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Wild Horse & Burro Preservation Groups Announce Salt Lake City Press Conference to Call for Immediate Investigation of BLM “Slaughtergate” Allegations

Unified Press Release from the Cloud Foundation, Respect4Horses and the Wild Horse Freedom Federation Award winning Cinematographer Ginger Kathrens to join author R.T. Fitch and noted equine advocate Simone Netherlands in a wild horse and burro advocates press conference on October 29th during opening day of BLM’s Advisory […]

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Pickens Wild Horse Plan: Betrayed?

Three sanctuaries for our nation’s wild horses in Elko District NE Nevada, known as Herd Management Areas (HMAs), are soon likely to be zeroed out. The Mustangs in the Spruce Pequop, Goshute, and Antelope Valley HMAs, numbering 434 at their upper management level, will be rounded up and removed. Gone will be their legal lands and legal homes. Gone will be their family bands that have supported and protected them. Gone will be the stallions as producers and protectors, the mares as nurturers, leaders and educators, and the foals as learners. Fractured and separated, all will go to different pens, to barren feedlot corrals, and the stallions will be gelded.

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Wild Horse and Burro Bait-Trapping: Going … Going … Gone

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has divided the western states into six zones and private contractors bid on and received a contract for one or more zones. Each contractor is required by their agreement to capture a minimum amount of wild horses and/or burros in the zone. The MAXIMUM number of wild horses and burros that may be gathered is actually higher than the number that exists on their federally protected Herd Management Areas. The BLM reported that in the 2012 fiscal year there were only 37,294 wild horses and burros remaining on the range, but they have contracted to remove up to 44,000 from bait-trapping alone. So while the BLM feigns interest in humane care and concern for out Wild Horses and Burros, these BLM contracts continue on their fast-moving “managing for extinction”.

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Western Watersheds Project Wins Stays Blocking Implementation of Four BLM Decisions

Western Watersheds Project (WWP) has received notification that Judge Harvey C. Sweitzer of the Department of Interior Office of Hearings and Appeals granted four Stays halting Bureau of Land Management grazing decisions on 48,000 acres of public land in the Grouse Creek, Meadow Creek, Rock Creek and Trail Creek Allotments in the Pahsimeroi River Watershed of central Idaho. The allotments are located in critical habitat for Greater sage-grouse whose numbers have been declining for many years in central Idaho.

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Noted Wild Horse Photographer and Author Seeks Help in Saving Wild Horse Herd

*The Herd area is 110,000 acres. Currently the population of wild horses in the Herd Area is 167, including foals.

*The BLM wants to bring the herd down to 100 horses, which is below the level needed to sustain genetic viability (150 adults). Bringing the numbers of horses down to 100 will seriously jeopardize the genetic viability of the herd.

*FOAL, Friends of a Legacy, a group in Cody has been working in partnership with the BLM to improve the range and also on using birth control to control the numbers in this herd. Currently there are only 7 foals born in 2012, so the birth control is working. They have darted the mares with PZP again this summer – let all their hard work pay off and leave the herd alone, let the birth control work.

*There are livestock lessors who run cattle on the range. If the BLM wants to improve the conditions on the range, they should curtail use by livestock. This is a herd management area and as such the horses should be treated as the primary species in the herd area.

*The range is suffering from drought conditions this year. This is a natural cycle, and part of managing wild horses is dealing with these conditions. It is still cheaper to haul water to the horses than to remove them and put them into holding facilities where they will face an uncertain future.

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Americans Want Aid Sent to Pregnant Wild Horses and Babies—Not to Stampede Them

WASHINGTON (June 7, 2012)—Protect Mustangs, Wild Horse Freedom Federation (WHFF), scores of equine advocacy groups and the American public oppose the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) Jackson Mountain roundup, in northwestern Nevada famous for Burning Man, set to begin tomorrow. The advocacy organizations and members of the public are reaching out to elected officals nationwide to come to the aid of America’s wild horses and burros. The BLM has chosen to endanger heavily pregnant mares and tiny foals by stampeding them in a terrifying helicopter roundup. Protect Mustangs asked BLM to continue trucking out water and other aid as needed for the indigenous wild horses. Their request was refused. Trucking aid to them is cheaper than a cruel million dollar roundup paid for by the American taxpayer. Originally the wild horse removal was planned for after foaling season in July but BLM claims the indigenous horses are at risk because of drought conditions even though rain is forecasted and private livestock is allowed to remain grazing on the range.

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