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Is a TRO in BLM’s Future?

Activists have been scratching their heads as the federal Bureau of Land Management sweeps America’s wild horses from the Western landscape. Why? Because the 1971 Wild Horse and Burro Act clearly set aside plenty of room for them almost 40 years ago and the agency appears to be in violation of federal law.

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Help end, not expand, horse slaughter

by David Pauli, Director, Western Regional Office, The Humane Society of the United States, Billings Rep. Ed Butcher relies on the same old arguments of horse slaughter proponents in his effort to whet a new appetite for American horses in Asia (“Author of Montana horse slaughter plant bill […]

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Wild Horses are NOT ecological villains

A Times editorial makes the troubling assumption that mustangs are pests that irrevocably damage our public lands. By Stephanie Boyles July 31, 2009 The Los Angeles Times’ July 27 editorial “Wild horse sense,” which weighs in on proposals to handle the growing wild  horse population in the western […]

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