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Pro-Horse Slaughter propoganda film “Horses in Crisis” backed by Super PAC & cattle activists


by Debbie Coffey         Copyright 2014           All Rights Reserved.


Boyd Spratling (Photo: BLM)

Boyd Spratling, a past President of the Nevada Cattlemen’s Association who’s currently serving as a BLM National Wild Horse & Burro Advisory Board member, manages to further undermine whatever shreds might be left of BLM’s credibility by taking a seemingly prominent part in the pro-horse slaughter propaganda film “Horses in Crisis,” made by a group called Protect the Harvest.

At the end of this film, credits show the Protect the Harvest logo “in conjunction” with United Horsemen (the pro-horse slaughter group whose President is Dave Duquette).

The horse-eating "Doinkster"

The horse-eating “Doinkster”

This propaganda film is shockingly inaccurate.

While rancher Mike Stremler talks about horses starving on the range, the film shows a photo of a foal that was taken INSIDE of a BLM facility AFTER a roundup.

And you might wonder if Protect the Harvest bothered to get releases signed by wild horse advocates before inserting their images into this film.  Or, don’t they even know enough to Protect their Asses?

The film states that there are about 52,000 and possibly up to 100,000 wild horses on the range.  I wish.  But “Where’s the beef?”  This film omits any mention of the huge numbers of cattle and sheep that are devouring forage on public lands in the West.

Protect the Harvest was founded in 2011 by oil magnate Forrest Lucas (Lucas Oil Products), who also serves as its President.  Lucas also owns the Lucas Cattle Company of Cross Timbers, MO.  Lucas Oil has investments in Professional Bull Riders, Inc., and sponsors professional bull riding stars.

forrest-lucas Forrest Lucas (photo:

Protect the Harvest formed a “Super PAC” (a political action committee that can raise unlimited amounts of money) called “The Protect the Harvest Political Action Committee.”

This Super PAC’s treasurer, Brian Klippenstein, also serves as the Executive Director of Protect the Harvest.  Klippenstein spent 26 years in Washington D.C., and worked for Senators Roy Blunt and Kit Bond.

While the word “harvest” in “Protect the Harvest” may sound like it’s about protecting crops, most likely it’s the definition that means “to gather, catch, hunt or kill for human use, sport or population control.”

It appears that “Horses in Crisis” promotes the slaughter of wild horses.

Last year, Protect The Harvest aired radio ads in Oklahoma promoting legislation to re-instate horse slaughter.

Pro-horse slaughter groups seem to consist of cattle ranchers who dislike “animal activists,” so it’s ironic that since cattle and sheep are animals, and since the ranchers are cattle and sheep activists, the ranchers are actually “animal activists” themselves.


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  1. “Doinkster” is a polite term for idiot horse-eating puppet. It burns me up the BLM Advisory Bd is all pro-slaughters. RT, I hope peeps like yourself continue to apply to act as a member. Until we have a fair and just voice politically on the board we know who is making all the decisions for the BLM, don’t we? Unacceptable. Mr All-American Lucas Oil doesn’t even list company earnings, only an estimate? He is however the NHRA Champ so he has strong friends. That’s okay, we’re strong Americans with resolve.


    • Tim Harvey of the National Wild Horse & Burro Advisory Board is NOT pro-horse slaughter and has been a strong voice for the horses on many occasions. I doubt if June Sewing supports horse slaughter, and she also seems to care about the horses.
      Boyd Spratling and Callie Hendrickson should never have been appointed and should be removed.


      • Debbie I couldn’t agree more! How could anyone be objective who serves opposites boards at the same time! Boyd works for the State of Nevada Cattle Ranchers. We know Nevada ranchers HATE the horses. At the same time he’s suppose to be PRO horse.

        In the Bible it talks about how a man can’t serve two masters. Classic example of why.

        Callie has actually promoted suing for the removal of horses in CO. Somehow she was considered more “acceptable” to the board than any horse advocate. Callie is suppose to serve as the representative for the public.


    • One of the newbies is a vet from UPENN. She works in reproduction. If anyone saw the mare online via UPENN that gave birth, this lady was on call at home watching with the rest of us. Not sure where she stands on slaughter. She may be okay.


  2. Can you find out if Protect the Harvest, while promoting slaughter in the state that maintans thousands of wild horses, might also have funded the election of newly risen horse eating ghoul, Wayne Mullin? The man who is atempting to have the Moran Amendment set aside? Thank you for this, Debbie. I think if so, Spratling should resign his position strictly from a conflict of interest if not simply an ethical reason.

