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Horseback Magazine Honored by Equine Health Care Professionals

Steven Long, Author/Editor, recieves award - (Photo by Julie Cramonte)

Steven Long, Author/Editor, recieves award - (Photo by Julie Cramonte)

HOUSTON, (Horseback) – Author and journalist Steven Long, editor of Horseback Magazine and Horseback Online, was recognized Monday for outstanding journalism based on his investigative work in the delivery of quality health care for Texas horses in a story on the continuing battle between equine dentists and the veterinary establishment. He was also cited “for his work protecting the rights of personal choice of Texas horse owners.”

The Texas State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners is attempting to put lay dentists out of business, despite the extreme lack of training most vets receive on the horse’s mouth.

The award was presented before the prestigious Greater Houston Horse Council by the Association of Equine Health Professionals, an industry trade organization that supports both veterinary and non-veterinary equine health practitioners.

Presenting the award was James Hardie, founder of the AEHP, and Loren Hardie, an equine dentist.

“The Greater Houston Horse Council is one of the most powerful voices for horses in the State of Texas,” Hardie said. “And Steven Long and Horseback Magazine have done more than anyone else to bring the issue before the public and our government officials.”

“I’m absolutely thunderstruck” Long said. “I had absolutely no idea this was coming. I did nothing more than my job covering a very complex issue and an apparent injustice to some very important care givers.”

Writing about healthcare issues is nothing new for Long. His first book, Death Without Dignity, exposed catastrophic nursing failure in a nursing home. It won a State Bar of Texas Award for distinguished journalism. The book was published by Texas Monthly Press

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  1. i hope that people will take the time to personally write to mr. long to congratulate him, not only for the award that he has received (which is a darn fine achievement in & of itself!), but also for the work that he has done to help get the word out there about the plight of america’s wild horses & burros. his magazine has posted more articles & investigative reports on the round ups, the blm, & the dept. of the interior’s plan than any other magazine i have found, whether in print or on the web. (shucks. this is the man who interviewed conrad burns & got him to talk about how he got his amendment passed into law!) his articles have been linked-to on other blogs, through yahoogroup postings, & on wild horse websites far & wide. i think this deserves a special round of kudos, too. i bet he’d be happy to hear from you.


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