Multiple Wild Burros Die After BLM Abusive Capture

Story by Robert Stevens as published on the Sanpete Messenger

“They were perfectly healthy on their rightful, healthy range but once captured, abused and mismanaged by the out of control BLM they contracted a mysterious and rare illness that caused their deaths.  Stranger than fiction and very convenient.  This is exactly what Grandma Gregg was addressing in her telling OpEd I GUESS IF YOU ARE GOING TO MURDER THEM ALL – THEN KILLING A FEW DOZEN WILD BURROS ALONG THE WAY MEANS NOTHING?” ~ R.T.

Dead wild burros in Axtell Utah contracted rare virus

AXTELL—The Bureau of Land Management says 25 wild burros that died in an off-range corral in Axtell appear to have contracted a rare virus.

BLM captured Wild Burros ~ photo by Terry Fitch of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

BLM captured Wild Burros ~ photo by Terry Fitch of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

The deaths occurred after 236 wild burros were gathered last April and May from the Sinbad Herd Management Area, which is about 30 miles west of Green River, and brought to Axtell.

“Soon after being captured and held in captivity, an increased mortality began to occur from unknown causes,” a BLM report says.  “By the end of June, a total of about 25 animals had died from a variety of causes. ”

After exhaustive work, the Utah State Animal Diagnostic Lab and Utah State veterinarian determined that the deaths were related to a chronic viral pneumonia characterized by pulmonary fibrosis (a lung disease that can result in lung scarring, interfering with an animal’s ability to breathe), the BLM report says.

The BLM suspected a viral cause of mortality in the animals, the report says, but tests for the common equine herpes virus Types 1 and 4 were negative, as was testing for equine influenza.

However, the BLM report said, an uncommon Asinine herpes virus has been tentatively identified. Additional tests are being done to try to identify the specific Asinine herpes virus involved.

“We are still waiting on some DNA testing results,” Gus Warr, BLM-Utah’s wild horse and burro program manager, said.

No deaths have occurred in the Sinbad burros since early July, and all appear to be healthy.

According to Warr, in coordination with the Utah State veterinarian, the Axtell facility has been cleared for adoption and shipping of healthy burros.

Dying Vietnam Vet Asks for Final Meeting with Beloved Horses Outside Hospital

“When the horse came up to him he actually opened his eyes…”

Photo: (Lupe Hernandez, South Texas Veterans Health Care System)

Photo: (Lupe Hernandez, South Texas Veterans Health Care System)

Vietnam veteran Roberto Gonzalez’s final wish was granted Saturday when he was reunited with his beloved horses — Ringo and Sugar — outside of a Texas VA hospital.

Gonzalez, of Premont, Texas, who was shot and paralyzed during the war, was wheeled outside the front doors of Audie Murphy Veterans Hospital in San Antonio where he was greeted by the horses he had raised for decades, reported.

Gonzalez, who was one of the hospital’s first patients when it opened in 1974, had asked his family to see his horses one last time. The family passed along the request to hospital staff who gladly obliged. Ringo and Sugar then made the 150-mile trip to the hospital to see him.

“Horses are his life,” his wife, Rosario Gonzalez, told KABB. “We’ve been training and raising horses for 30, 40 years.”

The South Texas Veterans Health Care System posted a photo of the meeting on its Facebook page on Sunday, calling Gonzalez a great American and identifying him as one of the first patients at the hospital.

“A heartfelt Thank you, to all at Audie L. Murphy V A Hospital,” Rosario Gonzalez posted in response. “A special thank you to the spinal cord staff, all of you became a part of our family.

“The care you have been giving my husband and to me goes above and beyond,” she wrote. “You are our angels God Bless you all.”

Gonzalez reportedly learned that his kidneys and liver were failing when he recently visited the hospital for a back wound.

“He never let his injuries slow him down. He loved horses, he loved cattle, he loved ranching and farming. He was proud to serve his country,” Rosario Gonzalez told ABC affiliate KSAT.

Gonzalez’s May 21 visit with the horses came 46 years to the day after he was wounded in Vietnam. His wife told local media stations that her husband was one of the only licensed, handicapped horse trainers in Texas.

