Month: April 2010

The Cloud Foundation Takes Action with Herd-Watch: Public Eyes for Public Horses

Colorado Springs, CO (April 30, 2010)—Today the Cloud Foundation launches Herd-Watch, an innovative volunteer program to monitor wild horse and burro herds as well as roundups across the West. The iconic horses and burros are currently being managed to virtual extinction, contrary to the. From this day on, Herd-Watch will: watchdog America’s wild horses and burros, provide increased public visibility, monitor the range conditions and the mustang, burro and livestock numbers as well as keep tabs on the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) plans for “management” of each treasured American Herd.

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Montana Rep. “Red” Ed Butcher Maintains Village Idiot Image

One needs to have a lot of pity on the family of retiring Montana Rep. “Red” Ed Butcher; you know that they have to cringe each time he steps before a microphone, picks up a phone or opens his mouth in general. There is just no way that this man’s lips can part without him sticking his foot clear up his mouth until his eyes bulge out; it’s got to be painful for those who are related to him, at least just a little bit.

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R.T.’s Original “Wrangler Iced Tea” – Nectar of the Gods

It’s time for a break, it’s time for a reward so what do you reach for? A Wrangler Iced Tea, of course, the adult thirst quenching beverage of choice for hard working cowgirls and cowboys who have just plain “had it” with beer of any flavor. Wrangler Iced Tea cools your jets while rejuvenating your “get go”. Ahhh…it’s like falling off a mountain waterfall into a giant pool of pure relaxation and rejuvenation. Move over Ponce DeLeon, we have done found the Fountain of Youth.

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Hardin Montana Says No Thanks to Horse Slaughter Plant

Montana Representative Ed Butcher’s plan of building a horse slaughter plant in Hardin, MT has ended.

The city of Hardin unanimously passed Ordinance No. 2010-01 that amends the current zoning ordinance to prohibit the slaughter of more than 25 animals in a seven day period. The action effectively bars the building of a slaughter plant in Hardin.

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New Tourist Attraction: Horse Meat in Wyoming (Updated)

“It’s been several months since we have heard anything out of the Wyoming Representative whose entire life has been centered around killing and eating horses, Sue Wallis. An embarrassment to her state, she continues to flail away at the premise that killing horses for human consumption is a good and wonderful thing. Between setting up a bogus non-profit organization that violates federal and state laws to accusing dozens and dozens of well known American celebrities of taking bribes on the issue,the out of control elected official continues to generate lies and propeganda on the issue of excess horses which her partner in crime, Dave Douquette produces.

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