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Scandals Pile Up For Interior Chief Ryan Zinke

By Chris D’Angelo as published on Huffington Post Former EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt resigned amid at least 18 federal investigations. Zinke has tallied up nearly a dozen. For several months, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke managed to fly under the radar, as Democrats and environmental groups focused their attention […]

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BLM: Liars, Liars Pants on FIRE

“We were about to post the BLM’s latest propoganda and lie-fest when Grandma Gregg sent an email that lit me up.  Instead of posting her comment after the article we are using it as a ‘forward’ to the idiot article, it’s just too much…so Grandma, tell us what […]

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BLM Helicopter Stampede to put 50% of California’s Wild Horses and Burros behind Bars Forever

HOUSTON – (SFTHH) The BLM’s much contested Twin Peaks stampede began amidst a cloud of controversy on August 11th in Northeastern California. The aerial assault is scheduled to last 6 weeks with a total of 2,000 wild horses and burros set to be placed behind bars to endure a lifetime of imprisonment and potential sterility. Setting the stage paranoid BLM officials over reacted by calling in county Sheriff Deputies and Federal Rangers in the advent that a passive equine welfare advocate might “do something” to disrupt the roar of helicopter blades and stampeding horses. Much to their chagrin, nothing happened.

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