Day: May 13, 2014

9th Circuit Condones BLM’s Destruction of Wild Horse and Burro Herds

“The BLM has definitely done a great smear campaign on our wild horses.” stated Rachel Fazio, advocate attorney, “To be honest reading this opinion it is as if we never wrote any briefs or researched any law – and never mind the actual facts- it is as if we weren’t even involved in the litigation at all. Half of our claims they didn’t even deal with, they didn’t address the prohibition on “capture, harassment, branding and death” – they just focused on the removal language; they got out from under the Principally language by at the 11th hour claiming that the Twin Peaks HMA wasn’t a range, even though the Act does not permit the creation of an HMA, only the creation of a range, and that Dahl v. Clark actually found that designation of an HMA was done pursuant to the range provision of the Act (ie HMA= range) – and of course the wink and a nod on the long-term holding; its on private lands.”

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