The Force of the Horse

Small-Animal Vets Are From Venus, Equine Vets From Mars

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“It’s ‘Feel Good Sunday’ and there is a whole bunch of news popping around out there but we will live to our own code and hold off so that you can have a day of rest…even though it hurts, on this end.

While perusing the internet in an effort to bring some cheer to the day we came upon this little bit below.  For all you animal caretakers you will appreciate the tongue-in-cheek comparisons of our furry children’s doctors.

Keep the faith.” ~ R.T.


Small animal vets dress from Land’s End. Equine vets prefer Back in the Saddle. Mixed Animal docs are into Tractor Supply.

Small animal vets tend to be vegetarians. Equine vets try to have balanced healthy diets. Mixed animal vets think the word vegetarian is a Native American word meaning “one who hunts poorly.”

Small animal vets know things about wine. Equine vets prefer Jack Daniels. Mixed animal vets know wine gives the worst hangovers.

Small animal vets know what cheeses are the best. Equine vets know nothing about cheese. Mixed practice vets know what cheese makes the best catfish bait.

Small animal vets drive BMWs and Audis. Equine types drive Dodge or Ford 4X4s. Mixed vets drive a Chevy or Toyota (but lust for a monster truck).

A small animal vet’s receptionist is petite, friendly, beautiful and very professional on the phone. An equine vet’s receptionist is very attractive and professional but a little more down to earth. A mixed animal vet’s receptionist is a little more solid, not so good on the phone, but can hold down a pig as good as any man.

Small animal vet’s clients call themselves Dr. Lastname. Equines clients are called Dr. Firstname. Mixed practice vet’s clients answer to “Doc.”

Small animal vets think they should have been a human neurosurgeon. Equine vets think they should become Board Certified. Mixed practice vets think that they are veterinarians.

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  1. Honestly, this has nothing to do with todays feel good sunday. I just finished watching Gasland II.
    There is only about 2 minutes of it that has to do with our wild horses & burros. But everyone really should make it a point to watch it because this is probably the biggest reason for eliminating the wild horses & burros. We all should be aware of whats being done to this country, to us and to the wild animals. Pavillion & Dish Texas and Dimock, PA play a big part in this movie. So far, I’m lucky – NYS still hasn’t turned the frackers loose YET. I imagine there are people who will blow this off, but it all looks real to me. There are so many people who comment on here and I agree with them regarding the horses & burros. Unfortunately, WE are all being taken advantage of by the big money corporations and our sainted politicians. Doesn’t it seem as tho we are all just invisible?
    I wish I could say I feel better after ranting! Maybe I do a little. Its just my turn, I guess.


  2. Thanks RT…you always come through with something different, interesting and funny (all at the same time) (-: In spite of such serious times (and we are certainly in them) we need to find some humor in our lives. You did it again, my friend. Thanks.


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