“When the horse came up to him he actually opened his eyes. They came up to him and I think they were actually kissing him,” Gonzalez told

A Fourth Horse Dies at the Notorious Calgary Stampede


Calgary Stampede to Examine Equine Safety

Calgary StampedeCALGARY — There will be a review of animal safety following the death of a fourth horse during the chuckwagon racing event at this year’s Calgary Stampede.

The 16-year-old horse, named Ezzy, had to be euthanized after it tore a ligament in a front leg during the first heat of Sunday night’s competition to cap the annual Rangeland Derby.

The animal was an outrider horse that did not make contact with any other horses or wagons.

Veterinarians at the scene could not repair the injury, which they say is common in racing and other types of horses.

Another outrider horse had to be euthanized on Saturday after it suffered a similar type of injury.

Two others that were harnessed to chuckwagons were put down after track-related accidents earlier in the week.

“(Ezzy) was examined before the Stampede as well as each night before it raced and it was examined tonight and it was examined before the race track, so there is no indication this was going to happen,” said Greg Evans, a veterinarian with the Stampede. “Even in clinically sound horses, it can occur during racing.”

Dave Galloway, who owned Ezzy, said everyone on his team loved the horse.

“He was calm, he was our fastest horse. Everyone called him Fuzzy Ezzy. I know it’s pretty sombre back at our barn right now and we spend our lives taking care of the lives of these horses, showcasing them and what they can do. Racing for Ezzy was effortless.”

Kurt Kadatz, communications director for the Stampede, said the organization has made advances in animal fitness and welfare, but it’s not proud of its safety record this year.

“We are really going to look hard and find out what we can be doing differently to achieve a better result because we certainly do take it very seriously. Certainly you can see, by these numbers we are not happy.”

Kadatz said he believed one horse died in 2013 and one last year.

Animal rights groups have been scrutinizing the Stampede’s safety measures, saying they are not enough to prevent animal deaths.

Virginia Police Officer Charged with Starving Retired Police Horse to Death

Source: National Pet Rescue Examiner

Portsmouth Police Officer Brian Davis and his wife Jennifer Davis were charged on Tuesday for animal cruelty in the starvation death of their former horse. Officer Davis, 34, was assigned to the K-9 Unit, and has been temporarily transferred to an administrative position pending the outcome of the investigation.

According to, the horse named Amy was a police mount for 14 years. When she was retired in 2009, Officer Davis and his wife Jennifer, 33, adopted the horse and brought her to their home in Suffolk.

Four years later Debra and David Kelly adopted Amy from the Davis family. Debra had been the former stable manager for the Portsmouth Police. Sadly by this time the horse was unrecognizable as the healthy and happy horse she had once been while at the police stables.

Over a two-week period, the Kellys’ tried desperately to bring the severely emaciated horse back to health. There were four visits from their veterinarian, and a comment that stated Amy suffered from “long term starvation in the hands of the previous owner.”

Amy was humanely euthanized two weeks later; her body could not repair the long term neglect.

The Davis’ face two misdemeanor charges of animal cruelty and inadequate care of animals.

A sign in the Kellys’ barn reads ” AMY – 1983-2013 – 3/21/13 End of Watch.

Rest in peace Amy, and thank you for your service.

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Video Report: Equine Family and Livelihood Lost in Oklahoma Tornado


“I just wailed and wailed over them. They were like my kids…”

BARTOW COUNTY, GA (CBS ATLANTA) -Things just aren’t right at Jon Ellis’ stables.

“Now there is no one in here to take care of,” Ellis said.

Ellis and his wife Jennifer Short raised and trained eight race horses at their Bartow County horse farm. But seven of them were with Ellis in Oklahoma last month when a tornado ripped through the area.

“I was just praying as I ran, praying that it would miss our barn and it just went right down the middle of our barn,” Ellis said.

Ellis was on his way back to the barn when the tornado hit. He said he’ll never forget what he saw when he got back.

“Just dead horses laying everywhere. The most awful deaths you can imagine, I mean it wasn’t like walking in a pasture and finding one died of old age, they died horrific deaths,” said Ellis.

More than 100 horses died that day. Ellis and Short said it was like losing a family member.

“I just wailed and wailed over them. They were like my kids, and one was a 2-year-old baby, and I had bottle fed her from birth every two hours. And I never missed a beat for three months, every two hours,” Ellis said.

Ellis said insurance will cover the lost trailers, saddles and other gear, but with no insurance on the horses, the couple faces the daunting task of starting over just weeks before their first child is born.

