New Animal Cruelty Charges for Conroe TX Horse Farm Owners

ABC 13 Houston

New charges have been filed against a Conroe farm owner accused of neglecting more than 200 horses.

Herman Hoffman and his wife, Kathleen Hoffman, face 17 new counts of animal cruelty. He also is charged with one count of tampering.

The Hoffmans already were charged with three counts of animal cruelty after Montgomery County investigators seized more than 200 horses from the Calico Diary farm last month. Authorities claimed the animals appeared to be starved and neglected.

Bond was set for $12,750 for each of the new misdemeanors and $10,000 for the felony tampering charge.

The two turned themselves into authorities Friday afternoon.

(Footnote: The couple want their seized horses back)


  1. Are they kidding!!! This happens in abuse cases alot. They starve the animals killing some and they ask for them back. Sometimes they do end up getting a couple back thru the court system. As a past hooved humane investigator this was appauling!! What poor things would have to be returned to possibly be starved again. This next time maybe not making it. I hope they have a strong prosecutor because this couple should have nothing returned including dairy cows or cattle. This jail time is not enough in my book!!

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  2. Why does a dairy farmer have sooo many horses?? Is he doing that 4 the purposes of selling them 2 b slaughtered? My God…get those mtatinghorses out of there!! Fine then heavily with a NO EQUINES ALLOWED ON PROPERTY signs put up on PROPERTY. And an signed judge stating that they’re not allowed 2 have horses for at least 5 years if ever!


  3. I hate to say this, playing devil’s advocate, they probably want them back to sell to a slaughter house to pay for their attorney’s fees. I agree, Gail, the horses should not be released back into their care at all cost. I too, hope that there is a strong prosecutor on this case and they get the maximum criminal penalties and jail time.

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  4. They Want the Horses back. Animal hoarders always do. People who ship to slaughter always Demand them back. YET they Still do NOT see their Actual Abuse Or Crimes. Tampering? I would be shocked but it comes with cruelty. So do a plethra of other lies. Why do they believe getting them back is a good idea? Dig further and theres more truth. When You love your animals you FEED AND WATER THEM. when you love your horses. But if you just see them as Livestock they still require FEED AND WATER. No Judge should return animals not being Fed and Watered. The Dead show hoarding. Hoarders tend to NOT bury as though the animals bodies keep their memories alive. Brrr! Pro slaughter is probably circling calling asking when they get to eat them.


  5. Does anyone know if any of these are/were our wild mustangs? If so then THAT needs to be investigated also and the BLM/USFS person involved need to spend time in jail.

    Regardless if they were wild or not, these people need to spend lots of time in jail as punishment in order to fortify the animal cruelty laws and to let other animal abusers know what will happen to them and to NEVER be near any animal again – ever.


  6. GG, none of the articles I’ve read suggest that any of the horses were wild mustangs that were adopted or those people were paid to be a holding facility. I agree, more investigation is warranted.


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