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Houston, TX (SFHH UPDATE) Daily, on this blog, we attempt to bring to you horse related news: some of it good, more often than not, some of it bad.  So today we will do something different, we will add some good, personal

"Harley" (Ginerous Legacy) Saved from slaughter by Habitat for Horses and adopted by author R.T. Fitch and his wife Terry.  Named after the motorcycle that Terry will never let R.T. own.  Photo by Terry Fitch

"Harley" (Ginerous Legacy) Saved from slaughter by Habitat for Horses and adopted by author R.T. Fitch and his wife Terry. Named after the motorcycle that Terry will never let R.T. own. Photo by Terry Fitch


For years the issue of horse slaughter has been something that myself and many like minded friends have wrestled with.  The thought of the brutality has forever changed our lives as we have felt driven to put an end to this barbaric and inhumane practice.  Yet the closing of the illegal slaughter plants in the U.S. did not stop, or even slow down, the flow of young, healthy American horses showing up on the exclusive dinner plates of the wealthy French and Japanese.

My wife, Terry, and I struggled in 2008 to get our book “Straight from the Horse’s Heart” published, in fact, the fight for publication began several years prior.  The book has a message and we wanted to get it out before the eyes of the world in an effort to make a difference, and when I saw the first copy go up for sale in January of this year, I turned to look at Terry, and with tears in my eyes, “I have fulfilled the promise, the book is out, but we missed the mark…the slaughter houses are already closed!”.  How wrong was I?

2009 has been a year of mass lunacy spreading across our states.  It started in Montana with Ed Butcher spouting lies, untruths and misinformation to the people of that great state.  The lies pushed Montana’s cowardly Governor to simply turn his back and allow an unprecedented law to pass that would allow foreign companies to build horse slaughter plants in their state AND limit American citizen’s ability to protest such action, something unheard of in this land.

Then came our new President’s home state trying to pass like legislation, and then North Dakota, and the list goes on and on.  What drives this madness?  Not too hard to figure it out, it’s money, but we will not delve deeper, today.

Instead, with all the above stated, it’s time to put a stop to any further degeneration and decay of common decency; it’s time to wield a sword, a tool, that is now before our federal legislators in Washington D.C..  That tool is the Prevention of Equine Cruelty Act (H.R. 503/S. 727).

Both the Animal Welfare Institute and The Humane Society of the United States have banded together to sponsor Horses on the Hill.  Next Tuesday, horse enthusiasts from around the country will converge on D.C. and meet with their federal legislators in an effort to get this bill passed and once and for all bury horse slaughter so that it is never, ever, again an issue in this country.

Terry and I are participating in this most important and worthy event, we invite you to do the same.  If you can and if you would, please make plans to attend and join us in our fight against “America’s dirty little secret”.  Simply visit for detailed instructions and additional information and with any luck, Terry and I will see you next week.  Drop me an email at if you are attending and we will attempt to round everyone up and have a good time in “putting our money where are mouths are”, which for me, is a tremendous commitment due to size alone.

Terry an I are departing for D.C. on Saturday so that we may take in a few sights, but we will be updating everyone through this blog, live, beginning Sunday the 12th.  So if you can’t make it, stay tuned, and we will do our best to keep you informed as we participate in “Horses on the Hill“.

Hope to see you there and may the Force of the Horse be with YOU!

R.T. Fitch
Author – “Straight from the Horse’s Heart
The Force of the Horse®, LLC

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  1. Well heres a story for you, I sold my horse to my ex, under the promise he would let me take it if he neglected it or couldn’t take care of it.
    So months later i get a call from the land lady saying he isnt taking care of the horse his feet are bad and is ready for the glue factory.
    I tryed to call him for several days no answer, So i hired a truck and trailer and took him out to my place( a nice place) and got his feet done(he was almost lame) and gave him his shots.
    THen I get a call from the rcmp stating if I dont take the horse back I will be charged.
    What a bunch of bs the land lady called the rcmp. So now I have to hire a transport and take him back or go to jail.
    Crazy eh, I called the spca and they will look in to it..
    Well Sure got immediate response when I took him but not alot to help him/
    Crazy world we live in today, and If anyone knows anyone I can talk to about this matter please please let me know.. tx


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