“It’s a tough time especially with the baby coming, so we are very hopeful somehow it all comes together,” said Short.

Ellis and Short said they draw strength from Derbydaydelight. She is the one horse that didn’t make the trip to Oklahoma.

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BLM Still Investigating Colorado Wild Horse Deaths

Bureau of Land Management logo

Bureau of Land Management logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Information supplied by the HORSE via an edited Press Release

“The exact cause of the problem remains unknown…”

he Bureau of Land Management (BLM) continues to investigate the deaths of 19 wild horses at its Cañon City Wild Horse Inmate Program facility.

To date, 19 horses have died and 9 other horses have shown some signs of a neurologic problem causing weakness, incoordination (ataxia), or seizures. No animals have died since Dec. 4 and no new cases have been reported since Dec. 5.

Several horses that exhibited symptoms earlier in the week have shown marked improvement and now appear to be recovering. With just over 2,000 horses and 400 burros at the facility, the illness remains confined to just one pen containing 110 horses.

Although the exact cause of the problem remains unknown, the BLM is still working with local, state and federal veterinarians as well as pathologists at Colorado State University to diagnose the illness. Six animals have been necropsied, but so far, the general results of those examinations have been inconclusive. Samples taken from animals at the facility and from those animals autopsied are still being examined.

The pattern of the cases so far suggests it is not an infectious or contagious disease, but that possibility along with the possibility that weeds or other toxins could have been accidently ingested along with hay are being investigated. Laboratory testing is expected to continue through next week when the BLM and animal health officials will revisit the situation and decide the best course of action to protect the health and well-being of the wild horses and burros.

The BLM will release additional information as it becomes available.

Exclusive: Nebraska Mustang Murderer’s Parole Hearing Transcript

Transcribed from CD by Vicki Frielberger, the “Good Neighbor

In early November of 2011 a three person Parole Board, in rural Nebraska, met with convicted Wild Horse Killer, Jason Meduna, and discussed setting him free; very, very early.  If you are not familiar with this convicted animal abuser and his heinous crimes please click (HERE) as the record is long and to retell the gory details is beyond me at this point.  But his former neighbor, the one who was forced to bear his abuse and accused of poisoning his horses as he let them die of starvation and no water, took the time to order the CD of his hearing and transcribe it for your review.  We offer no commentary, at this point, but simply the recorded conversation that went back and forth between four individuals who, obviously, have no love for the gift of life and the beauty of equines but instead only see the narrow-minded path that best serves their individual needs.  May God have mercy on their souls.” ~ R.T.

Allegedly Lying through his Teeth, Jason Meduna Walks Free


Meduna's Mustang Killing Fields a Year after Conviction - photo by Vicki Freilberger

Jason Meduna’s Parole Hearing on CD

Jason, “Howdy.”

Woman (Casmer?), “Hi.”

Pearson, “Remain standing there.  Raise your right hand.  Do you swear, or affirm, to tell the truth in these proceedings?”

Jason, “Yes.”

Pearson, “Have a seat.   State your name and institutional number.”

Jason, “Ah, Jason C. Meduna.  71105.”

Pearson, “You’re on a Morrill County, Cruelty, neglect, animal number 125 counts, 20 to 60 months each count concurrent.  2nd count; Cruelty Neglect Animal, thirteen counts, 20 to 60 months each count consecutive, consecutive.  First incarceration, you were reviewed on said on 2-9-2011, to this October 2011 hearing with support for work release know as conduct, follow staff recommendations.  Bidding(?) at that review was a 5-0 vote.  If you are paroled, your mandatory discharge in not until 2-20-2015.  Now the state of Wyoming has requested under Interstate Contact, to investigate on September 23rd, 2011.  We have not received acceptance from the state of Wyoming, so if you are paroled today, it will be pending acceptance from the State of Wyoming.    Your residence is 6856 Road 27, Lingle, Wyoming?  Is that correct?”

Mud, “Yes.”

Pearson, “And your employment is yourself, ranch owner; at the same address, 6856 Road 27, Lingle, Wyoming?”

Mud, “Yes.”

Pearson, “Are you currently under RFD?”

Mud, “Yes.”

Pearson, “And where have you been during that RFD?”

Mud, “Um, in Lincoln, um, on 914 South 18 Street.”

