Month: July 2016

New Government Report on Trespass Livestock

“For decades our wild horses and burros have been scapegoated as the primary reason for ecological destruction on our western public lands while in reality, the documented destruction has come from private, welfare livestock allowed to graze our land at subsidized prices while far out numbering the federally protected wild equines.

This may come as a bit of a shock (tongue in cheek) but several of our federal agencies (BLM and USFS for example) are critically ate up with collusion and cronyism leading to a system of ‘good ole boy’ favoritism towards federally subsidized welfare grazing with little or no control YET the agencies, along with their welfare ranching buddies, point fingers at the wild horses and burros for grazing damage while they hold actual research at bay that verifies it is their private cows and sheep that are doing the damage and NOT the wild horses and burros.

Instead of reducing or eliminated grazing permits the BLM and USFS spends tens of millions of taxpayer dollars to attack, harass, capture, abuse, torture, experiment upon, warehouse and even sell horses and burros off to slaughter AGAINST the will of American taxpayers and politicians.

Although today’s installment does not address wild horses and burros specifically it speaks to the problem that is used as an excuse for the corrupt agencies to illegally remove the protected equines from public lands while welfare cattle and sheep run amok. It is all so screwed up that it is difficult for a sane mind to wrap itself around, but for the sake of the wild horses and burros we need to “get it” and continue to fight and speak on their behalf. Become conversant on the subject, please, and ensure that all who you know are equally aware as it is only through the force of numbers will we be able to win this war. Keep the faith my friends and keep on keeping on.” ~ R.T.

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USDA Proposes New Regulations to Combat Horse Soring

Source: “…horses are subjected to chemical or mechanical irritants to enhance their gait…” USDA‘s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service is proposing regulation changes to revise and strengthen the Horse Protection Act regulations to better protect horses from the cruel and inhumane practice of soring. Soring is when […]

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News Flash: Next BLM Wild Horse & Burro Advisory Board Meeting Scheduled

Unedited File This document is scheduled to be published in the Federal Register on 07/29/2016 and available online at, and on DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR Bureau of Land Management 4310-84 [LLWO260000.L10600000.PC0000.LXSIADVSBD00] Notice of Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board Meeting AGENCY: Bureau of Land Management, Interior. […]

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Feel Good Sunday: Videos to Cleanse your Mind, Heart and Soul

“Today’s installment is a collection of videos that readers have forwarded my way as submissions for ‘Feel Good Sunday’. Their interest and participation are greatly appreciated and if anyone would like to do the same please feel free to forward your most treasured and touching thoughts, articles and/or videos to me, directly, at or It is always much more meaningful and fun when it is a group effort. Be safe, my friends, and enjoy!” ~ R.T.

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Call to Action: Complaint – Medical Malpractice Related to Unnecessary Surgery

Source: Wild Horse Freedom Federation

“We are all, collectively, disgusted and dismayed at the concept of the Oregon State University (OSU) partnering with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to conduct cruel and unnecessary sterilization experiments on federally protected wild fillies and mares. It is unconscionable and we do NOT want it to proceed and we surely don’t want to watch/observe it. We want to STOP IT!!!

Many times our readers ask what they can do to help, how can they make a difference, what can be done to stop the madness…well here is your chance to speak out.

Printed below is a letter, minus your personal contact information, that you can update, print out, snail mail or email electronically to OSU and even cut and paste into the United States Department of Agriculture – Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service’s web form page. We also have provided a link where you can download the letter in Word along with the contact information.

So have at it and please proceed with haste; enter your contact information and let it fly…the wild mares are running out of time.

If you need any assistance, feel free to contact me, personally, at or

Get after it, my friends, spread the word…you have the tools!” ~ R.T.

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Vale OR BLM Postpones Wild Horse Stampede

“Yesterday we commented that a helicopter stampede would be conducted in Oregon to kidnap more “fresh” mares for the BLM to brutally experiment on at their Hines Holding Facility; the torture was scheduled to begin next week on the 26th. But it now appears that the horses will have a few more weeks to live in freedom,with their families and the mares with their ovaries. The ridicules madness has been postponed until the end of next month. The unedited article is listed below.” ~ R.T.

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