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Feel Good Sunday: Video ~ Military Dog Is SO Happy To Finally Be Home With His Dad

Source: The Dodo

“Alright, I can’t help myself, afraid that I am addicted to sharing the good deeds that decent humans do in an effort to make this planet a gentler and kinder place for all fellow creatures to live upon. 

So once again, I jump the good ship “USS Equine” and board the benevolent cruiser christened “Compassion” and share with you a story that comes with a predetermined “Tissue Alert“.

Our hearts and souls need these tales of faith and inspiration as we tread through the maze of mass stupidity, this day. 

May peace and strength be your watch words.

Keep the faith, my valued friends.” ~ R.T.

Military Dog Is SO Happy To Finally Be Home With His Dad | This military dog is flying to the U.S. to retire with his handler — and their reunion is priceless 😭💙

To support a military working dog like Bakk and find out more about @americanhumane’s Service Dogs for Veterans initiative, you can check out:

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  1. Wow! Thank you RT so much for sharing this! When I hear stories from the Vietnam war & previous wars, so many dogs & horses were left behind to fend for themselves.
    Heart-breaking, haunting stories that Veterans shared about how their best animal protectors & faithful friends were abandoned. At least things have changed now to reunite them together to heal.


  2. Please never apologize for sharing ‘good news’ stories. RT we animal lovers need as many as we can get to heal our disappointments and heart break we see in many humans for their heinous cruelty towards animals. Thank you really enjoyed this story.
    Hoping your dogs are doing well, esp the one with the hip problems.


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