Public Funds to Pay for Pickens Desert Equine Disneyland Study

Published by the Elko Daily Free Press

“These horses are going to kill that country…”

“This is a case where dumb meets dumber.  Maddy Pickens trying to build a petting zoo for castrated BLM geldings calling them wild horses and in so doing condemns the true wild horses on 3 HMAs while the local rubes don’t know the difference between a horse and a jack rabbit (most consider the six grade to be their Senior Year, and it shows).  Personally, I believe that they deserve each other.  It’s disgusting!!!” ~ R.T.

Pay the money and you can see non-reproducing herds of captive horses…Yippieeee

ELKO — From the onset, certain locals have opposed the idea of a wild horse eco-sanctuary as a tool for managing the range. Objections were raised recently over federal dollars paying for the project’s scoping.

The Northeast Nevada Wild Horse Eco-Sanctuary is to be located about 25 miles south of Wells on more than 500,000 acres of public land and about 14,000 acres of private land. It will be federally owned but privately run.

The eco-sanctuary is in its early stages and still at least one and a half years and many steps down the road.

Most recently, the Bureau of Land Management hired a contractor — Environmental Management and Planning Solutions Inc. — to guide the development of an environmental impact statement, which will require the company to scope the project, collect and analyze data, and draft the document.

Ralph Sacrison, chairman of the Elko County Natural Resources and Management Advisory Committee, asked Elko District BLM Associate District Manager Dave Overcast at a meeting earlier this month why taxpayers were on the hook for EIS costs. A mining company for instance, he argued, involved with a project on public land would be responsible for funding a similar study.

Sacrison suggested Save America’s Mustangs — the group that will manage the eco-sanctuary and brainchild of Madeleine Pickens — pay the contractor.

“How come, suddenly, when someone wants to study mustangs I (a taxpayer) have to foot the bill?” Sacrison said.

The difference between the two examples, project manager Terri Dobis said in an interview, is that managing wild horses is a BLM responsibility. In this case, the BLM asked for horse and burro management ideas and an eco-sanctuary was decided upon. A gold mine exploring for ore on public land would do so by approaching the agency, not the other way around. That mine then would be responsible for financing costs of environmental analysis.

Committee member and former state assemblyman John Carpenter, who facetiously asked Overcast if those conducting the study were cowboys, doubted EMPSi had any on-the-ground knowledge of wild horses gained through ranching and being around horses.

“I don’t believe any of these people know anything about managing horses. They’ve never lived with wild horses like I have,” he said. “You cannot manage them. Pretty soon they get so mean and they get so smart that you cannot manage them.”

To do so, he said, many large fences would need to be constructed and even then, a permanent concentration of horses could dramatically alter the range.

“These horses are going to kill that country,” Carpenter said.

The company provided a proposal that was reviewed before the bid was accepted, according to Dobis. The BLM took into account EMPSi’s knowledge and competence.

“EMPSi has extensive experience with BLM Nevada,” Dobis said. “They have people on staff with experience with horses. They are qualified — otherwise we wouldn’t be working with them.”

Yet to be released is the amount the BLM is paying EMPSi. At the advisory board meeting, Carpenter asked how much the contract for the environmental impact statement cost. Overcast said he didn’t have that information with him.

Dobis passed a request made by the Free Press for the contract amount on to contract specialist Susan Corbeil. Corbeil passed the same request on to the BLM State office Public Affairs Specialist Chris Rose.

Rose said he needed to get the information from the project manager and contract specialist — Dobis and Corbeil.

The target date for the record of decision is June 2014.

“Our actual scoping period has ended but we are still taking ideas and we still want public involvement,” Dobis said. “We really do want public involvement. It’s really important that we get that.”

To make a suggestion or a comment, call the BLM Elko District office at 753-0200 and ask for Terri Dobis.


