Wife of Famed actor, Gene Autry, at Odds with Animal Rescue Foundation

By: Jeremy Chen as published on KESQ.com

“Once an ambassador of the program, Autry now alleges that the horses have not been taken good care of by ‘Wild for Life Foundation'”

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ANZA, Calif. – The wife of famed actor Gene Autry is at odds with the animal rescue group “Wild For Life Foundation”

Jackie Autry says it’s a scam, while the foundation denies those allegations.

A heated exchange broke out at a horse ranch in the community of Anza, when Jackie Autry confronted Katia Louise, president of “Wild for Life Foundation”.

At one point they both worked together to save horses, but they are at odds.

“They raise money to supposedly take of the horses and in fact they do, but they live off the money themselves. They get grants for projects they never fulfill”, says Autry.

She and a few others attempted to remove some horses from the property Tuesday, that they say were stolen from the president of another foundation.

Autry says, “She was forced through intimidation and some abuse to sign these horses over to the Wild for Life Foundation.”

Once an ambassador of the program, Autry now alleges that the horses have not been taken good care of by “Wild for Life Foundation” and says Louise hoards horses and pens them up in small corrals.

Autry says members of Louise’s organization also stole property from her own ranch when she hosted them.

“I have about 53,000 dollars of equipment that they stole from my ranch when they left in the first part of June of 2016 and…I’m in the process of suing them.”

Louise denies all of the allegations put forth by Autry. She says the organization’s rights were violated with Autry trying to get the horses and would be seeking legal action.

When asked about specific allegations of stealing property or misusing donation money, Lousie said “if Miss Jackie Autry has any or feels that if any of her rights have been violated she should seek proper legal recourse rather than come here and harass us and make false accusations and physically assault us and threatened our horses.”

We looked into “Wild for Life Foundation’s” status as a charity and did find that it had 501 C3 non-profit status. We also reached out to Riverside County Animal Control who say they have received complaints about the ranch.

While no wrongdoing has been found so far, an officer was dispatched to the property today to check on the horses again.

Both Autry and Louise say they will continue their legal battles in court.

Autry says she plans on getting a court order to allow someone to check on the horses on the property.





    Mrs Jackie Autry Prevails!
    Wild For Life Foundation/Saving America’s Horses 501(c)3 rescue organization, the nonprofit’s founder Katia Louise aka Cathy Gentile; Cathy Laine Cranwell
    LOSES in Riverside Cty Superior Court – Louise ordered to pay almost $20,000 of Autry Attorney’s fees – pls see court
    case no. MCC1700082
    Will Wild For Life Foundation’s Legal Defense Fundraising focused now on saving themselves?…..
    Louise, husband Anthony “Mario” Gentile must presently answer to further formal accusations jn Riverside County Superior Court including but not limited to Extortion, Fraud…. Pls see court case no. MCC1700177

    Organization appears to be disbanding rescue herd while attempting to raise legal defense funds.





  2. Katia Louise founder of Wild a For Life Foundation LOST defamation suit she filed in Riverside County Superior Court, ordered to pay all attorney’s fees for both parties – pls see public records court case no. MCC1700082.
    *Monday May 1, 2017 Riverside County Superior Court Judge ordered Louise to turn over possession of all rare Mustangs to Monero Mustangs to be held pending outcome of trial (pls see Riverside County Superior Court public records case no. MCC1700177)
    Founder Katia Louise Gentile, her husband Anthony Mario Gentile & WFLF 501(c)3 nonprofit organization must answer to formal accusation of extortion, fraud, more….Riv Cty Superior case no.MCC1700177.
    Wild For Life Foundation compelled by eviction and lawsuit has disbanded rescue herd pending outcome of trial.
    *Louise continues to solicit donations to help “horses” as legal defense fees for herself, her husband and her organization mount.


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