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Latest news on the American public’s attempt to save our native wild horses from extinction at the hands of the BLM

Wild Horse Nonprofits Promoting Fake Solution To Cash-In At The Expense Of Colorado and American Taxpayers

Wild Horse Fire Brigade American Wild Horse Campaign and like-minded nonprofits presented a ‘fake solution’ for grazing conflict between livestock interests and wild horses It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand the longstanding conflict between wild horse advocates and the ranchers who claim grazing rights on public […]

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OPEN LETTER: Protect Our Wild Horses in Colorado

The Pagosa Daily Post TO: Colorado Senate Agriculture & Natural Resources Committee Dear Chairman Dylan and Committee Members: First, please allow me to re-assert my standing as an American and taxpayer in the matter of the proposed publicly-funded management project cited in SB23-275 for publicly-owned American wild horses […]

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Video: 18 MUSTANGS ReWilded

Wild Horse Fire Brigade The Wild Horse Fire Brigade has achieved a remarkable feat by rewilding 18 Mustangs that had been captured and removed from their natural habitat. These wild horses had been robbed of their freedom and were taken away from their families and herds. After a […]

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Saving Wild Horses: Truth or Consequences

By: William E. Simpson II The Necessity of Calling-Out Bad Management Policies Before we undertake an exploration of the policy debate in regard to wild horse management, we need to define the important difference between ‘ad hominem attack’ and ‘attacking a flawed belief or policy’. And, we need […]

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Nonprofit ‘Wild Horse Fire Brigade’ Takes Leadership Role in Wild Horse Advocacy with Best-In-Class ‘ESG’

News Provided By Wild Horse Ranch Production “ESG represents ‘environmental, social and governance,’ providing enhanced stakeholder-centric approach to conducting business, in this case, nonprofit business…” YUREKA, CA, US, March 1, 2023 / — Wild Horse Fire Brigade (WHFB) is a California-based all-volunteer 501-c-3 nonprofit public-benefit corporation that has […]

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