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News and updates related to the predatory business of horse slaughter

The Ten Big Lies of Traditional Western Politics

by Erik Molvar as published on Public lands managed by the federal government loom large in western politics, a defining topic dictating the political debate… Corporate interests – logging, grazing, and mineral extraction most prominently – have often succeeded in dominating that debate through their good-old-boy network […]

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Trump’s Right: The Kentucky Derby Is SAD!

by James Davis as published on Trump didn’t complain about the Kentucky Derby because he cares about animals. But anything that brings attention to the fact that the Kentucky Derby is a disgrace is a good thing. On Sunday, President Donald Trump criticized the Kentucky Derby, the […]

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Lee, Titus Condemn $1 Wild Horse Sale

By Jeniffer Solis as published on “The Forest Service’s proposal would put wild horses at risk of being killed for food, and goes against California’s existing law prohibiting the sale or transfer of horses for human consumption.” Nevada Democratic Reps. Susie Lee and Dina Titus signed on […]

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