  1. Ms. Pickens Plan have never in my opinion been a good one, Wild Mustangs are what they are not what she wants them to be, they are to be Free Roaming on the Land that Congress unanimously gave to them, this is their Promise from us !!! Not a 3 ring Circus she plans on !!!!! They are to remain Free at all costs , that is why I am here !!!! Not to release them to a Circus , FREE is the main Word , they deserve it, they have earned it , and that is what they should have !!!!!! We will use every avenue we can to insure it !!!!!!!


  2. What a flippin joke. They listen to nothing that JQP says all along yet they ask for public comments and ideas. Its only money, our money..


  3. Environmental Management just released a paper referring to native wild horses and burros as feral. I don’t think they grasp the difference. Feral horses (FS horses have no protection whereas BLM horses ARE suppose to have protections.) EM is pro round them all up and send to slaughter.


  4. How come when a wild horse is stolen from its legal domain, I have to foot the bill? ….scoping is finished but no one knows how much it cost? great. Just another path on the road to extinction….endless amounts of money to fund the genocide but no funds for SS, medicare, medicaid. yeah right.


  5. The Mustang BUILT the WEST, where in the heck do they get off saying such a thing, without them their would be no WEST, ungrateful fools they are , mustangs help all wildlife survive , they are multi faceted beings that without them we also will not survive, there is no justification to any removals of the Mustangs no matter how you look at it they ARE everything to our environment , this cannot be disputed by any means , The TRUTH IS THEY ARE ESSENTIAL !!!!!!!!!!!!! This is a greed and money based Plan made by a bunch of idiots who have no common regard for the Future or the generations of people to survive , they are thinking with complete GREED !!!!!! DEVOID OF USING THE BRAINS THEY WERE BORN WITH !!!!!! I wan tto see a televised debate about this !!!!!!!!


  6. I never realized before that BP oil and Purina were the same company. BP oil being owned by Mr Pickins. The Horses that reach Mexico are owned after several name changes to BP Nutrician is BP oil . Check it your self go from Ralston Purina to Purina mills to Purina. You can see that Purina helped BP oil during the lean years. Purina is the largest pet food company in the work they are are each continent. There was a plant for Ralston Purina in Colorado during the Bush era and when Ken Salazar was attorney general to the land down under which is Mexico. If Ken Salazar worker Tom Davis has been funneling horses to Mexico they could have helped bps budget. Interesting. We will have to wait for the investigation results.
    I think wild horses don’t need a disney land even to feel good they just need to be left alone and to live free on their public land.


      • Well I see we are finally starting to get a little hotter here. I do not know whether or how much stock in BP Mr. Pickens ever owned in the past, so I will take savewildhorses’s for this, but the current ownership is very much in play with what is happening is happening with our wild horses, and the dots are very easy to connect. Let’s see Ruby alone was worth five wild horse herds…..

        When you stop to think who permits drilling permits and who permits mining and other permits, and who represents a state where 87% of the land is public, you might begin to start to see the patterns.


  7. I suggest we all contact Terri Dobis and ask (then wait for) the answer – how much?

    I intend to ask why this study is being commissioned after BLM has already spent their money on planning the fencing requirements, zeroing out of three HMAs and transporting gelded wild horses and who knows what else transpired in their pre-public meetings.

    I also intend on telling Mr Dobis I do not support any funds going for further studies. I object to this plan and will be communicating with my Congressman to that end.


    • What is really true about this situation is that studies on the wild horses are all supposed to be independent in origin and not funded or otherwise attached to the BLM or DOI etc. So we need to be doing studies ourselves. I understand the advocacy has not realized this en masse as yet but if you want to create and provide the best management it has got to be centered in field studies. We have been emphasizing the wrong things too much and others not at all. We need an adjustment to our priorities by adding and supporting projects that have a defined goal that all advocates can contribute to and is aimed at saving wild horses and burros now and in the future.

      This entire escapade of Mad P’s has finally sunk in to the advocate majority. She could have been a real help to us but she was not. She wanted our support but then she has sided with Salazar since he came on board and she said so publicly in her own press release. We have really needed her but she only says ‘Stop the Roundups’ she does not actually work to do so and we would have welcomed her if she had wanted to help.

