OK Man Survives Tornado in Horse Stall

Source: KFOR.com

Animals and Humans lost to Deadly Tornado
Click (HERE) or Image to view video report
Click (HERE) or Image to view video report

MOORE, Okla. – A man rode out the over two-mile wide Moore tornado in a horse stall Monday afternoon.

The man said his knowledge gained from living in Oklahoma was what saved his life.

He was outside when suddenly everything went quiet.

He said that is when you know something is going to happen and you better take cover.

The Moore resident works and lives on a horse ranch and hid in a horse stall during the tornado.

He said he thinks maybe only one of their horses survived the twister.

Click (HERE) to view video and visit KFOR


  1. Smart man. What a horrid way to go. In a tornado. Those poor horses must have been terrified. I wonder why he did not bring them in with him? Perhaps they were not nearby…. ??? Did I just sum up what everybody was thinking??? 😛


    • He was letting them out, for their own safety. The bulk of our horses, and ourselves, have lived through Lily, Katrina, Rita and Ike…and we were active in rescuing the “Horses of the Storms” after Katrina and Rita.

      Keeping horses in a barn during a wind storm can be a death sentence, we have seen that first hand with hurricanes.

      Terry and I close up the pasture where the barn resides so the horses cannot get to it and then we put our cell phone numbers on the sides of the horses with livestock markers.

      The horses are further away from flying shrapnel of a barn coming apart and can move.

      During Ike we lost many trees and had extensive fence damage but the horses stayed put, they had no desire to run away but the stayed clear of falling trees.

      Always release your horses if in the path of a tornado or hurricane. Wait, and love more for every hate, andfear no ill, — since God is good, and loss is gain.” ~ Mary Baker Eddy



      • You may delete my comment if you wish. It was my grave misfortune that I blundered here. We have no such weather here and I am ill-informed of weather and such things. Please forgive my ignorance. Good evening.


      • No worries, Serenity, you bring up a valid point that needed clarity. The man in question put himself at risk because he was trying to do the right thing. It is said to say that we have seen more carnage that we care to remember from the big storms that roll in from the Atlantic, way too much.


  2. I am so glad this man was saved and RIP sweet precious horses who were killed. Our love and prayers go out to all animals and human whose lives were lost and to the families who grieve for them.

    We send strength and courage to those left on the ground and have to re create and rebuild their lives from this terrible horrific devastating Tornado

    I feel so blessed as I live in Victoria BBC Canada and have never had a tornado here to deal with

    My fervent hope is that all the folks from Moore will get all the help they need asap and everyone will ultimately be reunited with their beloved pets


  3. He certainly is one fortunate man to survive such a devastating Tornado. It’s so sad to hear the loss of so many people, many children and the loss of animals, as well. It must be a very frightening and horrifying experience…one they’ll never forget. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the person who won that huge lottery recently come forth and help them to rebuild?! Just a thought. (-:


  4. Condolences to all in Oklahoma , to all there during this devastating Tornado, Dear Jean, I also hope he will help there and the Mustangs also !!!!!!!!! I was thinking when I heard of that Huge Lottery WIN, Boy do I hope he is a Horse Advocate !!!!!!!!!!


  5. On the news this morning the guy from the stable said horses were in the air. I don’t know if any tactic would have saved them from this size of tornado. I feel sick thinking of their terror.


  6. This is a horrible event, so, so sad!!! I can’t even imagine? I am GLAD someone mentioned the barn whether to put the horses in or leave them out?? My pasture has three houses around it and our own house I get in a panick whenever we have had questionable weather, thinking they could get hit from other houses I thought they might be safer in the barn BUT guess I will leave them out….

    It is a hard decision to make!!! Didn’t mean to go on, this is about Oklahoma and it is a very bad situation for sure, my heart is with all!!!!


  7. “Serenity”, you are a kind and caring person. I am pleased to know you as well as the others in these posts; and who are connected through our mission to keep our horses safe. It would seem logical to want to bring horses in to “shelter” them from bad weather. Tornados, unfortunately, are one of those situations that make taking them inside a structure very unsafe as it can come down around them and crush them. Remember the “Wizard of Oz” when the tornado came and the people set the horses loose prior to them going into the storm shelter. Horses will try to run away from the storm and seek cover in low spots, etc. similarly as is sometimes suggested that people caught outside during tornados should find a ditch and lie down in it. My heart goes out to everyone who has experienced loss at this time. Bless all of you!


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