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Feel Good Sunday: Video~Cracking up for Thanksgiving

We are going to turn the station knob, a bit, and pull it off Equines and over to Felines and Canines for today’s sharing of joviality and mirth.  If you’re a horse person you are probably a well rounded, all-American animal person that gives home and shelter to other species such as dogs, cats, various birds and in our case, even fish.

It’s not enough that we have four (4) highly spirited and very amusing equine personalities that grace our homestead but we also have a Border Collie, German Shepherd and 3 cats that add entertainment and personality to our daily lives (the dogs are my crew, they must go everywhere that I go.)

Now take these funny personalities and do the thing that humans always do wrong, assign human tendencies to them and you can have a roaring good time, as proven by what the good folks at Freshpet did several years ago and I have been chuckling ever since. 

BUT what I did not know was the what, who and why behind the story and that is where our Feel Good Sunday lands today, the good things that they were doing for dogs and cats in need.

Thanks to all of those out there who sacrifice so as to make life just a little better for domestic animals in need, there is a special place in Heaven for you.

Keep the Faith and let the laughter begin.

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Feel Good Sunday: Father’s Day ~ A day of reflection

“I would like to tip my hat to the Fathers, both two and four legged, who have protected, provided for, nurtured, trained and raised their biological charges with dignity and respect. A good father makes for a better future adult and a better world.
But as we age, many of us no longer can say ‘thank you’ to those family leaders who made us all what we are today. Be it death or illness, our parent is, perhaps, a loving memory or a spirit that still whispers in your ear and keeps us on the straight and narrow.
So for those who can hug their dads and enjoy this day I say revel in it to the hilt…and for those of us who cannot, I offer up this song and video to give you strength, peace and a reminder that you are not alone. May you all have a blessed day” ~ R.T.

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Mustang Heritage Foundation’s Extreme Mustang Makeover trainer exposed for horse cruelty

Source:  change.org After over 63,745 people signed the petition below on change.org, Extreme Mustang Makeover contacted the person who started the petition and and confirmed that Eli Slabaugh was no longer an active and approved trainer with Mustang Heritage Foundation and the Extreme Mustang Makeover.  Slabaugh “willingly withdrew himself” […]

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Today is National Horse Protection Day

In 2004, Congress recognized the first official National Day of the Horse, and expressed this: Encouraging citizens to be mindful of the contribution of horses to the economy, history, and character of the United States and expressing the sense of Congress that a National Day of the Horse […]

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