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Latest news on the American public’s attempt to save our native wild horses from extinction at the hands of the BLM

Born to Be Wild

by Taylor Perse as published on Eugene Weekly “Though revered by much of the public, wild horses across the West are also the subject of a 70-year controversy involving locals, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), activists and ranchers…” Their stillness makes them almost imperceptible. But I know […]

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Opponents Seeking to undo Horse’s Wildness

by Craig Downer as published on The Record-Courier On Sept. 26, 2019, the Senate Appropriations Committee approved $35 million for a massive reduction of America’s relatively minor wild horse and burro herds scattered throughout the West. Through an arrogant misinformation blitz, including the film Horse Rich and Dirt […]

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Opinion: Coyotes and Wild Horses

By Don Molde as published on The Sierra Nevada Ally Lots in Common What do coyotes and wild horses have in common in Nevada? Both make the news more than any other animal or wildlife species in the state.  Both suffer from the lack of a successful coexistence […]

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Opinion: Just let the wild horses be

By Rhonda Ferris as published on The Nevada Independent Opinion I am a former Nevadan who lived and worked in Las Vegas from 1983 to 2001. I am writing because the column by Mr. David Colborne recently published by The Nevada Independent and titled “My Invasive Species is […]

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