6% of the US horse population being within 500 miles (as the crow flies) of western Missouri.

This means Sue’s exaggeration coefficient for this statement is 27%[i]. This modest exaggeration would prove to be her perigee with reality before she would slingshot past it and off into the abyss of deep space.

After describing the law suit that had resulted in the Cole County judge’s directive to the Department of Natural Resources to hold off on issuing Rains the discharge permit, the story returned to the interview with Sue.

“The horse industry has been decimated,” Wallis said. “We have worthless horses being turned out and abandoned.”

Wyoming's "$laughterhou$e" $ue Walli$ ~ photo by Pam Nickoles

Wyoming’s “$laughterhou$e” $ue Walli$ ~ photo by Pam Nickoles

As I read this, I again felt compelled to calibrate Wallis’ definition of decimation. The original term came from quaint custom of the Roman army by which they would execute every tenth soldier of a disgraced unit so as to improve morale. Was every tenth horse in America being abandoned?

The only state I could find that keeps abandonment data is New Mexico. During my research, they provided me with a very detailed list of all the estray horses they had picked up since 2006. Last year they picked up exactly 124 horses.

Given the estimated 147,181 horses in New Mexico, this means that the abandonment rate is 0.06% or one horse in every 1,186. Since decimation would be one in ten (10%), Sue’s exaggeration coefficient had suddenly rocketed from 27% to 16,666%.

Parroting the discredited 2011 GAO report, Wallis went on to say “People take care of animals that have value. It’s when they don’t that they neglect them.”

This was the conjecture used to excuse why the GAO studied horse prices instead of actually studying neglect as it had been assigned to do. It is, of course, utter nonsense. Few household pets have any monetary value, yet most people take good care of them.

It gets better. “Every breed registry is down 70 percent since 2007. Fewer colts are being born,” Wallis said.

Apparently Wallis has data I have not seen; data showing among other things that only the birth rate of colts is in decline. Is there some strange gender asymmetry going on here? Or is it possible that the Executive Director of the International Equine Business Association, the expert of CNN interviews and countless articles does not know that colts are males and the proper term would have been foals?

As for “every breed registry being off 70% since 2007”, Sue’s exaggeration coefficient is pretty substantial. According to the Jockey Club, thoroughbred foal registrations are off 34.5%, not 70%. Some breeds appear to have been almost unaffected, but the AQHA’s annual report does show about a 49% reduction in foal registrations from its peak in 2007.

The pattern with Quarter Horses is a familiar one for those of us who have been around the horse world for a few decades. Breeds come into favor, resulting in indiscriminant breeding spurred on by the greed of their breed registry. Then the bubble bursts. Just before the decline began, the then executive vice president of the AQHA, Bill Brewer, gave an impassioned speech at their annual convention urging more breeding so there would be “enough good horses in the future”.

"Slaughterhouse" $ue Wallis ~ Horse guts and blood are what drives this political nut-job

“Slaughterhouse” $ue Wallis ~ Horse guts and blood are what drives this political nut-job

A great breed has been degraded in the process. Quarter Horses now commonly suffer from a wide range of maladies such as GBED, HERDA, HYPP, and Navicular. The most common complaint of owners is that they “bred the feet off them.” This could explain why AQHA membership is down 18.6% since 2007. I wondered to myself, would Sue suggest killing off a bunch of their remaining members as a solution to the decline?

Sue continues, “That’s 70 percent less feed being sold, 70 percent fewer jobs, 70 percent fewer veterinarians.”

Apparently Sue believes that a short term drop in foal (excuse me colt) births means that the whole horse population suddenly drops by the same percentage. Despite Sue’s best efforts, horses do often live well into their 20s and beyond, meaning that recent foal crops would represent only a few percent of the population.

With a nearly 50% decrease in foals, the population of registered quarter horses dropped from 3,218,113 in 2007 to 2,978,776 in 2012 according to the AQHA annual reports, a decline of just 7.4%. Here Sue gets an exaggeration coefficient of 945%.