      Maybe, since she is becoming a wheel in the cog that is removing and destroying our wild ones- it may be time for us to say No Way on this whole Mustang Monument thing. Stop Madeleine along with BLM. If you don’t like what is going on change it through a wild horse conference and write the best darn bill we can write and back it until it is passed. We can do this right. We have to do this. The solutions for saving our wild ones lie within us. If we don’t do the work no one else will.

      No, we must not consent to our tax money going to any project that will be favored over the actual management of the wild ones on their own ranges. I swear BLM has gone way out on a limb and this time it is a dead branch that has no connection to the life forces of the wild ones on the range. So, in my opinion, this is as illegal as it can get. Zeroing out those 3 HMAs needs to be stopped along with Madeleine’s plans. Too bad she is getting a divorce from T. Boone, he could have put his wind generators on these ranches and made up for the mistake Madeleine is making with our wild ones.


      • Yes, Lisa, Craig is a friend and he is doing more work in the field each year. He has an excellent book written for public consumption which has a section on Reserve Design. He needs to do a study at any HMA that is considered for this management method. That is how it is done and it is up to us to make it happen. Having an alternative is a must and the bridge to the future is based on science and legislation that will make that happen as the norm.


      • MP could have used her money to take in mustangs that are on the feedlots. Audrey Reynolds of Saving Horses Inc broached this idea to her and she was absolutely not interested. She could have used her money to hire full-time lobbyists, that we sorely need. She did not. She just used her money to use us and the horses. No thanks, Maddy. Didn’t like your plan from the get-go like it even less. It is just too destructive to everyone but YOU.


  8. Pickens is no friend to wild horses, but you are correct…..her newbie followers are drinking her Kool Aid & think she’s a savior. We have to fight like hell against Pickens.


  9. I am so disappointed in Laura Leigh. I thought she really cared about our beautiful wild horses and burros. She is a disgrace for doing anything to join the OTHER SIDE. What a disgrace. Bad, Bad, Bad.


    • Dear Lynne Jones, I agree , I knew from onset she was only out for herself……………… (.call me so sorry lost your number)


  10. It is no news that spin doctor techniques are being used to “soften” the blow of the loss of our Wild Ones. Working with the BLM is dancing with the devil. As long as we will accept compromises, the existence of the Mustang as they are born to be is over. Saving the Mustangs from slaughter is important to us all, humane treatment during round-ups is essential However, I feel these are just another distraction to keep us from a whole-hearted endeavor to return the land to the horses. As long as we are in the position of reacting to the BLM atrocities and do not fully realize THEY ARE OUR EMPLOYEES, we are fighting ourselves.


    • How true! And if we want change that is what we must go after and all that it entails if we want it to succeed! We need to have a Wild Horse conference and get people there and write our own bill and get the backing in the senate and save our wild ones from every entity that has harmed them and begin a new page of modern management and independent studies.


  11. Reblogged this on angelfarm and commented:
    The Mustangs do not need our public sponsored Disney land! This “feel good” tactic is not so palatable when you consider thee are to be geldings with no potential to ensure the continuation of the Mustang. Save your amusement rides…LET THE MUSTANG LIVE WILD AND FREE ON HI OWN TERMS!


  12. At first, my impression was that wild horses from feed lots would be set free on Mustang Monument. Last September, we found out that new wild stallions from the three HMA will be gelded and be put on the private/public partnership that is Mustang Monument. This does not help our wild equines and really shows where private interests lie. Our mustangs just cannot be left alone to live out their lives in freedom; they are being driven to extinction by those feigning friendship in addition to their outright enemies.


  13. “I don’t believe any of these people know anything about managing horses. They’ve never lived with wild horses like I have,” he said. “You cannot manage them. Pretty soon they get so mean and they get so smart that you cannot manage them.”

    Now I wonder what would cause a wild horse to get mean…

    As for the snivel about Public money being used to fund the ‘study’, where do these folks suppose the money comes from to author EAs for removing these animals? Or to pay contractors to remove them? Or to make range improvements on grazing allotments?

