The Christmas Gift that Clip-Clops it’s Way into the Hearts of Urban Horse Lovers

Commentary by R.T. Fitch ~ volunteer president of the Wild Horse Freedom Federation

Love Horses, Live in the City, “Trotify” has the Answer for You

Today is “Feel Good Sunday” here at Straight from the Horses Heart and being that it is the Thanksgiving weekend I was planning on writing a heart tugging, gut wrenching commentary on all that we have to be thankful for but instead I am going to reserve my right to remain immature, over-the-top and completely socially unacceptable by sharing with you something that I dug up on the web that might just fit into your Christmas shopping list.  It is Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday and what ever else, isn’t it?

Many of us have the luxury of being able to experience the joy and interaction of having equine companions living on our property with us but there are also those who support the horses, are avid advocates, love them dearly yet are bound to live in an urban environment where being a caretaker to an equine companion is totally out of the question.

Now, thanks to the inventive genius of a group of UK young folks the people that you love, or maybe even yourself, can live in the city and still experience the sublime joy of riding your equine companion down city streets.  The name of this ambitious commercial endeavor is dubbed Trotify and if you have any liquids near you or in your mouth you need to set the cups down and swallow as these provocative youngsters are going to rock your socks.

Inspired by the zany humor of Monty Python, gotta luv it, this group of British entrepreneurs have invented a device that attaches to the front wheel of a bicycle and through the appropriate compression of two coconut shells simulates the sound of a horse trotting through the city streets.  I kid you not.

Watch the video, roll on the floor and then consider the fact that the horse is so emblazoned onto the soul of humankind that we actually seek out ways to make it appear that we are partnered with them, even when we are not.  Funny; yes.  Profound; without a doubt.  Ya gotta luv it even more.

I want to order a couple but the problem is that Terry and I do not have bicycles, because we have horses, so we have the luxury to experience the REAL sound anytime we want.  BUT, the least I can do is to ask you to check it out as even the appropriate design of the device has a mane and hooves; it just make me want to roll on the floor and laugh my “burro” off.

So take a break from your normal holiday shopping and step out of the box/stall while SFTHH takes you to another dimension in the wild and whacky world of the equine experience.

I can hear the horses laughing in the pasture as I type.

Enjoy and above all…keep the faith.

The Inspiration

Trotify in the WILD

Click (HERE) to step out of the stable and visit Trotify


  1. Ha ha ha! I’m glad for the laughs! And just for the record – I love horses but I’ve only ever had coconuts! My friends had the real thing! 🙂 Good Sunday to all!


  2. How cool is that!!!! I love it! We should utilize their ideas..The Brits always had a sense of humor..
    Good Bless everyone in this season of Thanksgiving!


  3. Fantastic. As a child without a horse I always imagined my bikes to be horses. This is a fabulous idea. Just as a note. They won’t replac horses. Lol


  4. Very clever and quite funny…leave it to the Brits! Goes to show, there’s nothing like the sound of a trotting horse. (-: Thanks for sharing and certainly giving us a good laugh for the day!


  5. Since it is feel good Sunday~thought I would share this fun item. Last night we went with our son to his company holiday office party and they had a song and dance group entertain~and since RT posted this a while back one of the dances they did was the Gangnam Style dance with stick horses no less~ everyone danced along and had lots of fun. Shows that all of us love and relate to horses.


  6. Monty Python lives! I will taxiderm my final horse, mount it on rockers, and take it with me to the nursing home—where I will ride all day to re-runs of western movies. The coconuts might drive the staff crazy–I’ll get a private room. “Blue shadows on the trail…..”


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