But at this point her thinking turns to what I will call anti-logic, because if it came into contact with rational thought the two would annihilate each other with a thunderous clap, probably decapitating their host. She is proclaiming that all of this devastation is because we have too few horses as a direct result of not killing enough of them! This would be laughable if 2012 had not seen more US horses slaughtered than any year since 1994!

One survival strategy of prey animals is to synchronize their birthing so as to overwhelm their predators. Sue has adopted this strategy with her spontaneously created facts. She spews so many at one time that at least a few have a good chance to get past us unchallenged.

At this point in the interview, Sue seems to sense her interviewer is not buying her nonsense. So she throws her hyperbole engine into warp drive, saying “This has wrecked communities — all because of the elitist snooty arrogance of this bunch of people telling us what’s culturally acceptable to eat.”

The community of Boggy Bottom, the neighborhood behind the Dallas Crown slaughter house, was truly devastated by the pollution, stench and crime caused by the plant. I witnessed it firsthand. But where is Sue’s example of a community devastated by a lack of slaughter? Apparently with anti-logic you automatically get an anti-logic twin to Boggy Bottom, at least in the brain of Sue Wallis.

It is impossible for me to calculate the exaggeration factor for this statement because, since there is no truth at all to be exaggerated, it would require dividing by zero. I think I now fully understand Einstein’s quote about only the universe and human stupidity being infinite.

Yet the second half of the outburst is the most interesting of all.

Sue had apparently learned that the influential Busch brothers (former owners of Budweiser and Anheuser-Busch) had thrown their considerable weight into the battle on the side of the horses. Victoria McCullough had sent them a link to our report How the GAO deceived Congress, and Victoria said she thinks the outrage at this government deceit had caused them to weigh in.

Lately there has been an avalanche of high profile support for ending horse slaughter completely. In the government sector; President Obama, Vice President Biden, and Secretary Vilsack have all come out against horse slaughter. At the state level, New Mexico’s Governor Susana Martinez, former governor Bill Richardson, Attorney General Gary King and others have spoken up for the horses. Celebrities such as the incredibly influential Robert Redford and Steven Spielberg have also taken a stand.

But most aggravating of all for Sue are the “snooty, arrogant billionaires”. This is because Sue knows that the money from big agriculture was the only advantage she had in this battle. Internationally known equestrian Victoria McCullough and her “snooty arrogant” friends, are serving to balance the scales by using their resources to multiply the impact of the tireless grass roots work of thousands of horse lovers and animal welfare organizations. This combination may well bring Slaughterhouse Sue crashing back to reality.

[i] How does a 6.4% error become an exaggeration factor of 27%?

Use this formula ((30-23.6)*100)/23.6), or ask your friendly local nerd.

Bill to End Horse “Soring” Draws Lobbying, War of Words

Sue Wallis’ cohort, Mindy Patterson, President and co-founder of the Cavalry Group, written about in “Horse Meat ‘Snake Oil’ Salesmen Fool Cattle Ranchers” has also lobbied to continue the practice of horse soring .  Seems like slaughter just isn’t enough for Mindy, she wants horses to have abuse and pain before they start a journey to slaughter, too.   – Debbie Coffey

SOURCE:   opensecrets.org
by Monica Vendituoli on July 29, 2013 4:00 PM

A bill introduced in April to end the practice that gives Tennessee walking horses their distinctive gait brought the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) and the American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) to the Capitol last week to give a presentation on horse “soring.”

Anything with a name like that seems unlikely to be a happy experience, right? As it turns out, some walking horses don’t come by their high-stepping naturally or with the usual kind of training.  Sometimes, it’s the result of kerosene, mustard oil and other irritants, as well as heavy boots, chains and collars, applied to the horses’ hooves and lower legs.

The Prevent All Soring Tactics Act (H.R. 1518, or the PAST Act), sponsored by Rep. Ed Whitfield (R-Ky.), aims to do away with soring.  Lobbyists on both sides of the issue have saddled up.

“If [the general public] knew the way these horses are being treated… the irritants that are being used just to get them to accentuate their lifting of their leg — the ‘Big Lick’ as they call it — I think they would be quite appalled by it,” Whitfield said in an interview with CRP.