    Everyone should know that Mindy Patterson (secretary/treasurer of United Horsemen, darling of Suey and Doink, has been touting Protect the Harve snce the days of Missouri slaightering horses became another battle lost.

    They will go down. No American can associate with them or their group without having their skin crawl. These are people who now well the rk corners of malfesance.

    They might take a lesson from the recent murderous rampages of the Wyoming BLM and Yakima Tribe upon their wild horses. We don’t like it, we won’t stand for it and we will stop it by banning the slaughter of horses Let them eat turnips.

    I hope everyone who reads, watches the film gets angry and CALLS their representative in Washington and demands they cosponsor the SAFE Act. (HR1094 or S541)


  3. Horses are “roaming” animals. They will take a bite and move, not staying in one area very long. Cattle, on the other hand, eat/lay down/get up and graze in the same spot until nothing left to eat. Spose sheep are the same way but unsure.
    Blm isn’t going to decrease the amount of cattle/sheep on the ranges and will continue to round up all the Mustang’s/Burro’s they can find. Another solution must come out of all of this. Horse slaughter isn’t the answer, nor is the holding facilities that exist already. Got any ideas? Rescue organizations are full and overloaded with requests for help. Auction sales are being overrun by horse’s being sold for whatever sellers can get, not caring who is going to by them nor what’s going to happen to the horse’s. This is going to take big bucks and more clout than we already have out there.


  4. Whatever shreds might be left of the BLM’s credibility.

    I love this line. There should not be cattlemen or anyone else with a conflict of interest dominating the Horse and Burro advisory board.


  5. I just watched their video and “shockingly inaccurate” is putting it mildly. You should have said “a blatant out and out lie”.

    Boyd says there doesn’t seem to be an answer but in fact there is…cut the number of livestock. How hard is that? Congress has the power to exempt certain public lands from the multiple use policy. They need to exempt all our horse ranges and HMA’s. The MUP (multiple use policy) was added to the Act by the CFR’s, written by the BLM, some five years later. They had determined they could not live up to the Act as it was originally written and still satisfy their powerful rancher friends. Of course the CFR’S had to be passed through Congress but only a committee not the full House and Senate. I don’t know who was serving on that committee but I’d bet on what states they came from.

    Boyd’s participation should be grounds for his removal from the board. It clearly demonstrates his mindset which does not meet the standards set forth by the Act.


    • Regulations are to interpret, clarify and implement. Not to set policy. If the MUP is policy not already provided for by law – it is an undeground regulation and subject to cancellation. Simply put.

      I agree, Spratling needs to go, Hendrickson and a couple of others as well, whose manipulation of the rules governing the advocacy board and the BLM as a means of rotting the wild horse and burro program from the inside should be objectionable by every law abiding American.


      • BLM’s “multiple use” mandate comes from the Federal Land Management Planning Act (FLPMA) and you can read an article about that called “The BLM’s Multiple RUSE Mandate” here:
        BLM “cherry picks” only certain words from this law to justify it’s actions, but it may actually be in violation of the law when reading all of the other words or with other interpretations.
        The FLPMA defines the term “multiple use” as meaning “management of the public lands and their various resource values so that they are utilized in the combination that will best meet the present and future needs of the American people; making the most judicious use of the land for some or all of these resources…balanced and diverse resource uses that takes into account long-term needs of future generations for renewable and non-renewable resources…and coordinated management of the various resources without permanent impairment of the productivity of the land and the quality of the environment…and not necessarily to…uses that will give the greatest economic return …”


      • Steve gave this information in his comment:
        “The MUP (multiple use policy) was added to the Act by the CFR’s, written by the BLM, some five years later. They had determined they could not live up to the Act as it was originally written and still satisfy their powerful rancher friends. Of course the CFR’S had to be passed through Congress but only a committee not the full House and Senate. I don’t know who was serving on that committee but I’d bet on what states they came from.” Thanks Steve and Jan!


  6. a total overhaul needs to be done from the dirty harry appointee to the lowly intern connected to the dept. of intrior to last people to be appointed to be on that board . i said it before and i’ll say it again we need a stronger congress to get this job done. we need some people on our side that stand up against the masses to put a stop to this .we need to get the cowsucker off this board immediately . i just can’t tell you how mad i am and pray that these people would see what their livestock are doing to the land . if they were real cattlemen they would know this .


  7. Well that shows politics and business in bed together… again.

    And regarding Advisory Board selections (Boyd Spratling et al), here is a quote from Debbie Collins, BLM WH&B: “We can’t share who applied, only the final selectees. The selections start with recommendations from a BLM-FS team and moves up from there. The White House and DOI/DOA have the final say. The BLM-FS team memebers change based on the needs of the team.” It is clear that the “needs of the team” focus on pro-slaughter and anti-wild horse and burro people.