    I still don’t understand why this has become the circus it is: Own the land, own the animals (certainly seems to be easy enough to buy a whole herd’s worth for a couple hundred bucks, right?). Instruct the BLM (and those who DON’T own your land or your horses) to urinate perpendicularly against a length of twine.

    Whatever personal monies invested would be reaccrued through tours and the resort.

    Point and laugh at your detractors, and welcome clients for education. REAL education.

    Maybe I misread the intentions of this ‘sanctuary’…?


  14. We could be welcoming educators and scientists to the various HMAs with studies and workshops and hands on field experience if we wanted. Why have the advocates forsaken the the only thru road to the future?


  15. What is alarming is that while the BLM says they are open to public feedback, Mrs. Pickens has already taken a trip to China and is booking trips to visit the sanctuary – seems like it is a done deal, nd that means the end of the three wild horse herds in the HMAs surrounding Mustang Monument.


    • We do not need a comment period to say we don’t want this. We are the American Public and we can tell all these people this project is wrong and even illegal as the destruction of the herds on the adjacent HMAs is a heinous act and must be stopped. When you call the White House or make comments be sure to add that this is a very bad idea and it must be stopped.

      Morgan, I agree, I think she played us all along. We needed what she could have brought the wild ones but she has become the BLM, herself.


  16. Well, I hate to be so obvious, but when you are making contributions to the President of the Senate’s campaigns year after year, you eventually earn some land or water rights don’t you.


  17. By the way, I hope you all have realized that Dave Phillips and the whole Propublica thing was a scam to prevent the investigation from being completed. He doesn’t know a darn thing about wild horses, horse slaughter or anything else, but he and Secretary Salazar work for the same person.


    • And he is writing a wild horse book!! It will not be pro wild horse but sensationalized stories, BLM spin and opinions like his High Country News article was; bad for the wild ones!


  18. O.K., I have read a lot of the above and the article. I am just an observer, don’t live out west and don’t pretend to be an expert on wild horses and burros.I have worked with horses all my life, but not wild horses. HOWEVER, I am really confused about the many conflicting comments.

    First of all, since the BLM has supposedly about 40,000 wild horses in pens, what is wrong with Ms.Pickens taking some to a huge area where they can be free? I’m sure that she can do what she is planning and others can also do something. There are many places that wild horses can be protected and they don’t all have to be by the same people.

    All of those horses in pens have already had their families torn apart and they are just milling around in pens. Wouldn’t it be happier and healthier for them if they were out in open land, regardless of the fact that it would be a Disney type deal?

    Pickens won’t be able to take all of the wild horses that have been rounded up, so there will be plenty of horses to go around for many groups to place. Also, I know that the gelding and birth control is a large source of arguments, but shouldn’t there be some kind of management so that we don’t end up with another 40,000 souls in prison?

    We don’t have to completely shut down the natural breeding of the wild horses, but we also need to be wise stewards for them.

    I really hate to see the very people who have worked so hard for these wild horses and burros now bickering among themselves instead of trying to get the BLM to properly manage these horses and burros.


    • My thoughts exactly! I share all of your comments. I am thinking the very people that claim to love the horses are jealous and have more interest in bad mouthing Maddy when they should be thanking her for bringing more people to our country to praise the horses! Stop fighting the very people that are trying to find ways to help. Haven’t you ever herd that we all have to help? This is not a voice for hate this is a voice for saving! I use to think that people in the west had more class? Now I think there are a lot of haters. God help Maddy help the horses and screw the bad mouthed people who clearly have bad intentions instead of love!


    • Kathryn you aren’t understanding that 3 healthy HMAs full of live and free wild horses will be zeroed out just so that MP can replace them with a disneyland of gelded horses that will die out. Replaced with what? The idea of wild horses is just that, WILD horses. The “bickering” with this plan is to stop disaster occurring to these HMAs. This is a concerted effort to make sure that those who are supposed advocates remain honest and truly on the side of the horses and not their own agendas and fame and fortune


      • Morgan, WHY are three HMAs going to be replaced because of the Pickens proposal? Who is going to destroy them? I guess the BLM, so, your battle is with the BLM, not Pickens. Why can’t the three HMAs that are in jeopardy be left as is and Pickens deal go ahead also?