Soring is already against the law — the Horse Protection Act (HPA), passed in 1970, bans horses that have experienced soring from shows and sales. However, currently the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has the resources to police just 10 percent of the nation’s 500-plus annual walking horse shows.

The PAST Act would increase enforcement as well as penalties for violators.

Many of the horse, veterinary, and animal rights organizations that endorse the bill have lobbied on it this year.  The AVMA spent $310,000 and the American Horse Council spent less than $5,000 on lobbying through June 30, with the anti-soring bill among their agenda items.

The Humane Society of the U.S. and the Humane Society Legislative Fund, a separate lobbying affiliate of the Humane Society, spent $30,000 combined lobbying in the second quarter of the year, listing the proposal as one of the bills they’re concerned about.

The Humane Society and others oppose the fact that horse industry organizations, which are tasked with enforcing HPA because USDA doesn’t have sufficient resources to do so, use inspectors who are often owners or trainers, presenting a potential conflict of interest.

Those in the walking horse industry say they want to eliminate soring, but fear the walking horse economy will face the real penalty if this law is enacted.

“The Humane Society saddled up with USDA and they have been bullying horse owners,” said Mindy Patterson, president of the Cavalry Group, an animal owner rights group that lobbied against the bill in the first quarter, in an interview with CRP.

According to Jeffrey Howard, chief information officer for the Performance Show Horse Association (PSHA), formerly the Tennessee Walking Show Horse Organization (TWSHO), the industry brings $38 million to Shelbyville, Tenn., every year for the Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration, as well as millions to other areas of the Southeast.

“We want to eliminate soring.  They want to eliminate the horse,” said Howard in an interview with CRP, talking about the bill’s supporters.

Opponents cite a potential conflict of interest among the animal rights groups.  Connie Harriman-Whitfield, the wife of the legislation’s sponsor, is senior advisor of presidential initiatives at the Humane Society.  The group gave $5,000 to Whitfield’s campaign in 2012.

Howard’s group has been working with members of Congress and hopes to develop legislation at some point to help stop soring on terms more favorable to the horse industry.

However, either side will be lucky to get legislation passed.

“In the United States Congress, anytime you talk about animal legislation, there’s a reluctance to deal with it,” Whitfield told CRP.

Wyoming State Rep Defies Logic, Reason and White House in Quest to Kill and Eat Companion Horses

Source: By JOAN BARRON Casper Star-Tribune

“Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis Ignores “Burger-Gate” Crisis in Effort to Fatten her Wallet
"Slaughterhouse" $ue Wallis ~ Horse guts and blood are what drives this political nut-job

“Slaughterhouse” $ue Wallis ~ Horse guts and blood are what drives this political nut-job

CHEYENNE — State Rep. Sue Wallis says the Obama administration’s proposal in its 2014 budget that would effectively ban the slaughter of horses for human consumption is “a pretty sorry situation.”

The Republican legislator and rancher from Recluse, in northeast Wyoming, leads the International Equine Business Association and has promoted and proposed operating horse slaughter plants in Wyoming and Missouri. She doesn’t think Congress will follow the budget recommendation of Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack to ban such slaughter.

“The word that we hear is that directive was coming straight out of the White House, which is the only explanation for the Department of Agriculture to be doing something as anti-agriculture as that,” Wallis said Thursday.

A similar spending ban on horse slaughter plant inspections was established in 2005. It effectively closed horse slaughter operations in the United States until Congress didn’t renew the ban in 2011. Since then, there have been private efforts to reopen horse slaughterhouses.

“The fact is there is no basis for them to single out one species out of all the species that we eat in this country — to pick out one and destroy the industry,” Wallis said. “It just boggles my mind.”

Wallis said the entire agriculture industry is “adamantly opposed” to the ban.

Horse slaughter plants are ready to open in New Mexico and Missouri, and one is coming along in Iowa.

“They have customers both domestic and international waiting for this product,” Wallis said.

Organizations that advocate for the humane treatment of animals oppose the slaughter of American horses for human consumption because they believe the practice is inherently cruel to the animals. These groups also claim that horse meat poses a potential human health risk, as horses are not raised for food in the U.S. and are consequently treated with a wide range of drugs not approved for use in animals intended for human consumption.

