Day: March 6, 2015

Wild Horses: Finding the Adobe Town Family Members at the Rock Springs Corrals

“We were first made aware of this awful story during Carol Walker’s visit to Wild Horse and Burro Radio last Wednesday night; it hit me so hard I performed unprofessionally as a co-host and just went silent with rage…and it was noticeable. Carol has taken the time to begin documenting the events both in photographs and her written words but this is, once again, a clear cut case of BLM mismanagement that ultimately results in the loss of life of our wild horses and burros and in this case, babies.

Rock Springs is understaffed and the cost is not in dollars and cents but instead the loss of any sort of quality of life for the captured horses and the death of foals. The BLM can spend countless thousands of lollars transporting PR officials across the U.S. to spout propaganda to the public at roundups yet they can’t manage their out organizational capability issues by sending more personnel to Rock Springs to help out during this emergency that THEY created by ripping wild horse families from their rightful lands? Incompetency runs rampant in the BLM. Stay with us at Carol’s WildHoofBeats and here at SFTHH for additional updates.” ~ R.T.

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