Day: August 5, 2016

Opinion: BLM Seeks Comments on Wild Burros Devoid of Content?

In my humble opinion:

Okie, Dokie; it has happened again, is it just me, am I truly the village idiot I once aspired to be (wow, non-intentional alliteration) or is something so upside down within the horse/burro hating BLM that no amount of sane contemplation can make their lack of logic work?

I don’t know, that is why I am asking you.

Several weeks ago the BLM issued a press release, below, regarding the acceptance of public comment on their whiz-bang EA of their Black Mountain Wild Burro ovary frying proposal. At first glance it is pretty straight forward in their typical “goose-step”, egotistical “thou shalt” way of the self-anointed annihilators of our wild equine but if you dig just a little deeper you can actually visualize the depravity that drives these destructive directives.

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