Patricia Fazio, of Cody, works with humane organizations. She said it is possible that a member of Congress will remove the language banning money for inspections from the Department of Agriculture budget. Fazio, who holds a degree in animal science and biology, said she is not an animal activist.

“But the fact that the secretary of agriculture has gotten involved shows he supports the removal of funding,” Fazio said Friday. Fazio said she doesn’t know Vilsack’s motive, but there have been many studies that show the meat of domestic animals is contaminated by such veterinary medications as “horse aspirin.”

Europe, she said, will no longer accept horse meat that may be contaminated as a result of “Burger-gate” — the revelation that some beef on the market there contained horse meat.

“It doesn’t look good for the pro-slaughter people who are trying to make a dollar,” Fazio said…(CONTINUED)

Click (HERE) to read the story in it’s entirety and to Comment on Wallis’ deranged obsession

“Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis: The Equine Advocate’s Gift that Keeps on Giving

“In my most humble opinion” by R.T. Fitch ~ president of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

When Dumb Just Continues to Get Dumber!
"Slaughterhouse" Sue Wallis and her horse "Proccessing" deli - ~artwork courtesy of Fred Bastida

“Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis and her horse “Processing” deli – ~artwork courtesy of Fred Bastida

If the sane and compassionate members of our society could have picked a perfect poster child to represent the reprehensible, predatory business of corrupt horse slaughter they couldn’t have chosen a better candidate than the non-degreed, uncredentialed, self-appointed leader of a dozen whacked out horse-eaters…Wyoming State Rep. “Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis; the broken and scratched record that just keeps on ticking right on into the twilight zone.

Years worth of failed endeavors, empty promises, distorted truths and made up facts the woman continues to spout vile garbage even when backed up against the wall with no way out.  Born to bring drug tainted, bloody horse meat into the school system and prisons of Wyoming “Slaughterhouse” refuses to crawl back under her rock in Recluse, Wyoming and continues to foul the air and corrupt the internet with her perverse and twisted ramblings.

Last year she condoned and applauded a young woman who killed her own horse, crawled into it’s carcass (naked) and then ate it while all the time her boyfriend was snapping bloody photos.  According to the Princess of Evil that was just good clean fun.

Good Clean Fun According to Sue Wallis

Now, she has overstepped the boundaries of decency once more by complimenting the savage ingrate who murdered a horse on Youtube and then profanely threatened every decent citizen in the United States…should this woman not be removed from public office?

Here is the Face of “Pro-Horse Slaughter” Advocates

Yesterday we published a letter that was written to our Secretary of Agriculture, Thomas Vilsack, by a disturbed reader of “Straight from the Horse’s Heart” wherein she/he decried the trashing that $ue Wallis was giving the Secretary and also included a horse snuff video that was posted on YouTube by an employee of a New Mexico slaughterhouse that wants to be the first to butcher companion horses since 2007.  The letter was copied to Wallis, the Secretary, Wallis’ main squeeze and partner in blood Dave “Doink” Duquette and others.  The note would have caused a normal human to move to South American and disappear off the map but what did sweet blood thirsty Susie do; she friggen replied and even applauded the snuffing out of the innocent young horse…get the straight jacket boys, this one ain’t right.

“Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis’ Love Notes to Ag Sec Thomas Vilsack

Buckle up your seat belts and grab a bucket to upchuck into because here she is in her self-indulgent and deluded glory, we present the scourge of humanity, “Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis:

Wallis Reply

Click Image to Enlarge

And if that is not enough, she has duped the decent ranchers of Oklahoma into thinking that those who don’t want to eat their best friends are some sort of eco-terrorists that want to take away their property rights.

Wallis Orange Card

Wallis Orange Care Back

Falsehoods, virtual terrorism are the tools of her trade and it is high time that the good folks of Wyoming wake up to what a bane and blight this unsightly scab is on the image of their state; she has to go and when she does she can take “Doink” with her.  They can keep each other company in that subterranean vault where the flames never die.

