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Endangered Wild Horses Released in China

“Its “Feel Good Sunday” and whenever I read or hear of horses being “released” instead of “captured” it always gives me a good feeling, to say the least. The stories of wild Takhi being reintroduced into the wild by Mongolia, Russia and now China has interested Terry and myself as we feel the United States may find itself in the same position, very soon, as our government removes and warehouses the last of our free roaming while equines. This past July Terry and I traveled to Mongolia to witness the fruits of their reintroduction effort, if you have not read the brief recounting of our adventures you can do so in the Sept. issue of trueCOWBOY Magazine by clicking (HERE). Enjoy your day!” ~ R.T.

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Wild Horses, China and a Holiday called Thanksgiving

For the purpose of security and for the element of surprise it is rare that I disclose the actual geographical location of my person. The requirement of the income stream that pumps the life blood into my family’s survival and funds the message of the horses regularly sends me to the four corner of the world for extended periods of time. For many years the continent of Africa was my home away from home but by the luck of the draw I now find myself behind the great wall of China, or should I rephrase that to say the great ‘Firewall’ of China.

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