Pearson, “OK.  OK.  We are….well, special conditions at this point, on the parole certification are waiving the Nebraska program fees.  Now we are required to um, notify the officials of this public hearing today.  And, Jason, we have got one hundred and forty-four emails and letters, um, opposition to you being paroled.  A hundred and forty-four.  I’ve been on this board sixteen years, and I have never seen that amount of opposition.  Now we do have, at least one letter of support here; I don’t know….are there other letters of support?

Woman, “I don’t know.”

Pearson, “All the rest were oppositions.  There’s a lot of people in that area of the state that do NOT want you paroled, based on this crime.  Do you understand that?”

Mud, “Yes I do.”

Pearson, “You understand the seriousness of this?”

Mud, “Yes I do.”

Pearson, “We’ve gotten copies of pictures, um, I don’t think we’ve ever received as much as we have seen in the last several days that have filtered in.  Now I’ve got a question before we go any further.  As far as yourself, do you own the ranch in?

Mud, “Yes.”

Pearson,   “Lingle?”

Mud, “Yes.”

Pearson, “And are you going to be having livestock?”

Mud,  “No., I’m going to um, run, um, I’m with a Lumber mill from Chadron, um rough cut lumber.   And then I’m going to lease the ground out.  It’s all…. it can be turned in to wheat ground.  It’s just a small piece of property.

Pearson, “It’s been awhile since we’ve seen you, um, or that I have talked to you.  If I recall, in one of the reviews, you had indicated that, you felt, somebody had put some poison in the water pond that your horses were drinking out of?”

Mud, “The, the water, you know, had been tested, uh positive for arson by DEQ, yes.”

Pearson, “Why would anybody do that?”

Mud, “I’m not saying that anybody did that.  It could be, you know, like DEQ said, that it possible could be…um, naturally occurring, um on there.  I made a lot of mistakes on how to handle the situation, um, there was a, um, um, you know, I’m at fault for not dealing with the correct people on …a lot of that…on this situation that had happened up there. I’ve had opportunities to see that I’ve been very naïve in a lot of areas, um, arrogant in a lot of areas too. Um, as far as the way I’ve done things, the way I have… you know, perceived the world, so to speak. Um, times are different than what, what they were.

Pearson, “So actually, how many a horses died as a result of this?”

Mud, “Twenty-two, died.”

Pearson, “Twenty-two horses.

Mud, “Yea, I never, there was never a, a, a qualm about the number horses.  I did send hair samples out to New Bolton Labs, um, and blood samples also out there, um, trying to decide, you know, decifer what was causing…. the symptoms; I was unfamiliar with.

Pearson, “OK, I’m going to continue here.  Um, have you read and understand the conditions of parole?

Mud, “Yes, I have.”

Pearson, “the pamphlet?  Actually, with that number of emails and letters that came in, I’m surprised somebody wasn’t here in person, um.   OK – you did complete non-residential education on 7-6-2010; no other programming was recommended; you did make a satisfactory adjustment here at CCCL; you’re in compliance with your personalized plan; you’ve been quiet and cooperative; 7-29 of 2011  placed in the RFD Program; uh, you’ve had above average work report; you do have a degree, Associate Degree in Applied Science?  Is that correct?

Mud, “Applied Science?  Um, actually, it’s Auto Body, in welding.

Pearson, “This says, ‘an Associate Degree in Applied Science’.

Mud, “Well…that must be a miss….not correct.”

Pearson, “And the team here, however, is supporting parole.  Miss Casper, any questions?”

Casmer, “Jason, I supported you through this hearing, and I will continue to support you.  I ……feel what you did was wrong.  You handled it wrong, which, the information that came forth, was a very well orchestrated blog situation.  I received emails from France, in French.  I received emails from all over, with the same letter; so it’s obvious to me; it was a well orchestrated blog.  Are you familiar with blogs?

Mud, “Yes.”

Casmer, “It’s done by…OK.  That’s what it appears.  Uh, very few letters were original.  Very few.  But it was the same message, coming from all over the United States and overseas. Um, it’s obvious you have irritated a lot of people because of the death of these animals.  I, for one, am not pleased with what happened, but….I will support you.  I hope; an and I’m glad Mr. Pearson answered the questions that you will not be responsible for any livestock or anything like that.

