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Wild Horse Destiny. A poem by Craig Downer.

Tuesday's Horse

WILD HORSES — As a thank you for participating in Meat Out for Mustangs throughout the month of May with us, we thought we should share something extra special with you on our final day of this very special campaign. It a beautiful poetic tribute to wild horses.

by Craig Downer

Something there is of Destiny
that calls to me
in the wild horse
who runs so free
upon the remotest
desert and plain,
mountain range
or valley green,
for there is a Rightness here
and an ancestral precedence
dating back millions of years!

Surely this egotistical upstart
called civilized man
shall not be allowed
to extinguish
either this powerfully beautiful line
of ascent from ancient times,
or that by-God-valued Freedom
without which
the very soul of Horsekind
would be denied.

… And there is something implicit here too
in the very Destiny of all we call “the West”

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  1. There will never be any more wildlands than what we have now. If we do not protect them then our future generations will never be able to see what we saw. They will never feel what we felt. They will never know what we knew, or understand what we cannot forget.


  2. Wild Horse Advocates you need to get Your Attorney to Sue the Veterinary Association that changed the definition of euthanasia to include horse slaughter. The reason. Did you know euthanasia is a term that cannot ever have ties to Commercial products. Essentially, the Paths they took is to protect and Not encourage end of life except as the Sole and Only option with the intention of no further usage of the carcass except in the case of necropsy, autopsy or research and cannot otherwise be utilized in a Commercial productivity way nor in any way condone the usage of the carcass except as research or autopsy or necropsy. The Commerical SLAUGHTER trade is Not euthanasia and you can sue them for the implications and engaging in stating they are euthanizing horses the public cannot be certain they are not just engaging in the sale recommendation to. Slaughter instead of euthanasia by injection or gunshot for profit and encouraging commercial slaughter instead of correcting utilizing euthanasia to destroy only horses needing destruction. It also needs raised in court that Veterinary medical Professionals do not hold licences in Human prescriptions or health care for and cannot gage whether phatmacueticals for horses will or wont harm humans and they also cannot Legally make deterimantions on horses which are sick impact on the human food chain. The reason? They have absolutely No formal legal training in the issues involving humans, human reactions, mixing and interactions of drugs chemicals or health issues horses have especially recently been infected with. Stop the slaughter of all horses by disallowing the Veterinary Associations to get by with randomly changing wording without Government Oversight especially when it’s illegal. So you ask well cattle are euthanized by slaughter….we are needing to Sue to remove this term covering Processing on a Commerical scale which is Legally NOT euthanasia because of Commerical use of products from the carcass. Allowable usages are defined, science, veterinary research and necropsy and autopsy. Cattle are not euthanized at slaughter they are butchered. Period.


    • That’s NOT once Horse slaughter. Sorry my cells a pain once again. The Avma and others cannot use the ter. HORSE SLAUGHTER AS EUTHANASIA BECAUSE IT’S A COMMERICAL INDUSFRY AND NOT EUTHANXSIA. IT NEEDS REMOVED. To help all horse domestic and wild.


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