Maybe they can even roast a teeny weenie together…

“Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis’ Love Notes to Ag Sec Thomas Vilsack

Source: Undisclosed SFTHH Blog Reader – Forward by R.T. Fitch

” I felt you should be made aware of the base depravity of the pro-slaughter movement…”

Howdy Troops, great things are popping and they are happening fast; the EU will refuse U.S. horse meat, the Obama Administration plans on putting horse slaughter plant inspection defunding language back in the Ag Appropriation Bill, an Ag Secretary that does NOT like the idea of Horse Slaughter one bit and of course, bringing up the rear (with a very large one I might add) is the public meltdown of the perverse and profane abomination that is a blight on the not only the state of Wyoming, the United States, Womanhood but Homo sapiens overall…State Rep. “Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis.

Now I take a lot of heat for giving her and her little uneducated, lap dog and alleged horse trainer, Dave “Doink” Duquette too much air time but when I see a lie, smell a lie and hear a lie I just have to call it…a LIE!  I will always call out the cheats and the thieves and these two self-anointed (with horse blood) horse slaughter supporters are criminal in their distortion of facts and the truth.  So nuff said, they are losers and they are about to go down with a great big hollow thud.

So today I leave the expose’ up to someone else, someone who took the time pen a few words to the fine Secretary of Agriculture and truly let him know what a demented, elected State Representative was saying about him ON A PUBLIC FORUM!  I have not included the name of the individual who penned this note as I have not received permission to do so but to the citizen who took the time to speak for the horses my hat is off to you, great job” ~ R.T.


Sue Wallis Love NoteDear Honorable Secretary Thomas Vilsack,

"Slaughterhouse" $ue Wallis

“Slaughterhouse” $ue Wallis

I wanted to take this opportunity to share with you, Wyoming House Representative, Sue Wallis’s, Facebook ramblings regarding your recent statement on the horse slaughter permit issue.  First, I thank you for your stance on recognizing our horses deserve a better end than slaughter and the public, be they foreign or domestic have the right to know the food they are eating is safe for human consumption.

As you can see, below, Ms. Wallis is quite irate and rather inappropriate for a sitting state representative on an open internet page.  As I’m sure you are aware, Sue Wallis, is a founding member of the pro horse slaughter group, United Horsemen, and is connected with The Calvary Group, she is a founding principle with Unified Equine, Chevall LLC, and International Equine Business Association (IEBA), I’m sure there other created businesses which I may have forgotten to include.  I felt you should be made aware of the base depravity of the pro-slaughter movement.  You may also be interested in the following video which was produced by the employee of Valley Meats in Rosewell, NM, he has been hired by Rick de los Santos as his kill buyer, his name is Tim Sappington.  I believe Mr Sappington is indicative of the true face of the pro horse slaughter proponents and is prima facia evidence of their intents… money, not the welfare of the horse, strictly money, not the welfare of the consumer, just money.

Sue and Tom...


Read Debby Coffey’s article on this porn by clicking (HERE)

Toxins Sweepin’ Down the Plains

Guest OpEd by Vicki Tobin ~ VP of Equine Welfare Alliance

“Skye McNiel wants to use the food chain to dispose of horses…”
Horse-Hater Skye Mcniel

Horse-Hater Skye Mcniel

Nothing is sweeter than having the darkside validate what we have been saying for years. I came across an article yesterday that was regarding the conflict of interest with Skye O’Niel in Oklahoma. The opening paragraph is something everyone should send to the USDA, your legislators and any contacts you have outside our borders to make sure the EU and consumers hear this loud and clear.

“Rep. Skye McNiel said that gain would be shared equally by all the state’s horse auctioneers and is not substantial compared to the financial gain to the state’s horse owners who are seeking an avenue to dispose of animals that have lost their use.”

Did you get that? Skye McNiel wants to use the food chain to dispose of horses. This statement is clear indication of how seriously slaughter supporters take food safety and the arrogant attitude toward foreign consumers.

While the epic horse meat scandal is raging in Europe, Skye McNiel and her buddies in the Oklahoma legislature rammed through legislation against the cries of outrage from their constituents. Skye McNeil is celebrating tonight and will have visions of dollar signs in her sleep. Not only will her family’s auction benefit financially but the legislation makes sure of it. No horses will be accepted that haven’t gone through an auction. Isn’t that special?