Mud, “Yes.”

Casmer, “So, at this point in time, um, you are, you will be on paper until February 20, 2015.  Uh, if something goes wrong, you know you will be looking at us.  I have nothing further.”

Man, “Miss Cotton.”

Cotton, “Well Jason, I have some notes.  I didn’t ask you any questions at the um, at your brief, it was at that particular time, your case was coming to appeal.  You have until 2015.   Are you still trying to prove this case?”

Mud, “No.  It’s not that, I mean, we went through….No  No.”

Cotton, “

Mud, “No, no. It, it, sorry – it –no.

Cotton, “Well, I agree with Miss Casper.  I will support you today as well.  I wish you well.”

Pearson, “Well, I gotta agree with my colleagues, uh, you know the value of animals in the animal rights people get very upset with situations like this.  And being born and raised on a farm myself; you, you grow to appreciate the animal world, so to speak.  And I believe that they have to be taken care of carefully….and….they need to be fed properly.  And uh, what happened here, regardless what the consequences, or what brought it to this point, uh, just…is a tragedy.  It really is.  I’m going to continue to support you also, but I would highly recommend that… you probably stay away from Morrill County.  Um, I don’t think you’d probably be too welcome back in that area; although, as Ms Casper said, a lot of these emails are the same, and they came from all over the country.  An organized effort to, pile up the papers, so to speak; and probably convince us you need to stay here till 2015, but a, if you ever become involved in caring for livestock, animals, horses, whatever…take care of ‘em.  Feed ‘em properly.  And uh, that’s about all I can say.  Is there any need for executive session?

Hearing on the motion of Jason C. Meduna, Number 71105; that he be paroled, pending verification and acceptance from the State of Wyoming; in to the conditions of the parole certificate as previously stated.

Casmer?  “Second.”

Casmer?  “You got caught in the middle of a land dispute too, didn’t you?”

Court Reporter?  “Mr. Pearson voting Yes, Ms Casmer voting Yes, Ms Cotton voting Yes.”

Pearson, “OK, keep in mind you’re on parole until 2-20-2015.  When Wyoming accepts your parole plan, you should be on your way.  Um, one more question, did you own your own property out in Morrill County at that time?..

Meduna, “Yes.”

Pearson, “Who owns that now?  Did you sell it? Or…”

Mud, “Yes, the people that started this are grazing 450 head of cow calf pairs on that particular ranch, right now, as we speak.”

Casmer, “That was the piece of land that they were trying to get to begin with.”

Mud, “Yes.”

Casmer, “Uh-huh.”

Mud, “yes.”

Casmer, “WOW”

Mud, “I lost a lot over this,”

Pearson, “Yah’ …you did.”

Casmer, “But they said….now, they’ve got cattle grazing on there?

They said that the land had been over-grazed and would take 5 years for the…”

Mud, “they said 20 years.  They said it was a barren waste land, it would take 20 years , going by your blogs, if you check out their blogs, and the dates of the blog, within months after this, they already moved their cattle on there to graze.

Casper, “Hum …wow.  I’m sorry you got caught in the middle of that.”

Pearson, “OK, good luck to you.”

Mud, “Thank you.  Thank you very much.”

Man 2 (?), “In listening back there, I thought the spring was poisoned?”

Casmer, “That’s what he said.”

Mud, “I got DEQ reports to show, that there’s arsenic in that water, yes.

Yes, um, it’s … I’ve never seen anything like it, but I mean, I mean, off the record, I’ve learned a lot.”  (snickers)

Casmer, “I’m sure you have.”

Mud, “From all this. I have, and I honestly can say that I’ve met, I mean, I try to make a positive out of everything.  I’ve met extraordinary people; you know, during the last couple of years.  You know I mean, I’ve seen a lot of, maybe not the good stuff, but I’ve also met a lot of extraordinary people, so I’m still not, without, I guess so to speak, you know, and I’m a hard worker so I can always build up again.”

Pearson, ‘Do you have family in Wyoming there too, or not?”

Mud, “No.”

Pearson, “No?”

Mud, “No, I’ve got to make a fresh start.”

Casper, “Good luck to you.”

Mud, “Thank you.”

Pearson, “Take care.”


