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Pro-Horse/Anti-Slaughter Testimony – Texas Senate Committee

First, please note that I am not an ANIMAL RIGHTS RADICAL. I fully support the meat industry and work closely with any number of ranchers on equine welfare issues. While my organization is committed to the humane treatment of equine, the subject before this committee is about money, the dollars made from selling horses for slaughter – nothing more, nothing less.

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Texas Senate Wants a Slaughterhouse!

There is no doubt that a certain breed of human enjoys making beer money from killing horses. Add that fact to the horse owners who have bought the pro-slaughter arguments hook, line and sinker. Between those two, and a few politicians, we have the perfect ingredients for an attempt to do away with the current Texas law forbidding the sale of horse meat and an attempt to open a horse slaughterhouse within the borders of the State.

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New Zealand’s Teenaged Horse Whisperer Shares Secrets

For reasons that can’t be explained, some horses just can’t stand their trainers.

“He’s a good example over there,” says Jed Southcombe, gesturing at a grumpy stallion hidden in the shadows of another stable. “He doesn’t like anyone at all. He puts his ears back and his look says, `Piss off, leave me alone’.”

The 16-year-old Feilding High School pupil knows his horses. Making soothing clicking noises, Jed coaxes a strapping 3-year-old thoroughbred back into his stable with ease. The horse nuzzles him affectionately, but the young rider doesn’t fold, saying he has become used to a “tough love” approach even with his favourites.

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A Stroll Down “Horse Slaughter” Memory Lane

“Back in 2005 when the Belgians were murdering American horses in both Texas and Illinois the Wall Street Journal published an article on the subject which the then mayor of one of the Texas towns blemished and wounded by a bloody slaughterhouse took issue with. That mayor was the well respected and talented Paula Bacon of Kaufman, Texas. Mayor Bacon’s fight with the foreign scourge that bloodied America’s soil is epic and she will forever be remembered as one of America’s great and iconic heroines.

That same battle goes on today as even though the plants have been shuttered an elected official from distant Wyoming has reared her ugly head and aligned herself with the very same players that once darkened the American Equine Industry. Wyoming State Rep. “Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis has chosen to sleep with the foreign enemy of the American horse and to ignore the voice of the U.S. public while Mayor Bacon bends to no Belgian wallet and to this day stands in defense of the American way of life, the principles that make this country great and the common decency that sets us apart from those who prey upon the weak and helpless.

Today’s post is a testimony to strength, honesty and commitment; virtues not understood nor possessed by those who center their lives on the killing and consumption of companion animals.

Hats off to Mayor Paula Bacon one of the last, true pioneer women of the American West.” ~ R.T.

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Easter Eve Donkey Demonstration Converges on Texas State Capitol

The day before Easter, Texas Wild Burro Advocates and domesticated donkeys converged upon Austin, Texas to march in protest against Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s (TPWD) policy of killing Texas’ last remaining wild equine herd, in Big Bend State Park, to make room for the re-introduction of Desert Bighorn Sheep for hunting permit dollars. Under police escort the band of humans and donkeys paraded in front of the state capitol and circled the Governor’s Mansion while chanting, “Rick Perry Stop Killing our Wild Burros.”

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