To add to the arrogance, the meat is still illegal to consume in Oklahoma! Another clear message that she doesn’t want the residents of Oklahoma eating toxic meat – just send it to the foreigners.

It gets better, folks. While Oklahoma was ram-rodding the legislation, Sue Wallis sent out one of her blue light specials. From the title to her close, it is the biggest pile of horse manure yet. Her prose came out of the other end of the horse – you know, the end where all her statistics originate. Here are a few highlights that I found entertaining.

Let’s start with the rally in Oklahoma. She states with pleasure that no anti-slaughter activists were there. Wrong again, Sue. We had many in attendance just to hear the horse manure, first hand. Here’s a hint, Sue. Don’t have the Farm Bureau bus people in that don’t have a clue about horse slaughter or at least give them one of your scripts so they don’t appear to be clueless. Oh, wait. You don’t have any facts to give them. Forgive my lapse.

For those of you that aren’t familiar with the Farm Bureau, they are a lobby firm that sells insurance. They lobby against anything remotely related to animal welfare and are responsible for most of the state legislation against animals, like Ag gag laws. They have a presence in virtually every state.

Here is but one example of Sue’s (as she calls them) “articulate supporters”. One of the anti-slaughter activists that wasn’t there asked two of her “articulate supporters” why they supported horse slaughter. They replied in unison “Because euthanasia is too expensive.” The one that wasn’t there replied “Really, how much does it cost in Oklahoma?” Sue’s “articulate supporters” looked at each other and then replied “I don’t know, do you? The other replied, No, but I bet the girls over there know.” So, either they don’t own horses or they don’t live in Oklahoma and they just weren’t sly enough to make up a number – something any Wallis graduate would know. Sue must have bused them in from New York City because as everyone knows, those city folk just don’t know about horses. We hope she bribed them with more than a free lunch and free bus ride on the Farm Bureau express.

We were hoping to hear from someone speaking with a French accent to espouse the virtues of cheval and how much they appreciate the free sides of Ivermectin and Clenbuterol with their buteburger (ICB). Doesn’t that negate any protein or nutrition? Hey, Sue, you could use those initials for the next organization you start. ICB, Inc., the conscience of the food safety industry. It has a nice ring to it.

A blue light special from Wallis wouldn’t be complete without a little Wallis math. Sue proclaimed there were 400 in attendance at the horse killer rally. This number is coming from someone that claimed 689,000 jobs were lost when the plants closed. A number clearly pulled out of the end previously mentioned. The plants employed a total of 200 workers, of which at least 85% were undocumented. That means a total of 30 American jobs were lost. Keep in mind, the kill buyers, the auctions and the haulers are all still in business so it was only the plant workers that lost their jobs. Only with Wallis math can 30 become 689,000 and 100 become over 400. So when Wallis says over 400 people attended, you can bet the farm that the number was significantly less as confirmed by the anti-slaughter activists that “weren’t there” as well as Skye O’Niel that reported 100.

Sue Wallis  contemplating whether horse or donkey is on the menu for tonight

Sue Wallis contemplating whether horse or donkey is on the menu for tonight

As expected, Wallis is attacking the recently introduced federal legislation, S 541, claiming it doesn’t provide solutions. Cutting off the supply of toxic meat is most certainly a solution. It ensures that the right of consumers to safe food is not compromised. She also can’t seem to get her agriculture industries straight. The meat industry produces meat. The horse industry requires live horses and does not produce meat. Horse slaughter has not provided any solutions for the horse industry and her lame excuses for needing it are moot. It has existed for decades and only provides more of the same. A solution cannot be formulated without addressing the root cause. If slaughter was the solution, why will there be more horses to kill this year? Didn’t all the excess, abandoned, old, sick, lame, dangerous and useless horses get killed last year and the year before and the year before…? What year will horse slaughter provide a solution?

The USDA stated that if horse slaughter plants open in the US, there is no way to guarantee that what is happening in Europe, won’t happen here. We learned on March 15, that two plants were shut down for falsified paperwork— something the US has turned into a science. The USDA also stated they support reinstating the ban on horse meat inspections.

