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Montana Rep. “Red” Ed Butcher Maintains Village Idiot Image

“In my humble opinion” by R.T. FitchAuthor of “Straight from the Horse’s Heart

Butcher Plans on Marketing Horse BLOOD

HOUSTON – (SFTHH)  One needs to have a lot of pity on the family of retiring Montana Rep. “Red” Ed Butcher; you know that they have to cringe each time he steps before a microphone, picks up a phone or opens his mouth in general.  There is just no way that this man’s lips can part without him sticking his foot clear up his mouth until his eyes bulge out; it’s got to be painful for those who are related to him, at least just a little bit.

Butcher continues to defy public opinion, scientific fact, good business practices, common sense and simple human dignity by continuing to shove a bloody horse slaughter plant down the throats of the good folks of Montana.  Butcher brought his communist Chinese buddies out to Hardin  Mt., earlier this year, in an effort to swindle them into opening a horse slaughter plant in Hardin’s old sugar beet factory.  The Chinese wanted nothing to do with it and Hardin modified their town’s zoning to ensure that it would not happen.

In a recent interview with the Billings Gazette reporter, Ed Kemmick, Butcher quipped:

“We don’t need Hardin.  They need us a lot more than we need them.”

Butcher said, he and his Chinese investor buddies decided the location “wasn’t really what we wanted.” He said the main problems were that the sugar plant is too close to town and to the interstate highway.

Ok, genius, why did you bring the Chinese horse eaters all the way over there in the first place, for some sort of vacation or what?  Didn’t you do your due diligence and scope out the place in the first place, let alone realize that there is no market for horse meat?  Like, Duhhhh!

Butcher indicated that they were looking at other locations within the United States, like probably his unethical and slippery partner in crime Wyoming Rep. “Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis‘ home state.  These two disgusting, elected officials sincerely deserve each other as their entire lives, their stance and mantras revolve around killing horses.  Nothing altruistic, just the killing and eating of horses is their legacy to their states and a disgusting one at that.

During Kimmick’s interview Butcher was pressured for possible locations and resisted outlining any specific area because,

“We’d get all the nutcases out there harassing the community,” he said.

If ever anyone should be able to clearly identify a nutcase, it would be a nutcase himself and Butcher is pointing a finger directly at himself.

Earlier this week the Equine Welfare Alliance issued a press release commending the town of Hardin for taking action to avoid the installation of a Horse Slaughter plant within there community.  One of the central cited concerns was the issue of environmental impact and the disposal of equine waste, particularly blood.  The last three horse slaughter plants that were closed down in the U.S. proved to be environmental disasters and ruined many of the communities sewage systems.  Former Mayor of Kaufman Texas, Paula Bacon, spoke on this very fact before the Tennessee Ag. Committee this week and thanks to her detailed testimony and that of EWA’s President John Holland the proposed bloody horse slaughter bill was pulled.

“Horse slaughter plants are notorious for their waste problems. Horses have almost twice as much blood per pound of body weight as cattle, and it has proven very difficult to treat.” stated Mr. Holland.

But in an effort to always have the last word, right or wrong,  “Red” Ed responded saying that “horse blood is as valuable as the meat is” and is used in animal feed and pharmaceuticals.

Holland countered with scientific evidence that horse blood has been used in the past, but renderers no longer accept it because it so often contains drug residues, most commonly from phenylbutazone, a banned carcinogen that is used as an anti-inflammatory in horses.  Holland continued further by highlighting the fact that Campbell Soup Co. has stopped using horse-track manure to grow mushrooms because the mushrooms were picking up dangerous drug residues from the fertilizer.  Further more,  the European Union has adopted regulations that will, within three years, ban the sale of meat from horses unless the animals have medical records for their entire lives.

If a horse has been administered phenylbutazone even once, Holland said, it will be illegal to process that horse for human consumption.

So “Red” Ed, where do you plan to sell your bloody meat, to the prisoners and school children of Montana like your infamous sidekick “Slaughterhouse” Sue wants to do in Wyoming or are you just planning to sell it on the side of the road during your up coming retirement years.  Maybe you, Sue and ole Conrad Burns could get together for a big BBQ, invite all your cronies and do the nation a favor by sickening yourselves on the tainted flesh of these gentle creatures.

The choice is yours, but one thing is certain, a sane mind just cannot figure out where your head is at…other than stuck where the sun does not shine.

Read the Billings Gazette Article in it’s entirity HERE and comment, you know “Red” Ed just can’t resist reading about himself

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  1. Great article!! It’s good to hear of another state throwing out the return of horse slaughter plants!! Now, we need to convince the rest of the states with pending bills to change their minds, &, say “NO!!” , in a VERY LOUD voice.


  2. I hope community after community kicks them in the arse until they run out of land and drop of into the sea. If any community doesn’t look into the reports from Paula Bacon and see what her town went through then they better be prepared to face their townsfolk when they run into the same problems and then find out it was known this was gonna happen. Can you say “tar and feather”?


  3. The nitwits at the Two Rivers Authority, Hardin’s industrial development corporation, wanted the slaughterhouse, but at the city, cooler heads prevailed.

    The TRA is notorious for getting itself into trouble. It has a jail that has been open for 34 months without ever having an inmate, and its bonds defaulted two years ago this week. Last year they asked for Guantanamo detainees to fill it, then wrote a contract with a penniless career con man to fill it.


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