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US Activist’s Efforts to Rescue Dogs from Asia’s Meat Trade Draw Both Praise and Censure

“Here at SFTHH and WHFF we are all about the safety and future well being of wild horses and burros but of course that concern extends to domestic equine and all wildlife in general. You will see articles appear hear that speak to the uncalled for slaughter and/or abuse of bison, wolves, bears, coyotes, mountain lion and the case of today’s article, domestic dogs.

I spent the past six years rotating in and of China on a monthly basis and unfortunately my eyes have witnessed acts of cruelty that I would prefer to forget versus regurgitating. But everyday is a bad day for any sort of domestic animal who lives in rural China and I have witnessed the worst. Although I might have been able to influence the educated young nationals who worked with me it was beyond my ability to influence the actions of rural farmers; all I could do was to divert my gaze and pray for an end to the suffering of the affected animal. It is a cultural thing as there is little respect for human life so how can one expect the culture to respect animal pain and suffering, the mind set just is not there.

So today, stroke the head of your bird, cat, dog, horse or donkey and remind yourself how lucky they are to have you in their lives and how special a ingredient they are to your daily diet of goodness and how they enhance your spiritual well being.

We are all connected and we are all fellow passengers on this spaceship Earth. A little courtesy to others goes a long, long way. Keep the faith.” ~ R.T.

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Videos: Police Horses Lick Dogs To Celebrate Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day Weekend is the symbolic end of the summer, the time of year when beaches begin shuttering their shores and bitter screeds about Summer Fridays go the way of the dodo. The long weekend provides the chance for a moment of reflection for millions of overworked, overtaxed, Simpsons-marathoning Americans. Or you could be like us, and just watch a bunch of videos of curious police horses licking, nuzzling, and generally being adorable with dogs.

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Caring for Aging Companion Animals

“It’s Sunday and our day to reflect, recharge and prepare for the week ahead; it’s gearing up to be a big one. So for this “feel good Sunday” we share with you a story about a California couple that struggles to do their level best for the animals that they have rescued and share their home. They are special people when it comes to their care and concern; their story hits home as Terry and I experienced the same struggle and emotions as we fought to save one of our canine children just one year ago this time. Likewise, this story touches us deeply as it is about our animal law attorney for Wild Horse Freedom Federation, Bruce Wagman and his lovely bride Deborah. Bruce is not only a business associate but a very close friend and advocate, indeed.” ~ R.T.

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