I’ll bet Sue broke out in hives when she heard those statements from the USDA. Press coverage of Wallis has virtually disappeared because the media finally gets it. They are doing their homework before going to press and it’s difficult to use Wallis’ statistics and statements because they can never be verified, unless the wind is blowing in the right direction.

Wallis keeps regurgitating “humane and regulated” and yet, still defends the cruelty and abuse. She has yet to tell us how she will provide medical histories from birth for abandoned horses when she can’t find the owners. Where will she get medical histories on the stolen horses and horses that have had multiple owners? How exactly will they comply with EU regulations when the EU requires a passport system that we don’t have and horse owners don’t want? How will she fix a humane transport enforcement program that hasn’t really existed for decades?

The law is the law, humane methods of slaughter law, promise of cheval, facts and FAQs, blah, blah, blah. Since when has anyone in the slaughter business followed the law or Wallis every cited anything factual? It must have been an oversight that she didn’t quote anything from food safety laws.

How very sad Sue places the greed and corruption that is inherent in the horse slaughter business above the rights of consumers to safe food. Our right to safe food will also be compromised. We don’t have enough inspectors for our own food and if plants open, there will be even less available to safeguard our food supply.

No doubt, the horse industry is feeling the impacts of the economy but that has nothing to do with horse slaughter. Horse slaughter has continued uninterrupted and is still thriving. More horses were slaughtered in the 5 years since the plants closed than the 5 years prior so there is in-your-face proof that horse slaughter isn’t going to fix anything in the horse industry.

Face reality, Sue; horse slaughter is on life support and all that is needed is for Congress to pull the plug. That day is coming very soon.

Call your legislators and demand they support food safety by cosponsoring HR 1094 and S 541 and then visit Popvox and voice your support of HR 1094 and S 541.

Oregon Town Doesn’t Want Horse Slaughter Plant on Its Doorstep

By Richard Cockle, The Oregonian

Horse Eating Dave Duquette not Popular in Own Hometown

A water tank greets visitors on Highway 395 into Hermiston. ~ Faith Cathcart/The Oregonian

HERMISTON — Once wide open to virtually any industry that promised payrolls and jobs, the eastern Oregon town of Hermiston is taking a stand against the latest business poised to land on its doorstep.

“I don’t think the first thing you want to see when you get off the freeway is a horse slaughter plant,” said Mayor Robert E. Severson.

That’s a dramatic reversal for a town whose tallest building is the 73-foot Pioneer Hi-Bred International seed cleaning elevator and where the Army’s Umatilla Chemical Depot stockpiled rockets, bombs and land mines armed with nerve gas and mustard agents outside the city limits until this past spring.

But livability is an issue for Hermiston‘s 16,745 residents, and a slaughter plant might discourage other enterprises from coming here, Severson said.

“We are the fastest-growing community in eastern Oregon,” he said. “I’ve had people come up to me and say, ‘Thank God that you took a stand against the horse slaughter plant.'”

Dave Duquette, a Hermiston horse trainer who is organizing the slaughter effort, said the City Council is missing a bet on a proposal that would employ 100 workers, slaughter up to 25,000 horses a year and inject $35 million into the local economy.

He hopes to have the 20,000-square-foot plant in place by late 2013. Investors have bought 252 acres near the junction of Interstate 84/Interstate 82 for the operation, he said.

He also plans a nonprofit horse rehabilitation center managed by the 22,000-member United Horsemen’s Association in conjunction with the plant. It would rescue, train and find homes for horses salvaged from the slaughter stream, he said.

“We are going to try to reproduce this facility in several places in the United States,” said Duquette, who believes the rescue center could be “a role model for the nation.” Horses for slaughter would include old, lame and problem domestic horses as well as unwanted wild horses from herds roaming Indian reservations.

But the mayor and Hermiston City Council have refused to talk to him about the project, he said.

The site is outside Hermiston’s city limits and beyond its urban growth boundaries in an exclusive farm use zone. Richard Jennings, senior planner for Umatilla County in Pendleton, said the county planning commission will decide whether a slaughter plant can be built there.