        As far as gelding six to nine hundred stallions, are they all bunched up in pens now? If so, aren’t there a lot of injuries from fighting in closed up pen areas? Haven’t the BLM already gelded some of the stallions?

        I still find a lot of questions unanswered. If you could answer these questions I would appreciate it. Thank you for your reply to my comment.



      • Her property overlaps the HMAs and would take so much territory out of it that the horses would be overpopulated and have the worst area for forage. You can pull up the maps that show her property and the HMAs. They would not be able to cross into better forage areas as MP would have to erect strong fences per BLM demands/ The Pickens Plan makes this a mandate just by being there. Also when you remove horses from LTH you now have more room to remove more from the life of freedom. My gripe is with MP & the BLM. If MP was truly that concerned with protecting mustangs and wants geldings why has she refused to rescue the myriad of mustangs that are stuck in feedlots and heading for slaughter. This proposition has been brought up to her face to face and she stated she wasn’t interested. So turn a blind eye to 3 solid HMA’s being zeroed ought and turn a blind eye to horses going to slaughter. That gives me my gripe with MP. I’ll always have a gripe with BLM until they leave the horses alone and Congress investigates them for corruption which I am certain will extend to horses and finances.

        All stallions in holding are gelded by the BLM in the most barbaric conditions using only succynolcholine (might be spelled wrong) which only paralyzes them. They get no pain medicine afterward.


    • Elyse, thank you for your reply.

      I still hate to see all the bickering and arguing over these issues. If all of the people who are working on wild horse and burro issues were pulling together, they could really get a lot done.

      Anyway, I see what you mean and why everyone is upset with the SAM plan. I watched the video. I just still don’t understand why Ms. Pickens couldn’t have picked out an area that didn’t conflict with viable HMAs and why she couldn’t then put horses from the long term holding pens on that land, it seems sensible to me.



    • Kathryn and Sandra,

      MOst of the horses Madeleine was initially get are actually on huge ranches running in single sex herds. The ranchers make over a million $ a year doing this service for BLM. The Geldings are not being held in pens. Short term holding is where wild ones are held in pens, sometimes for years.

      Then Madeleine wanted to take regional short term horses so they could live on wild horse range and not have to be trucked to OK or Kansas. So, in theory, she may end up with the very horses that are presently running wild on those adjacent HMAs. That would be a tragedy. It is heinous act. I hope you will see this is about the wild ones and not about Madeleine. She is not one of us. She is aspiring to be a long Term Holding Contractor.


      • Mar Wargo, I don’t care about M Pickens, I only care about the horses and burros. I commented on the bickering because it drains energy from the cause, not because I was taking up for any particular person.
        Thank you for your reply. I do wonder if the term, short term holding is correct if you say that is where the wild ones are held for years….that isn’t short term.


