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Feel Good Sunday: Video ~ Why We Live With Horses

“Warning: Ensure that you do NOT have a mouthful of liquid, or food, when you watch the antics of these equine comedians. I am certain that anyone who is, or was, a guardian of a horse or donkey will find several comical behaviors here that you have personally experienced with your four legged children. Smile, giggle and enjoy your day. May God Bless all of you who give those who cannot speak a voice. You are very, very spacial, indeed.” ~ R.T.

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Is Donkey Skin the New Ivory?

by Alixandra Caole Vila as published at Nature World News African Donkeys are Being Slaughtered to Extinction While China’s taste for elephant ivories have died down, it seems like their fondness has shifted to Donkey skin this time. According to the National Council of Societies for the Prevention […]

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