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Video:Chengdu China Horse-Lover Plasters City with Ads to Find a Husband

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“…she is so busy with work, she hasn’t had time to find a suitable husband…”

This stunt has horse girl written all over it. A woman from Chengdu, Sichuan province placed billboard ads all over the city as a way to find a future husband. The ads feature her in a wedding gown and a horse, and cost an average of 1 million yuan (165,300 USD) a day.

Want China Times reports that each ad measures ten meters long and four meters wide, and they’ve been placed at all the city’s 200 bus stops. The ads feature the 28-year-old woman named Huang Lijuan and two unidentified horses. The captions on the photos read: “I have a house, car and savings… looking for Mr Right and a happy 2014.”

Huang is said to have taken the action after years of pressure from her family to get married. The move caused a stir on the internet, drawing 12,000 comments on Sina Weibo as of 18:30 on Jan. 1. Some netizens suspected that the ad may in fact be a marketing ploy or a way for Huang to become famous overnight, while others said it underscored her sincerity in making friends.

After media outlets picked up the story, they found that Huang works as a marketing manager at a local realty firm. She confirmed to reporters the authenticity of the ad, however adding that the ad space was offered by her company free of charge to fill a vacuum caused by a delayed rollout of a housing project.

Huang said that because she is so busy with work, she hasn’t had time to find a suitable husband.

“He must be clean, positive, caring towards parents, responsible, although handsomeness is not a prerequisite,” she added. Equestrians a plus.

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  1. She doesn’t say she owns the horses? They are there as a symbolic means to attract a mate. Year of the Horse. She has a ride and a riderless horse offered as a seatt to a potential mate. We do that here in the US to symbolize a death of an honored soldier or leader. I think it will get her a raise. When the company she works for does finish the housing project, eyes will be watching this billboard.


  2. She is an attractive woman and has a good paying job. She will have no problems finding a man; however, the “right” man may be a problem. LOL


  3. I find this whole story really a waste of money, time and geezuz, a real horse girl/woman would have used this opportunity to advocate against horse slaughter which might have attracted the right type of man. Prostituting herself in this manner, trying to lure with the beauty of the horse is really quite ridiculous. Too busy at work to look for a husband or have social life must mean she is focused on her career. And then she says after all this horse business, equestrian, a plus??? Why use a horse if she’s not serious about find someone that shares or at least will support her enthusiasm for horses. And to be in a wedding dress??? REALLY???? Just reeks of desperation. She is a very attractive woman, maybe she should start a new career as a model. I don’t put any high marks on her campaign to find a man this way. This is the way to find the wrong man…


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