    A Short Inner-View of Bureau of Land Managements Budgets — Phase One of Four

    Certainly many of us over the years have wondered about the BLM and its illegal activity, and how they get away with such outright deceptive circumstances. The only investigation, that this Journalist knows of, generated over 1,000 felony arrest warrants, and several hundred misdemeanors, as well as ethics violations and Supervisors letting staff know they were under investigation by undercover operatives. Ironically, the investigation called off the night before the warrants for arrests filed. Many of these folks still work at the BLM.
    So with this in mind, and so much data and accounting available to the public over the Internet of today, it was time to interview someone who could actually read and understand these budgets. I chose a retired Accountant who had completed my books over the past couple of decades.
    Journalist: “Sid, you’re a CPA?”
    Sidney Harper: “For 34 years — now retired. You never went through an audit, right?”
    Journalist: “No. Never did, happily.” “Have you had a chance to go over the Federal Budgets of the BLM?”
    Sid: “Expectedly cumbersome, but yes, enough to see many inconsistencies up to this point . . . This is a type of Wild West form of bookkeeping, that’s for sure. But the books are only as good as the incoming data. The final responsible party is the GAO, and unless they say something as well, then it’s left in an arbitrary state of confusion. In my perception that is what’s happening here.”
    Journalist: “Do you think there is illegal activity?”
    Sid: “No doubt. It simply does not take any creative or intuitive situation to peruse the public documents from the BLM to understand the illegal activity. Why there has been no investigation yet I do not know. Obviously, no one in Justice or GAO has gone over the books associated with the BLM. It appears, as most agencies do, they simply grab the budgets and print them for public access, to meet their legal requirements. Ironically, BLM staff do not seem to understand the elements of the budgets out there, and how obvious the inconsistent numbers reflect illegal behavior.
    Journalist: “Rather than cover the technical aspects, could you explain an instance?”
    Sid: “Oh, yes. The storage of the wild horses, for example. It becomes obvious the BLM is not storing 45,000 horses, the accounting numbers attest to that situation. It is questionable if 10,000 horses appear to exist in those holding pins what so ever. Numbers do not lie.”
    “Let me explain. Let’s take an arbitrary number, such as the $52 million dollar budget for the overall storage and care of these supposed 45,000 wild horses in BLM custody. The BLM staff only pays $10 million dollars for this same storage and care of those same horses. But the pay-out is only enough to care for, probably, 5,000 to 7,000 horses, as the numbers attest to. The remainder, or $42 million dollars is placed back into their financial stream. This is what the BLM calls part of their profit base, even though it goes out to other projects more favorable to their clientele, as you have pointed out, specific Lobby Groups for example. . . the most obvious being to Cattle ranchers for their post-payment for water facility improvements on Public Lands, which by the way the payment and facilities, without a question and in accord with their Lease Contracts, meant for not only cattle but wildlife as well.”
    Journalist: “So this profit goes too . . .?
    Sid: “It’s common knowledge, after the Forest Service done it for decades, a profitable government agency is pretty much left alone to do whatever it wishes to do, without interference or scrutiny from the Department of Justice or awkward inspections toward legal or administrative methodology. So the BLM shoves this balance of money into a large fund, showing legislators they do have a profit, and they impose that they indeed manage their agency quite competently. Appearance is everything within this situation, and these numbers remain quite vulnerable, by the way, for scrutiny, which never happens.”
    Journalist: “Which brings about the legal questions, lawsuits?”…………………..


    • OMG!!! This is very frightening!!! This is what is needed to get to our friends in Congress. And where have all the horses gone that were in private holding? We must get an investgation going before they are all gone.

      Also, since the US is going over the cliff, why is it that the BLM is still rounding up wild horses as hey might not have the money to care for them after the new buget is signed. Why are they not being stopped?

      I’m going to send the above to my House Rep. as I keep him upon cut that could be made to the budget. I hope that some day he will realize what all my emails are about.


    • This is very interesting. So if only $10 million is being paid out for the care of horses out of a budget of $52 million, then way more than 1700 have been sent to slaughter. In addition, there must be some double dipping since the balance of $42 million is being paid out to ranchers, there must be another expense for repairs, etc. It seems the Justice Dept., is letting sleeping dogs lie. Obama is happy the powers are kept at bay. Is it possible to really investigate this?


  20. – World’s leading aquaculture feed …

    “Nutreco has already implemented initiatives at corporate level to address … the sustainability of the key raw materials: soya, fishmeal fish oil and agrilcuture products

    The Westport plant opened in the late 1980s and was known then as BP Nutrition. In 1994 after BP sold off its non-core businesses, the name changed to Trouw Aquaculture.

    Nutreco successfully extends syndicated loan facility – yahoo……

    Sep 6, 2012 … Nutreco Nutreco is a global leader in animal nutrition and fish feed. … U.S. bans BP from new government contracts after oil spill deal.

