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How Sarah Thompson of Lead Stories failed to fact check

Sarah Thompson, a fiber artist and designer from Indiana who started a blog a few years ago, and then in December 2019 became a “Social Media Authenticity Analyst” at Lead Stories, just wrote an article titled “Fact Check: BLM Did NOT Release a Plan to Annihilate America’s Wild Horse And Burro Herds”
Unfortunately, Thompson seems to NOT have fact checked her own article, which is filled with omissions and errors. And, how does this uninformed person, call a real expert a “HOAX?”

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William Perry Pendley now a leader of the Bureau of Land Management (as Deputy Director, Policy and Programs)

A note from SFTHH:  William Perry Pendley is now a leader of the Bureau of Land Management, as the Deputy Director of Policy and Programs.  Pendley’s twitter account handle is “Wm Perry Pendley @Sagebrush_Rebel.”  (Author Jonathan Thompson wrote: ““(The) Sagebrush (Rebellion) comes into relief as what it really […]

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