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Obama Wild Horse Stampede Contractor Rewrites the Truth

On January 24th our good friend and college Robert Winkler of The Desert Independent published a guest editorial written by the wife of one of the Bureau of Land Management’s chief helicopter wild horse stampede contractors, Sue Cattoor. I read it, I gagged, I moved on and did not comment. There was a moment that I considered posting it, here, and decided against giving this self-ordained queen of wild horse suffering any more publicity to feed her maniacal ego. But after days of eating at my soul; I just can’t let it go as I sincerely owe it to the tens of thousands of wild horses whose lives have been destroyed, both figuratively and literally, to respond to this trashing of the truth and blatant attempt to further mislead and twist the opinion of the American public.

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BLM Claims to Know Identity of “Animal Abuser” Cyber Bully

According to an exclusive article on Horseback Magazine Online a top placed Bureau of Land Management (BLM) official has confirmed that the agency has obtained the identity of the employee who attempted to post a public comment on this blog with the user name of “Animal Abuser” and an email address of AAafterYOU@yahoo.com. A finely tuned spam filter diverted the post and emailed it to this reporter’s attention, as the blog’s admin, for moderation and approval. Unbeknownst to the BLM Cyber-Bully was the fact that we record IP addresses and the address verified that the threatening message came directly from a government BLM computer DURING normal office hours.

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BLM Helicopter Stampede to put 50% of California’s Wild Horses and Burros behind Bars Forever

HOUSTON – (SFTHH) The BLM’s much contested Twin Peaks stampede began amidst a cloud of controversy on August 11th in Northeastern California. The aerial assault is scheduled to last 6 weeks with a total of 2,000 wild horses and burros set to be placed behind bars to endure a lifetime of imprisonment and potential sterility. Setting the stage paranoid BLM officials over reacted by calling in county Sheriff Deputies and Federal Rangers in the advent that a passive equine welfare advocate might “do something” to disrupt the roar of helicopter blades and stampeding horses. Much to their chagrin, nothing happened.

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