Month: December 2015

A Holiday Message from SFTHH

“As I do everyday, unless Deb has the reins, I sit in front of the computer and either attempted to write something of some value or find a tid-bit on the web that might be of interest to our readership…and you know what, I came up empty handed […]

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Saving Donkeys in the Holy Land

By Carol Brown as published in the American Thinker Disclaimer: “In keeping with our Christmas theme we have included this article about donkeys…as we are a donkey/wild burro friendly group.  We, however, do not endorse nor know much about the rescue groups mentioned, here.  Our long time Donkey/Wild […]

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Wild Horses and Burros: Twas the Night before Christmas

“First published on Christmas Day in 2009; the characters may have changed but the message still rings true to this very day. The roundups must stop so that we can appropriately care for and manage, if needed, our national treasures on their rightful range. At Wild Horse Freedom Federation we offer the gift of our continued fight in support of the Wild Horses and Burros to live free with their families on their promised public land. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good fight!” ~ R.T.

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