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Kansas City – horse-carriage accident it could easily happen in NYC (and has)

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“I love the carriage rides. I think they are so cute,” said Camaryn Blumears, a visitor from Oklahoma. “They just make me happy, seeing the horses and stuff.”

makeamericakindagainA horrendous carriage horse accident occurred on Saturday night December 3rd  in Kansas City, MO.   The nine-year old horse, allegedly named Tiny, was being driven down a hill (not smart) and spooked.  The driver was flung over a bridge and two passengers were hurt.  The horse?  Hard to say.  There are mixed reports on whether the horse lived through this.  We wonder if he died and we do not believe the hype.  One questionable interview with the owner claims he is “retiring” Tiny.  Sure.  We know what this means.  Once a carriage horse spooks and is involved in a serious accident – if he lives – he does not work again.  Carriage companies are for profit businesses and do not provide for costly retirement.  The horse (if he lived) will most likely go to auction where he may be purchased by a kill buyer who will send him on to Canada.  Yes – those are the cruel hard facts that supporters of this abusive and inhumane trade do not want to face.

The Kansas City police actually wrote up a report – something you rarely see in NYC where the police often claim nothing happened even when we have proof that they were on the scene.  Did someone say “cover-up?”

“Upon arrival I observed the following, the horse to be laying on the ground just before the bridge on the southwest side.” “It should be noted the horse was trapped under the carriage and was heavily sedated….. (Name redacted) and his medical staff along with KCFD helped load the horse into…… horse trailer and taken away for evaluation.”

“I love the carriage rides. I think they are so cute,” said Camaryn Blumears, a visitor from Oklahoma. “They just make me happy, seeing the horses and stuff.”   No consideration for the horse who may have died or for that matter, the driver who was flung from the carriage over the bridge.  

Thank you to Kansas City Animal Rights Activists for organizing a protest and putting out this petition:  Please sign it and share.

Horse drawn carriages in crowded cities like Kansas City and New York need to be shut down.  They are serious accidents waiting to happen – something their customers foolishly do not realize as they hold their babies in their laps.
Horses are gentle prey animals, which means that regardless of their imposing size — 1,500 to 2,000 pounds – they can become unwitting weapons if spooked.  They can react to the most seemingly innocuous stimuli – such as rustling leaves, the opening of umbrellas or a loud noise.  They can bolt into traffic and cause an accident or death to themselves, their passengers  or innocent passersby.   In addition, horses who work on hack lines such as NYC, are often overworked to the point of exhaustion — especially during this time of year.   More unenforceable regulations are not the answer — only a total ban is.
CARRIAGE HORSES:  My research over 7 1/2 years revealed that 529 carriage horses had fallen off the Department of Health’s rolls in that time.  That works out to be about 70 horses a year – about 1/3 of all the horses who are working.  It is impossible to believe that all of these horses got a good home in retirement.  Many most likely went on to a kill auction such as the nearby facility in New Holland, PA.   Kill buyers frequent these auctions and buy horses in bulk to be shipped to Canada or Mexico to slaughter facilities.
Please click on my article from 2013, which addresses this issue.  It is well documented with links to the raw data used.

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  1. In today’s traffic – it just is an idea that needs to be retired. I’ll never forget in my city how an impatient driver what practically freaking out behind the wheel while waiting – behind a horse carriage. He finally he got so impatient he banged an impromptu U-turn and left in a huff. I watched carefully so that I could witness everything, report him to the police, and also yell at him if anything happened to that poor horse. In a park environment or in areas separated from traffic would be much better for everyone involved. And I would not want to subject any living creature to breathing that infernal vehicle exhaust, and noise. I truly am amazed that the horses manage to do it, and it must be tremendously stressful for them. Modern cities are no environment for animals.


  2. I do want Your evidence that those horses were actually slaughtered. I know some do go but I want evidence that proves all those years they were slaughtered. Now we live close to Amish territory and on a country road horse accidents still occur as frequently. Whether ridden or driven. We had pony carts carriages etc for years that we showed without incident but observed many more Rider incidents at horse events than carriage accidents. The reality is closing the carriage industry and creating laws against it Only then makes less jobs for less horses displacing more animals to slaughter. Remember if you ban everuthing a horse does but be wild eventually slaughter plants win the argument that horses are useless and need to be slaughtered. This is a touchy argument. Above this should have been a route change issue not complete elimination. Advocates Always demand facts from me cite this cite that. I am now asking for you tp cite Exactly where your slaughtered carriahe horses facts come from. I foresee slaughter if you close the Industry with nowhere for horses to go. So I want the hard numbers with verified evidence from auctions they were killed at for say 5-10 years. No assumptions just facts. I dont want injured carriage horses so lets educate drivers with may I suggest every 6 months drivers training in safety in the cities. They dont pass they do not stay. May I suggest amending routes that may pose risks. Your argument of flight animals is great however that applies to every aspect of horse use and therefore your targeting one use which is inappropriate. Were Not here to eliminate horses from their jobs and no one has the right to be angry someone said they love the carriages. Your Fearmongering which is illegal and the same tactic manipulating people in prohorse slaughter propaganda. Fix a broken system but dont destroy everyone in your path and eliminate jobs for horses. Yes city carriages are Not a perfect life…..but then you yell neither are harsh ranches where they break not train horses…you disagree with racing and showing and performance and before you know it horses are GONE. Im not willing to destroy all industry because you find issues. You correct the issues. If you dont agree with me Im fine with that but your standing closer to the horse slaughter plants than you should be. As for that lady that said she loved the carriages what she means is….I want to love a horse and this is as close as I get. She was probably waiting to find out what happened to the Before jumping to conclusions. Until you have evidence of a death a photo video or witness its Alleged death. I hope the horse is fine. Our friends recently adopted 3 former aged carriage horses from a carriage business out East. I love the beautiful condition they arrived in…playful alert interested in people and pets. They thrive off the busy farm times and seem depressed when alls quiet. They probably miss they jobs. You cannot say all horses are miserable. Man O War would throw a fit if he wasnt raced until they pressed retirement….dont forget some animals love to do their jobs. I take my soapbox….if you disagree please have evidence not of injuries and deaths….i have my own research. I want proof exactly the number in slaughterplants. What auctions sold them. As for the rest you have to not hassle the public or drivers which interferes and distracts everyone. Dont become what proslaughter claims you are.


    • Sadly, there is so much said & written about the carriage horses – people who have no knowledge (not idaursine) believe what they hear! They only see the bad things publicized & the activists (NOT advocates) who speak out – loudly.
      I agree, if one discipline or use after another is “banned” – then truly – what do you think happens to the horses involved in that use? Work horses LIKE to work – they like having a job – thats the truth. I also agree that just maybe keeping the carriages in a park setting (Central?) would probably make them safer – BUT their stables are pretty much all in the city – so they still would have to come & go on the main streets! I’m sure there are many carriage drivers & their families that do this for a living – not for lots of money – but because they enjoy dealing with their horses. It cant be easy after all!


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