    Are you should this company changes names so much and its global.. There have been name changes on each continent and the Wild Horses were taken out through Mexico. Pet food is not beef or it it hasn’t been for years. Lets let the investigation say where the wild horse went in Mexico. This is in other countries a high money business and can be used to feed all kinds of fish or farm animals Horses are not always getting out of the county as steaks, they moved millions out and where did they go? Pet food is a big industry. Name changes don’t always mean your still not involved. Let the investigation of Mexico wild horses & Tom Davis blaze the trail.


  21. Three herd management areas…now that makes me cry. China would rather eat these horses. If they are coming over here, it ain’t for tourism.

    Just think – Madeline will take 900 geldings. To take the 900 geldings over 1,500 horses will be rounded up, gelded, families broken apart and then the BLM will find a sneaky way to send nearly all of the 1,500 horses to slaughter. So, Madeline’s farm costs three herd management areas and 1,500 horses sent to slaughter, then 900 proud stallions gelded and moved to her farm until they die. Where is the santuary? Nevada needs another tourist trap?


    • My sentiments exactly. The Chinese aren’t coming to Nevada for tourism. BLM is not medicating the geldings because food animals aren’t allowed by law to be medicated. The USDA is involved in shipping animals – horses – to China. The plot thickens. This is horrible.


  22. Wonder if the Pickens/BLM Wild Horse Museum are going to taxiderm a few Native Americans and a couple of old Cowboys to put on display like the American Agricultural Museum did with the mules? Don’t know how any of them sleep at night.


    • exactly Craig. You cannot take one problem and turn it into yet more of the same problem and expect that there won’t be a problem. Makes your head spin doesn’t it.


      • Originally, Madeleine was talking about her land being adjacent to an HMA. Now it’s three HMAs with new stallions from the HMAs being gelded. What a lie!


  23. Does anyone know why MP split with Winecup/Gamble? IMO, that was about as perfect a combination as has ever been proposed. Maybe it was about money, since that always ssems to be the sticking point. For those who don’t know, Winecup/Gamble is a huge ranch NE of Elko. It’s one of the last great ranches of the West. W/G made a LTH proposal for 8,000 head TO START two years before MP came up with Mustang Monument. In their proposal they mentioned a non-profit partner for promotion, tours, etc., and I’ve always suspected it was her. Anyway, last year the ranch was up for sale for $50 Million. I know $50 Million is a lot, but it was ready to go, with a combo of private acreage (including irrigated hay production), and leases which the BLM was willing to convert to horses once the perimeter was fenced. They even have a private airstrip! Here’s their website:


  24. Why are so many people hating on Mrs Pickens? My thoughts are, she saved some horses from slaughter and fron the BLM, I don’t see anyone else coming up with any ideas? Sure she has to rub elbows with the powers that be, what else can she do? So may people have so many bad things to say, where is the love people? I bet the horses can tell you if you just listen! Jealousy and envy are ugly people. Save the horses from the haters !


  25. To Morgan G. thanks for answering my questions

    . I guess I’m really dumb when it comes to all of these issues but I’m learning.

    I see now that according to many on here, MPickens has already refused to take the hundreds or thousands of mustangs in BLM holding pens. I just don’t understand that reasoning. I can see why people are upset that her property will conflict with the now active HMAs in that area.

    Has she stated why she won’t take the already penned up horses?


    • the more you study the wild horse and burro issue you will see the more complex it gets. No one truly explains what they are doing or why. No one uses actual science to justify their actions, they just come up with an idea and do it. If it means getting more horses off the range and out of the way of ranchers and energy and mining its a done deal.

      I personally went line by line through hundreds of pages of BLM reports that detailed the horses that were captured in a 10 month period. Many advocates have also done this None of the reports matched the next one. There are a lot of horses that just seem to be missing. You can do this by double-branding a horse, or not branding a horse and they just sort of slip out the back door. BLM responded to a FOIA and only gave 10 months of reports and then flatly refused to release any more info. MP just seems to be doing what she wants to do ie making money off the horses. Never mentions what happens when these horses die off. There are a lot of questions in her plan that go unanswered. Bottom line, it just isn’t good for those horses that have yet to have their lives and families ripped apart in the cruelest way imaginable.