Wild Mustang Murderer’s Parole Hearing Scheduled for Wednesday

Information supplied by Vicki Freiberger and KNEB FM

Compassionate Animal Welfare Advocates Hope for No Parole

Jason Meduna guilty of starving and killing dozens of wild horses and burros

A Morrill County, Nebraska rancher convicted of letting more than 200 wild horses and burros starve is scheduled for a parole hearing Wednesday at the Lincoln Community Corrections Center. 44-year-old Jason Meduna was convicted in January of last year of 145 counts of cruel neglect of an animal resulting in injury, illness or death.

Meduna was ordered to serve 40 months to 10 years in prison by District Court Judge Leo Dobrovolny, who also stated that Meduna could not reside with any animals for 30 years.

The starving horses were discovered on Meduna’s Three-Strikes Ranch south of Alliance in April, 2009. Law enforcement removed the ailing animals from the ranch and transported them to the Morrill County Fairgrounds in Bridgeport. Over 30 animals were found dead at the ranch.

Evidence of a Wild Mustang Murderer

Intro/Commentary by R.T. Fitch      Story and Photography by Vicki Frieberger

First Published on SFTHH in May of 2010

It’s now been a year since the seizure at convicted wild horse abuser, Jason Meduna’s 3-Strikes Ranch.

Many thoughts come into play when we think of the events one year ago as so many stories were written, so much was lost and new hope, for a few, was born again.  Each of us remembers with shock and horror when Habitat for Horses President, Jerry Finch, took the lead  and with the help of the local Sheriff seized the 200+ starving survivors on April 22nd, 2009.  I, personally, felt the shock and the outrage from the wanton neglect that led to the slow death of dozens of wild horses and I equally shook with fear at the realization that we now were responsible for 200 additional horses and how would we cope.  But these are separate stories, ones to be told when the time is right.

Instead, today, we would like to share with you the story of an individual and family that knew of the trouble, first, that were witness to the brutality and had to live next door to the evil that is Jason Meduna and his wife.

Long before the good folks on the ABR forum urged Jerry Finch to go and investigate 3-Strikes, this “Good Neighbor” was blowing the whistle on Meduna but no one was listening.  Through pictures and personal testimony she attempted to get the proper authorities to listen yet her laments fell upon deaf ears.  And then when all was said and done the corrupt and disgusting Meduna, along with his buddy Ray Fields, pointed fingers at her and her friends claiming that the good neighbors were at fault.  When that lie failed to gain traction Fields went down a demented path that some strange sickness possessed the horses and still the property next to the good neighbor was littered with bones and bodies, never cleaned up by  Meduna and his twisted spouse. 

Today we share with you the anniversary perspective from the woman who suffered long before any of us were aware of Meduna and who continues to suffer, today, from witnessing the evil that walked on two legs and killed wild horses as a hobby and pastime. Her name is Vicki Freiberger and this is her story, in her words and through her eyes. 

We bless her for bearing witness. ~ R.T.

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The Anniversary of

the Death of 3 Strikes Ranch

There is a lot of discussion happening

about what should the actual date be

which would mark the anniversary of the

saving of the horses that remained

in the hands of Jason Meduna,

or you could call it the

end of 3 Strikes Mustang Ranch.

It would seem natural that the date would be when

the last surviving horse was removed from the hell hole

that engulfed so many others; a final count that will

never be known for sure as to how many perished.

We will never know how many innocent babies died,

out in those sand dunes of Nebraska.

The land so abused, as abused as the horses;

in the care of Meduna and his wife.

For myself, the first anniversary was March 6 of 2010.

I started taking pictures long before that day of March 6, 2009,

but it was that Friday afternoon that he walked

out of the trailer, and noticed me on my 4-wheeler.

It was Friday, March 6, that he saw me taking pictures.


It was that afternoon:

he knew that I knew.


