The Force of the Horse

14 Donkeys Who Prove They’re Secretly The Cutest Animals

By Audre Az as published on The Dodo

“It’s ‘Feel Good Sunday’ so please enjoy and keep the faith!”

Often under-appreciated, donkeys may not be the first animal that comes to mind when you’re looking for non-stop cuteness…. Until now. Need something to brighten your day? There’s a donkey for that!

1. This baby donkey rocking an extra-fluffy hairdo.


2. This brave guard donkey (and his llama colleague) protecting a flock of sheep from a coyote.


3. This donkey who likes to cart around his feline friend.


4. This pair of donkey pals just horsin’ around on a beach.

(YouTube/Funny Animals)

5. This dashing donkey who found an extra comfy chin rest.


6. This bold burro with an itch to scratch.

(Facebook/Lavender Dreams Donkey Rescue)

7. This newborn donkey who’s just learning how to scamper.


8. This duo of Greek donkeys sharing a tender moment.

(Flickr/Klearchos Kapoutis)

9. This frisky foal caught in the act mid-frolic.

(Facebook/Muriel Burnadou)

10. This trusty trio proving that three really is company.


11. This marvelous jenny with ears like antennas.

(Flickr/Pete Markham)

12. These super-rare, super-shaggy Poitou donkeys with dreadlocks.

(Facebook/Fermeduchampduparc Asinerie de Ouismes)

13. This mother and foal who totally nailed the family portrait pose.

(Facebook/The Donkey Sanctuary)

14. And finally, to warm your heart, this formerly neglected donkey learning to love again.


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  1. they are great and we need to keep them free and safe from all the greed that is trying to take their land away from them. god bless them all.


  2. The Donkey Poem
    by Paula Blanch

    Don’t waste your time young lady, she heard the farmer say.
    That donkey, well he’s stupid; they’re all just born that way.
    “He’s slow to move, can take no load in buggy or in sack,
    The only thing he’s good for is a whip across his back”

    But the young girl, she knew different,
    she could sense it in her heart
    She would take the donkey home with her
    and give him a new start.
    So the farmer took her money and handed her the reins.
    Good riddance to bad rubbish, mules would always be the same.

    Ten years of hurt and ignorance and callous disregard,
    would need to be forgiven, and left there in the past.
    As the young girl walked the donkey home,
    there was no need for speech
    Their hearts and minds and souls were joined,
    the silence had been breached.

    For love can work great magic if you give it but a chance,
    stooped heads will rise, old dreams come true
    and broken hearts will dance.

    This story is no different from many I have heard.
    It teaches of the power of touch and gently spoken words.
    The young girl, now a woman, with children of her own,
    still loves this dusty donkey, she first brought to her home.

    You see the donkey symbolizes critters everywhere,
    that never get to share their gifts or know that humans care.
    Through history, their lives have been,
    all service, toil and scorn.
    A million miles of pain laid out
    along the paths they’ve worn.

    It doesn’t have to be like that, the answer’s in our hands
    All animals can share the blessings God first gave to man.
    Lets take the time to figure out the debt that they have due,
    Each dusty lonely donkey, with our love, can start anew.


    • Beautiful poem Geri! So fitting for today’s Feel Good Sunday, Amazing how smart, affectionate and cute they can be. (-:


  3. Burros and donkeys are the cutiest and most gentile in the equine world. Trust me they are very smart too. I became aquinted with a red jack when our humane society offered and adoption day. Jack was older so he was the last to be adopted. He wasnt sure about people as he roamed wild for a long time. One day I was out at the farm where he was kept and had some of those red cinnamon candies in my picket. He could smell those a mile away. It wasn’t long before we were very good friends. He shyed away from most people and everyone thought I had a special gift. Finally, I had to confess. He loved me for my cinnamon candy. When he saw my green truck coming down the road, he cantered and called to me in excitement. I loved that old Jack. If I had a farm, he would have been mine. Love them, besides being g cute they are very smart too!!


  4. Burro Birthday Party

    A combination Memorial Day and Birthday Celebration at TMR Rescue, Inc. It was Liberty’s 3rd birthday (the donkey with the Red cowboy hat). So why not have a party to celebrate! This was held on Memorial Day, and she and many of her friends had a grand time together!


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