      You want to see an example of BLM at its finest go back and review the records of the last Owyhee gather. A horror. Owyhee is being rounded up again, although I’m not sure if they have completed it yet. More dead horses. It just never stops. The reports I was going through? At the end it listed page after page of dead horses. Very upsetting as every number I looked at represented a horse that had a life, had a family and had freedom.

      Reviewing the doings and dealings of the BLM will be the best education in government that you will ever get. This sure wasn’t taught in high school government class.


      • Morgan, I have been following the BLM and the wild horse and burro story for years, but as I said, I am not close to the areas where they live and am not an expert on this. I remember Wild Horse Annie, that dates me some doesn’t it?

        Anyway, I have signed petitions, written congressmen, used foia’s for photos that were taken by some very brave people and sent the photos to many many members of the Senate and House but they cannot seem to get their act together.

        I have been a very strong warrior against horse slaughter, that is the main area that I concentrate on, but it overlaps the wild horse and burro issues since they too are being sent to slaughter.

        I will continue to fight for these causes and try to make sense of the “statements” made by all of the players in this saga.


      • That is exactly what I have been trying to tell folks. Their records, including any accounting records of how much is paid out for taking care of these horses and the number of horses that have disappeared only equals one thing – these horses have indeed disappeared and are now gone. The MP Monument sounds just like a real ideal place to remember horses, but not to have live horses. I know that MP has been somehow connected to BLM and the wild horses for many years; there was an agreement for 5,000 horses years ago – just what happened I haven’t a clue!, and then this public announcement for the ranch, etc. But, 5,000 horses are not there. These BLM horses she calls Paiute ponies are there because as “Indian” horses they can actually charge more to visit the MONUMENT. If this game plan doesn’t work out for MP, these horses will be put up for auction. Period. End of horse and all that is left is a monument. As for better ideas…It’s hard to come up with an idea when you have to work with a government agency that does not have to obey the laws; creates their own laws; and for pete’s sake! – every idea that we have had they have made sure that it is stopped. One other reason why the lands around MP are decreasing is because they are allowing her to lease/buy (whatever) the lands; and they are also planning on fracking which poisons the surrounding waters. I really don’t think there will be any horses left out on public lands by 2014 due to the demand for drilling, fracking, and foreign interests in investing in those things. As for foreigners coming here – of course they will be able to purchase horses that are left alive from BLM. Who can purchase 10,000 horses but the Chinese? Yep, I read the same article about there is an actual count of about $10,000 horses alive according to the accounting records of BLM. I also read some of the sites information when they have been gathering horses. It never adds up; they don’t have to keep records for the payment of each horse/burro/foal that is rounded up and they don’t have to keep accurate records as to how many horses are actually on public lands or in holding pens. They can keep accurate enough records to show their budget activity – but that is all the fed gov. will require of them.


  26. When does the truth begin and the constant spewing of lies stop with these people?????? They all have lied so much they dont even know what truth and Justice are any more !!!!! But they are experts in Death and destruction are !!!!! When do we make them stop ?????????


  27. The Needless unnecessary suffering of the Mustangs has reached a fever pitch , we must find a way to stop these greedy murdering Bastards !!!!!


  28. It is clear that what Ms Pickens had planned was not what was carried out. Now maybe she was railroaded into this horrible, sickening vestige of what should have been a noble plan saving hundreds of viable mustangs, but instead just shows what the BLM can do to anyone given their federal over-reach. BUT, Ms. Pickens could have said NO, and with her hundreds of thousands of acres and millions of dollars and questionable “love” that she purports to have for the mustang done something else in a show of solidarity for the other Wild Mustangs interests helped them out. She should be ashamed of herself. I am sorry that I ever considered myself a an fan of hers!
    Why is she charging so much money to stay in this “elite” area? I thought this was going to be a family park!?! What a joke!! I guess since her divorce she’s decided to become a money hog! Maybe that’s why he’s divorced her in the first place?? Shameful, just Shameful!


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