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Update: Happy Holidays for the Twin Peaks Wild Horses and Burros

Written and information supplied by Grandma Gregg

BLM’s Destruction of California’s Last Wild Horse Herd Delayed, for Now

Twin Peak’s “Magic” ~ photo by Grandma Gregg

BLM, Eagle Lake announced today (Nov 20) that the proposal to remove 600 wild horses plus burros from the Twin Peaks HERD Management Area has been temporarily cancelled!

Per Eagle Lake BLM, “There will be no imminent roundup operation in the Twin Peaks Herd Management Area (HMA).  The situation will be re-evaluated this January … ESR plan is still under review. ”

The Eagle Lake field office recently claimed they did an aerial inventory that proved there are currently 950 horses on the entire HMA.  Recent INDEPENDENT aerial and ground surveys have been done on the Twin Peaks HMA which scientifically proves that the total estimated Wild Horse population is currently within the range of 312 to 387.

The complete independent aerial report can be read at (CLICK HERE) and photos of the independent aerial survey can be viewed at:

The post-wildfire report with photos can be viewed at (CLICK HERE)

Independent assessments of the health of the land and the health of the horses and burros agree with the aerial total HMA population estimate of less than 400 horses plus photos show the health of the surviving horses to be physically robust and forage and water plentiful to get the horses through the next year without undue physical stress if they are left alone.

Many thanks from the wild horses and burros and from all of us who love them to ALL of you who worked so hard to let the BLM know that our Twin Peaks Wild Horses and Burros are very special.

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  1. Best Thanksgiving News ever !!!!! I am so Happy !!!!!!!!Thank You to all !!!!!! Speical Thanks to Grandmagregg I know how hard you work for the Mustangs !!!!!!!! Your true dedication and Love for them is a legend to me !!!!!!!!!!!! Thank You Grandma !!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Thank ALL of you, who are working so hard for our Wild Horses and Burrows. Thank you, thank you on behalf of the Horses and Burrows. But NOW for US, part of the people, is the time even MORE important, to keep informing the public, so many do not know what the BLM has done and still is doing – “Their intention to get RID of all our Wild Horses and Burrows.” They won’t give up, but we won’t give up either, , We have to get and will have !0000000’s of people, who will stand up against their evil. But WE, we have to work on that as FAST a we can.. Keep trying through Radio, TV, local newspapers, etc etc. Leave leaflets from our organizations in Vet’s. waiting rooms, include them with any of your bill’s, what ever you can think of !!! And to the person after me, who writes in these comments, ” would you please repeat in your own words this message to us?” The GOOD will WIN over the EVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.


  3. There are over 1 billion facebook users. Contact a random person EVERY DAY that is NOT in your friend list who is NOT already using their voice to speak up for America’s native wild horses, and inform them of the injustice and waste of their tax dollars. Talking points: Wild horses ARE native species being eradicated from their legal domain by the agency mandated to protect them, BLM. They are NOT overpopulated and are facing extinction. They ARE not starving on PUBLIC lands which is their legal domain. Exorbitant contracts funded by tax payer dollars are funding this genocide. What can you do to be a voice for the voiceless? Call the Whitehouse 202-456-1111 and demand a MORATORIUM on roundups. Call the Department of Justice 202-353-1555 and demand an investigation into the corrupt BLM. Suggested websites for more info: AmericanWildHorsePreservationCampaign,, and the CloudFoundation.


  4. I AM SO HAPPY TO HEAR THIS. I had a forty-five minute conversation with Nancy Haug of the California BLM when she responded to a telephone call and email. I was able to express my concerns, and let her know that more and more people are involved in the fate of the Mustangs, and are truly appalled at the inhumane treatment and their removal from the lands that were set aside for them. I urge everyone to ask for a one-on-one personal conversation with these people.. I know that many did take this route, and it appears to have had some good results.. Let’s keep on improving our visibility, and our messages.


  5. As one person who has been fortunate enough to sit quietly in the presence of Wild Horses and to feel their strength and intelligence and appreciate their beauty, I can tell you that these animals are special beings. What is that saying, “the outside of a horse is good for the inside of a human”? It is true. These wild creatures belong to all of you … and yet they belong to none of us and that is part of the magic of the Wild Horse.


    • Dear Grandma , I have experienced what I know you have also, it was presented to me in a different capacity it was on the Nevada Desert, I was there several times over many years, and the Mustangs presented to me who and what they are and what represent, I felt the true meaning of Truth , Peace and Freedom and most of all the meaning of Unconditional Love, and pure Beauty, they cannot deny any of these abilities the have………….they can only give them freely !!!! I could continue but I wont because what we found belongs to everyone who seeks it from them…………… And many many already know this here !!!!!!



    Who will be held accountable for BraveHeart? While This One Stallion alone may have meant nothing to those who held the reins, for those who knew him – prepared him sanctuary near the home he had always known, to share his history and secure his future, to atone in small measure for the vicarious actions of others by providing This One Stallion a second life of purpose and peace – he is and will remain important to them.


