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Is Donkey Skin the New Ivory?

by Alixandra Caole Vila as published at Nature World News African Donkeys are Being Slaughtered to Extinction While China’s taste for elephant ivories have died down, it seems like their fondness has shifted to Donkey skin this time. According to the National Council of Societies for the Prevention […]

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Summertime and the Living is Easy for Vegas and the Wild Horses

Ah, July’s sizzling hot days in Las Vegas turn into mild evenings and mellow the most work-weary of us. Summer may be our desert’s harshest season of the year, but evening gentles us into peace and rest, a scarce and wonderful thing in today’s world. This past Saturday night we spent with wild horses, a BBQ by a high altitude lake, and a full moon that reminded me of all those beautiful years I spent in the African veldt (bush) when the elephants and zebra, giraffe and lion could breathe easy at summer sundown. The thirst, fatigue, and the hunt for food paused. All of us, human or 4-footed, relaxed and luxuriated in the soft, warm evening air.

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Wild Horses, China and a Holiday called Thanksgiving

For the purpose of security and for the element of surprise it is rare that I disclose the actual geographical location of my person. The requirement of the income stream that pumps the life blood into my family’s survival and funds the message of the horses regularly sends me to the four corner of the world for extended periods of time. For many years the continent of Africa was my home away from home but by the luck of the draw I now find myself behind the great wall of China, or should I rephrase that to say the great ‘Firewall’ of China.

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