  8. According to their own information, the horses should all have been dead years ago. They claim there’s no food and water on the range, and they claim it only takes 30-90 days to starve to death.

    I also wonder, how many BLM horses there are free and in holding. I know they’d like to start slaughtering all of them, but I don’t think they realize it would only be a few weeks before they’d run out.



    Click to access nboa_minutes111206.pdf

    Minutes December 6, 2011


    Financial strategy on getting slaughter house
    going because that is when the river is going to meet the road
    is when they slaughter the first horse. Think looking at
    putting facilities on Indian reservations which takes
    legislature and everybody out of the equation.


  10. I’m certainly no expert, but looking back at some of the members of Congress who served during the 60’s and 70’s, it is not inconceivable to me that the unanimious passage of the 1971 Wild Free-Roaming Horse and Burro Act was nothing more than a show staged for the American people. Why would I say this? Because four months after the Act was passed, the Senate ratified the 1951 International Plant Protection Convention, which was the tool that the Clinton administration ultimately resorting to using to do a defacto repeal of the federal law (through the creation of non-existent science) through a 1996 and 1997 re-draft of the 1979 Update of the IPPC.

    Of course, it could be just a coincidence that the Senate suddenly decided to ratify an international treaty that had been open for 20 years without much interest on our part, but an administration that would disrupt a proposed cease fire and target its enemies using the IRS would not blink at eye at passing “feel-good” legislation that was written in such vague language that it could never be properly enforced.


  11. It is time for Dr. Spratlin to retire or be retired. Every veterinarian I know and the local and states departments of agriculture in states where I have lived or visited during agriculture fairs or demonstrations have brochures that include or separately list what the needs of horses are. AVMA and AAEP have standards on humane treatment of horses as do 4-H clubs, pony clubs, and most equine welfare or horse rescue operations. The problem that our horses face is, sadly, no different than that of many of our once valiant and bravest: the indifference of federal bureaucrats to the suffering of others. There is an empathetic void for those for whom our nation could not have become what it is without, but now that some elitist ignoramuses believe they are no longer useful, those that would be God would rather exterminate them to get rid of their carbon footprint that help them live productively with what they have left to give.


  12. I asked. Dave several weeks ago to remove my photo. He replied he didn’t know what I looked like so how would he know who to remove. I let it go. Upset but figured he was gonna get his ass sued by others for violating copyright.

    Couple weeks later one of his supporters writes ME and says words I’m not allowed to type here. I replied I was shocked at her language. She cursed me and told me how stupid I am. I replied giggles. Here’s the funny part. Her final reply is if I contact her again she’ll have me arrested for stalking! Who contacted whom in the first place! And yes, I have the exchange of emails that she contacted me first!

    Lesson to all here. You need to alter your pictures online–like make them so faded no one can really see them. And then blast tour copyright over the middle of the picture so it can’t be removed very easily.


    Gubmint Cheese

    The NCA’s Monthly Message also showcases Past President Boyd Spratling, currently masquerading as a Representative of Veterinary Medicine on the National Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board. Dr. Spratling (or is it Past President Spratling?) has been busy providing testimony on wild horses in the Interim Public Lands Committee and recently met with Senator Ensign to discuss wild horses and the “El Paso/WWP” situation. (It would seem Senator Ensign is incapable of recognizing a conflict of interest situation even if it is sitting on his lap….)

    This is the same Boyd Spratling who refused to address, much less develop, humane handling guidelines for helicopter rounds ups back in 2007 and who stated the deaths of almost 200 wild horses from the Jackson Mountain were the results of “The very people that claim to care the most about those horses were actually the ones driving the death nail in their coffin”.

    This same ex-President Spratling also developed the current BLM approved on-the-range stallion castration policy, refused to participate in repeated requests regarding review of BLM management plans and AML decisions for our wild herds, ignored evidence indicating BLMs on the range wild horse and burro population data is in error and failed to address critical issues found within new census techniques now being used to substantiate biologically impossible populations.


  14. Putting horse slaughterhouses on tribal reservations to evade the law is distressing. However, they still couldn’t sell any of the meat any where in the U.S., while the reservations would be saddled with all the waste.


  15. Any one sitting on a fed board should be not in any propaganda films speaking against the very critter he is there to allegedly protect. That is like a pediatrician appearing in a pro pedophilia film.

    Everyone needs to snapshot this web page, and send it to their congressional reps and senators, asking them what this BLM board member is doing in this video.

    Any photographs or video used without permission needs an immediate letter from an attorney to remove it and cease and desist from using again.


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