  7. Some encouraging news for a change. It would be so wrong for BLM to round up the last of these valiant survivors! This is their legal and rightful home where they contribute so much that is truly positive to this life and world! Give Thanks unto God! We must not take these wonderful presences for granted, nor their right to live free in our shared home planet Earth. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


  8. One more thing to be thankful for. As I sit down to my Thanksgiving dinner I will surely include the many horse advocates out there. Some we are familiar with through articles and comments. Some sit quietly at their computers commenting on proposed gathers, making calls to their officials. I may never hear their names but I have tremendous love and respect for everyone of them. Let’s drink to the hard-working people, raise a glass to the salt of the earth.


  9. very happy to hear this, but doubt is related to us..but more of a political move given the fact there is no room for more holding until Mustang Monument comes online as well as he Ennis facility..which is why many of us opposed mustang monument and like holding you have cogress about to deal with budget cuts and BLM appropriations for the next year..there may well be no funding for roundups and holding.
    Durinng the last Twin Peaks roundup, given the rough terrain and amount of injuries during the roundup..I knew there had to be many dead foals and injuries from those who did not make it into the pens..I came up with an idea to contact search and rescue groups who work with cadaver go in after the roundup immediately to try and document those that were not counted among the fatalities….These groups spend alot of time and effort into training their dogs..and seemed to me would benifit from this as a training tool..due to m having to leave for my work, I was unable to follow thru and get there..I would like to urge people to plan for this sort of proof that could be documented and presented


    • I have often thought we need to go in immediately behind the gathers and look for those who never made it in. I like your idea for search and rescue dogs. With as large as these territories are finding dead horses would be nearly as difficult as it is to find live ones nowadays.


  10. Think of the taxpayer dollars that could be saved by not having roundups. The horses are on public land? Public means you and I own it. Don’t we have a say about what happens on our land? Do you have a lawyer?


  11. Well well well. I think it is a combination of budget and luck. Yep, and add good timing. It will not pay to wave your flag in BLM’s face but it will to quietly do what is before you and be right with it.

    I am thankful today for all that is good and resolute in my own quest to expunge the selfish greed amongst us. For the horses … and the little captains, the burros.


  12. Happy Thanksgiving Beautiful Magic and all the Mustangs , may the Peace and Freedom you find Today be only the start of of the Freedom and Peace that has always belonged to you !!!!


  13. I will light a “candle of freedom” on my Thanksgiving table. The wild horses will be in my thoughts tomorrow. Wasn’t freedom a principle of the founding fathers? Who decided it was only for people–and even then only for the strongest (military) people? The Native Americans do not celebrate Thanksgiving Day. So my candle will be for all of America–people and wildlife– that they find peace and freedom — liberty and justice for all….as promised.


  14. We may not know the answer, but the most likely reason in this case is that an independent aerial count proved the BLM’s numbers were not accurate. Photographs showed a lush, healthy range area, so justifying the removals when there is actual prove that the conditions that might warrant removal do not exist may be a strategy worth repeating. The advocates who worked on this did a good job addressing the essential questions and presenting the information, so that the previous estimate was proven to be incorrect—

    Good job advocates and good job to the BLM who exercised some discretion here.


  15. Victory for Federal Scientists
    Congress Passes Whistleblower Legislation

    Dear arlene,

    At long last, both houses of Congress passed whistleblower legislation that will protect federal employees who expose the censorship and misuse of government science. The bill (pdf) now goes to President Obama’s desk. He’s expected to sign it.

    My colleague, Senior Washington Representative Celia Wexler, put it best:

    “The [legislation] recognizes for the first time that censorship of federal information is as harmful to the country as other types of waste, fraud, and abuse in government…At a time when science seems to be routinely under attack in Congress, this legislative success is a breath of fresh air and a reminder that bipartisan cooperation is still possible.”

    Many organizations across the political spectrum worked for more than a decade to strengthen U.S. whistleblower law. But it was the Union of Concerned Scientists who pushed for protections for agency scientists when their work was suppressed or misused. Celia and other UCS staff spent hundreds of hours on Capitol Hill educating lawmakers on this critical issue.

    And you were there with us. We first asked you to contact Congress about this issue in 2007. And your emails, phone calls, and donations made a big difference over the years, as we saw lawmakers begin to understand the importance of whistleblower protections and then advocate for them.

    We particularly are grateful to representatives Elijah Cummings (D-MD), Paul Gosar (R-AZ), Darrell Issa (R-CA), Steve Pearce (R-NM), Todd Platts (R-PA), and Chris Van Hollen (D-MD), and senators Daniel Akaka (D-HI), Susan Collins (R-ME), Charles Grassley (R-IA), Joe Lieberman (I-CT), and Claire McCaskill (D-MO). These elected officials saw the legislation through to the end, ensuring that it would not die with the end of this session of Congress.

    Thank you for being with us—and speaking out—during the long haul.
    Kevin Knobloch Sincerely,
    Kevin Knobloch
    Kevin Knobloch


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