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Florida Horses Injected with Gasoline

By Tiffany Teasley, Reporter of Orlando’s Fox News

“Anyone that can hurt an innocent animal, they’re nothing, it’s just a cold-hearted person.”

“This disturbing article is being posted not to give credit to a very sick individual but instead to help in locating the weirdo who perpetrated this senseless cruelty upon one of natures most innocent creatures.  I have pretty thick skin and over the years I have seen and been through a lot but out and out perverse cruelty always sends me for a loop…it just does not equate.  So on behalf of all homo-sapiens I apologize to these equines and hope for the speedy recovery of the survivor under the hands of those who truly care.” ~ R.T.


Gasoline InjectionMARION COUNTY, Fla. (WOFL FOX 35 ORLANDO) – One horse is dead another one is fighting for it’s life.   Now, the Marion County Sheriff’s Office is investigating after gasoline was found in both animals.

“She is my baby, so I’ve had her her entire life,” said Leah Greenleaf.

She tends to her six-year-old spotted saddle horse “Kate,” after she just had surgery.   It all started when she noticed a strange lump on her horse on Monday night, so she took her to the veterinarian.

“When they did actually open up, the surgeons even smelled the gas, and that’s what confirmed it for them,” she said.  “The only way you get the smell of gas inside of a horse is if someone put it there.”

Greenleaf’s horse wasn’t the only horse that was hit.

“The amount of gasoline they said they smelled was just unbelievable ,” said neighbor John Hoogerhyde of his horse.

Hoogerhyde said that on Monday night, his horse started acting strange.   The vet came out the next day, and by Wednesday the horse had to be put down.

“This person needs to be caught,” he said.  “Anyone that can hurt an innocent animal, they’re nothing, it’s just a cold-hearted person.”

Both horses were on pastures behind each of their owner’s property in Belleview when it occurred. The owners believe the suspects might have gotten in from the back.   They’re just hoping deputies get to the bottom of what happened.

“Definitely, they need to be found,” said Greenleaf.  “I don’t want them coming back and hurting one of my horses.  I certainly don’t want another horse hurt. Anyone who could do something like this is just a terrible person.”

Anyone with information should call the Marion County Sheriff’s Office.

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  1. How Terrible , what kind of Demented person would intentionally do this ???????This dangerous person or persons must be apprehended , at all costs !!!!!!


  2. I will never understand the cruel treatment of horses by us so called humans who could do such a thing. God put us here to protect them not harm them. This is a very dangerous person that needs to be caught and prosecuted to the fullest extent, not just a slap on the wrist.


  3. These are the same sort of people who could shoot a cat and watch it crawl, deny water and food, and torture for their own pleasure. These people are very sick, crazy or simply sociopathic. Society has to wake up and act in unison to raise awareness for this disease and make these offenses more punishable by law. Mental illness is not an excuse. It’s punishable if it violates laws, but it must be done separately.


  4. This is disgusting. I think when this demented person is caught, the punishment must be the same. It’s about time we treat “crazy” person who do things like this with the same punishment they do to others, whether it be an animal or person. These animals are our “USA’s” icon and we must ALL protect them. Anyone slaughtering our horses must be given the same treatment. It must STOP NOW – the unforgiveable horrible treatment to our four legged family members.


  5. This really makes me sick. This is a criminal act with intent to harm and kill horses. I really hope they find who did this. To pick on poor innocent horses is heartbreaking. What will deranged humans do next?


  6. I am always just sickened when I hear about ANY torture to animals. The creeps that do things like this walk among us and it gives me chills.


  7. WHAT!?!?!?!? ‘Terrible person’ doesn’t even begin to cover it. This person is sick. There is nothing worse on earth than the human mind, especially when it goes haywire.


  8. Is there a reward posted or a Secret Witness Program?

    If you have an anonymous tip, please call our CRIMESTOPPERS line at (352) 368-STOP. You may be eligible for up to a $1,000 reward for information leading to the capture of a criminal.

    The addresses, phone & fax numbers for our district offices are posted here.
    Our central Operations Center is located at 692 NW 30th Ave in Ocala, Florida. The

    Hours of Operation and Primary Contact Numbers are:
    Mon – Fri, 8am to 5pm: (352) 732-8181
    Non-Emergency 24-hour: (352) 732-9111
    Out-of-Area: 1-888-440-0347
    Marion County Jail
    700 Northwest 30th Avenue
    Ocala, FL 34475


  9. Horses are not safe in Florida. Look at all that has happened in Miami Dade county.corporal punishment should be appropriate fir this crime…..an eye for an eye.. Inject the perpetrator with same and watch him suffer. Doing something low this to an innocent animal is above heinous. These people down there need to be taught a lesson…..that’s my thought on it…


  10. There are no effective treatments for antisocial personality disorder or sociopathy, and cruelty to animals is frequently the precursor to cruelty and abuse towards people. Hopefully this human garbage will be caught and put away for a long, long time since there is no death penalty for torturing animals. I’d much rather my tax dollars be spent keeping this scum in prison where he/she cannot hurt another living being rather than being wasted by the BLM to torture wild horses and burros with million dollar helicopter roundups.


  11. Good to know that people see how “sick” this is. I don’t know what the solutions are, but it seems that acts of extreme violence and sociopathic behavior are growing in numbers. Is humanity being poisoned with some sort of additive? Or, is the internet just helping us find out about more depravity?


  12. It would take a very large syringe, or multiple injections, and a little bit of skill to inject that much gasoline. I know that the availability of medical equipment like this is not very controlled, but if this were done to a human where would the police start their search? Given the location of the injection shown on the surviving horse it appears that the perpetrator might be fairly familiar with horses. Just a thought. Hope they catch this scum. Unfortunately our “criminal justice” system won’t let them really pay for what they have done in a way that would be satisfactory to horse lovers. I can think of a few things I’d like to see done to them.


  13. I can also Vickie,this person or persons can and should be found , these type of cruelty criminals will brag about what they have done, they will think they got away with it , this will make them rather easy to find , but everyone they know will need to report it to the authorities…… This is if everyone pays attention and pursues them or the soul person who did this horrible act of extreme cruelty, it is hard to believe it was more then one demented piece of Human Garbage, what are the chances of 2 of them who know each other, ??????? This person is definitely mentally very sick person, who is a danger to society !!!!!!!


  14. What a sick person to do anything like this. In Florida. We will hunt you down. What a terrible thing to do to any animal. Damn this makes my blood boil. Criminal and insane to do this horrible act. Just a sick person who needs to be put behind bars.


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