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R.T. Fitch

R.T. Fitch, author of "Straight from the Horse's Heart" and President/Co-Founder of 'Wild Horse Freedom Federation' ~ putting People between Wild Equines and Extinction

Bison Learn to Avoid Hunters

Source: The Jackson Hole News by Mike Koshmrl The herd has apparently adapted to an annual hunt by delaying its migration, but that’s causing new conflicts with neighbors. Near midnight on Sue Pepe’s long commute home to Buffalo Valley, four bison appeared near the S-curves just up the […]

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Big Cattle, Big Gulp

By Christopher Ketcham as published on The New Republic Cowboys and cows are soaking the American West dry The American West faces its fifteenth year of low rainfall, sparse snowpack, and warming temperatures in what climatologists believe is only the beginning of a climate-change-induced megadrought that may last a […]

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Pine Nut Wild Horse Roundup is Unjustified

Opinion by Craig Downer as published in the Reno Gazette Journal “There is a cover-up concerning the major factors that are deteriorating the Pine Nut Mountain ecosystem…” My statement concerns the Carson-City-BLM roundup of 575 out of 775 wild horses from the Pine Nut Mountain Herd Management Area […]

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Feel Good Sunday: Paralyzed Rodeo Champion Amberley Snyder Sees Her Story Brought to Life in Walk. Ride. Rodeo.

Source: Amberley Snyder’s inspiring true story of strength and resilience will debut on Netflix on March 8  Amberley Snyder is getting the movie treatment. The 28-year-old’s inspiring story is coming to life in Netflix’s Walk. Ride. Rodeo., showing how a tragic accident put Snyder on another path […]

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