This picture was taken Saturday, April 10, 2010

 It is already different from when I first saw it earlier. My mom stands in the background. That day Mom, Dad, and I went to the bone pile. They had never seen it; in person. As we crested the hill and the bones were in their view for the first time, there was a little gasp. My dad said, “That’s not right.” My mom said, “Oh my God.” It is hard to imagine someone just dragging a bunch of horses to a pile and leaving them to rot. It’s hard to imagine until you stand at the pile, and those bones become bodies of helpless, loving and innocent horses. Horses of all ages. A baby laying by it’s mom in bones over the hill. A sight that those who were out there could have seen, if they just could have been allowed off the trail, because the trail was so close. Many would have driven right by this pile….they did not hear the cries of the horses. They did not listen. They listened to Jason. Now, people are listening. The horses and burros will always be remembered. Time will go on, more horses will have unimaginable endings somewhere else, but some horses will be saved…. By loving, unselfish people who do what they do, because they are called? or because they just know they are needed. So in their compassion they reach out and give all they can to help. They do this time and time again. The strength they have is something I cannot imagine; but it is something I could only hope to be blessed with. Thank you Mom and Dad for all you helped me with during this whole entire ordeal. And thank all the people who had anything to do with the saving of these wonderful animals.

 One of my favorite songs, “Bless the Beasts and the Children”…I think I’ll go sit down at my piano now. I haven’t played this in ages. I imagine I’ll have a whole new perspective on the song.


Visit Vicki’s touching and heart rending blog by clicking (HERE)

Copyrighted Photographs reproduced with Permission, not for redistribution.


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Wild Horse Deaths Mount at Contested BLM Helicopter Stampede

Eyewitness report by Laura Leigh, VP of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

Day Four of Bloody BLM Triple B Stampede

This is the last video that will be posted for a bit. Editing video takes an incredible amount of time. I will go back to archiving the video in case the documentation is required and posting still images. But I think this series of three days gives you an idea how frustrating this is. It will not give you a clear picture of the wear and tear on your vehicle, the damage done to your equipment or the toll it takes on your face.

Day 4 began at holding and the lame excuses about the medical treatment of these foals (that were now euthanized) set the tone. Sometimes my hands will shake from the stupidity. It is like being a teacher in Kindergarten… but the Kindergartners make the rules.

Yes, the tone of this report is terse. But being with this contractor every day but two during Antelope, and now watching this at Triple B, is like chewing on tin foil.

I am usually very patient and quiet. I do my observations and reports.This time I am trying very hard not to allow the frustration to drive me.

On another front there may be some good news soon, but that will have to wait for another day. So pray that sanity can begin to take root somewhere.

Day 4 brought with it frustration after frustration.

It began with the excuses about water and food, with no indication that anything would change. It continued with the absurd assertions about the injured foals.

At the trap the radio was again left so I could not hear anything until one time Heather Emmons left it loud enough that I could pick up a call. It was the pilot asking Alan Shepherd to glass a horse that could not keep up. I was given no further information as to the age or reason the horse could not keep up… and of course I was held to a position that did not allow me any observation.

The horses the pilot drove into the trap came in two groups.

Then 4 runners went out and the pilot. The pilot asked Shepherd the location and was told it should be “right under you.” It was apparently a bush.

I asked if I could go to the rise and look. I said that all eyes should be utilized. I was not granted permission, nor was it denied. I stayed behind the tape. It is my belief that this agency attempts to push the limits of control until we are tempted to break them… only to utilize the unreasonable restraints against us.

After almost an hour of no information, BLM personnel reading newspapers, I asked to go give my dog water and check on him. That permission was granted. I hung out in the vehicle with the dog, as it is much cooler there. I saw two runners beating it back to the trap so I went back to the observation area only to find out that the runners were coming back… not because they had found anything… but because the pilot was driving horses to the trap.

Shepherd had given the authorization for resources to abandon the search and begin operations. The other two runners also returned to the trap. I expressed my outrage in no uncertain terms. I informed personnel that I had called people from my vehicle and the public knew they had stopped looking. I informed them I was not leaving until the horse was located.

After the drive Heather was called down to speak with Alan.

Miraculously the horse that had now been missing for over an hour and a half had been found. It had “run back home” and hooked up with a stud. A trailer went down the road and in less than ten minutes came back… with a load that looked much like it did when it left.

As I am not permitted to travel the same road as the trailer it would take me about an hour longer to reach holding. I would not see this animal unload.

The animal was allegedly a 4 month old that was so deformed it couldn’t run correctly and was euthanized. The same animal that ran almost to the trap and back again… I can not confirm that there was an animal even picked up off that range.

Have you pulled out all your hair yet? Have you gritted your teeth so badly that you have broken molars? Have you bitten your lip so hard it bleeds? Have you vowed to god you will not allow this “spoiled child agency” to continue without challenge… no matter what it takes?

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