Severson said the City Council directed Hermiston City Manager Ed Brookshier to oppose the proposal when it comes before the commission.

The nation’s last three horse slaughter plants in Texas and Illinois closed five years ago, ending the annual killing and processing of roughly 100,000 of the nation’s 9.2 million horses. President Barack Obama signed the federal agricultural appropriations bill last spring, lifting a congressional ban on domestic horse meat inspections, in effect allowing slaughter to resume.

Sue Wallis, a Wyoming state representative, cattle rancher and slaughter advocate, said four equine slaughter/processing facilities will open in Missouri, Iowa and New Mexico within two months. All are former beef or bison plants retrofitted for horses, she said.

Industry representatives blame the shutdown of domestic slaughter for triggering steep declines in horse values, causing widespread horse abandonment and overwhelming rescue operations.

Meanwhile, a related population explosion among wild herds on reservations is damaging roots, berries and other traditional Native American foods, tribal members say.

Duquette met with representatives of 11 tribes, some from as far as the Dakotas, last month in Pendleton, to discuss the slaughter issue. He expects tribes to underwrite 51 to 65 percent of the Hermiston plant, he said.

Scott Beckstead, a spokesman for the Humane Society of the United States, applauded the Hermiston City Council for opposing slaughter and took issue with the concept of killing domestic horses for overseas consumption.

“We do not raise our horses to be food; we raise them to be companions,” he said. “This town does not want to be known as the place in Oregon where horses are killed and butchered.”

One of the national Humane Society‘s legislative priorities is passage of the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act, to prohibit the resumption of domestic horse slaughter and end the export of unwanted horses to Canada and Mexico for slaughter.

“The answer lies with the industry,” Beckstead said. “They need to adopt policies that promote responsible breeding.”

The Hermiston City Council’s opposition to a slaughter plant doesn’t come “from the standpoint of animal rights,” said Mark Morgan, assistant Hermiston city manager. “It’s more the economic impacts and quality of life impacts.”

Eastern Oregon has plenty of wide open spaces where such a plant could be built, he said. “They just don’t want it that close to Hermiston.”

Richard Cockle

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Duquette’s Dream of Dead Horses in Hometown Dealt Death Blow

tongue-in-cheek report from R.T. Fitch

United Horseman’s President Dave Duquette Bumbles Another Boasted Plan

The horse-eating “Doinkster”

Dave “Doink” Duquette: “Let’s start some horse slaughter plants, yum yum.

First, we know there is no market for it in the U.S..

Secondly, U.S. horsemeat is toxic and will be effectively banned in the EU.

Thirdly, over 80% of the American public is against us…but what the (deleted expletives), let’s just slaughter ourselves a bunch of horses anyway, just for the fun of it.  Facts have never stopped us before.

But we need a location, let’s go out to Missouri and poke around and falsely proclaim that everyone in the area will love it and we will be slaughtering horses by the end of summer, yup, we can do that…well, that didn’t work too good.

Hey, I got an idea, how about I con a sleazy, shyster into buying land right in my own hometown and kill healthy horses right HERE.  We will blow off the horse hugging butt heads by saying we will have a horse rescue right next to the bloody slaughter plant, that’s pretty cool.  That will give us something to brag about.

What?  There’s a problem with that, too?  Let me see that newspaper article.”

East Oregonian: A report by Hermiston’s city land-use attorney indicates the proposed horse slaughter plant location does not have a water right and is not allowed under the area’s current zoning rules.

The research by Mike Robinson of Perkins Coie in Portland cost the city of Hermiston about $1,000, said City Manager Ed Brookshier. The land in question includes four parcels totalling 234 acres near the intersection of Interstate 84 and Westland Road.

Doink: “Multiple Deleted Expletives!”

R.T.: “Now you look just like your big buddy Sue Wallis, Davey…the two of you have BOTH feet shoved into your mouths and you are still too stupid to know it.

God bless the horses and may you two finally realize that between the both of you there isn’t enough intelligence to count to 10.

Time you crawl back under that rock because the bright light of day does not favor you well.”