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  1. Thank You RT I have seen this clip several times , makes me cry everytime , its a wonderful Tribute by the Clydesdale Horses , heart warming , if only people would think that much about all of our horses, they are here to enrich us and wildlife and the Land………I dont want to think of our Horses as just a memory, we must do something to save them !!!!!! We cannot allow them to disappear by the Hands of those who cannot understand their worth here, if we lose them we will surely lose ourselves !!!! They are the Balance !!!!! that is essential to all beings…………….


  2. Makes me cry everytime. The flag in our town is at half mast in honor and remembrance. It will rise again tomorrow to its place at the top of the mast. God Bless America.


  3. The President and his opponent have suspended showing their bitter TV attack ads for the day. Whoopee! Why don’t they do something really really positive–like suspending BLM stampede operations for “forever”! The wives,husbands,children of the 9/11 victims understand “forever”. I’d sure like a conversation with…… a true red,white and blue candidate. Horses are better than most politicians.. strong,loyal,courageous …..they have “forever” in their spirit.


  4. I wish the Busch’s still owned/controlled “Annheuser-Busch” (sp?) Inc.

    We will Never forget…I wish humans wouldn’t forget the equines.


    • I am with you, Denise, but I did read, shortly after the sale, that the family retained ownership of the theme parks and the horses. If that is true it is a good thing.

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