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BLM Assessing Wild Horse Sanctuary Plan in North Nevada

By SCOTT SONNER of the Associated Press

Pickens Plan Still Moving Target
BLM at Antelope Complex 2011 ~ photo by Terry Fitch of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

BLM at Antelope Complex 2011 ~ photo by Terry Fitch of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

RENO, Nev.  — Federal land managers have identified the wide range of issues that must be addressed to move forward with a proposal to establish a wild horse ecosanctuary over 820 square miles of northeast Nevada.

The Bureau of Land Management issued a 228-page public scoping document last Tuesday that will be used to develop a range of alternatives for the plans by Madeline Pickens and Saving America’s Mustangs to develop the ecosanctuary about 25 miles southeast of Wells.

The idea is to give visitors an up close look at free-roaming mustangs while at the same time ease the need for BLM to remove horses from the range and ship them to costly holding facilities, mostly in the Midwest.

The report says one thing most everyone agrees upon: BLM’s current policy isn’t working.

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  1. OH….PUHLEEZE!!!!

    This lady is taking in compromised equines. Good for her, but as the advocates say… are cleaning up the back end versus not feeding diarrhea contaminated feedstuffs in the first place.

    Yes, I’m all for these equines NOT going to slaughter in the first place……Ms Pickens, it appears you are not solving the problems in the frontplace….oh, with a profit incentive for you….geeesh!


  2. AMEN, I agree with the above comments! But the solution is BIRTH CONTROL? this way are wildhorses can still run the ranges that they were born onto….I’m not saying that all the stallion’s should be gelded? because the heritage has to produced to go on, but it will help in cutting down on the population of mustangs, “IF” BML is so worried about the population….BML we need these horses to fortify the lands? it is documented that we need the cow’s, horses, wildlife to purify the lands to keep them from becoming desulate and producing healthy lands. ALL ANIMALS BORN IN FREEDOM!! MUST BE RESPECTED…..LET FREEDOM RING IN YOUR EARS IT’S THE RIGHT THING TO DO….concerned horse lover


  3. This is sad that everyone cannot get on the same page. Her idea was a good one. Its a start..I do not believe the stallions should be gelded. The purpose the way I see it is two fold. First and foremost is the protectn of the horses and burros and secondly it is the continuation of the genetics. I would hope all the Advocates stay on the same page and work together. This is no time for disagreement. I’m sure there are Folks out there that would love to see this. All of the suggestions are great.. I hope that you will forward your suggestions. In the mean time we all need to hold our Legislators feet to the fire and get national protection and stop the roundups. In addition to pushing for this protection, we need to demand our Legislators pass legislation to stop slaughter and the transportation of horses/equines out of our country. I believe until this happens, they are all very very vulnerable.


  4. MP was a traitor right from the get go, her plan was to make money and geld all the stallions, what kind of crappy plan was this??????????? What was she saving????? Not the Mustangs !!!!!!!There is 67 million dollars out there of tax payers hard earned money to support them IN TACT , the way Mother Nature intended, and the way American taxpayers want it,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,


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