Month: January 2017

South Dakota Reaches Settlement Transferring Control of 520 ISPMB at-risk Horses to Fleet of Angels; Public’s Help Needed in Massive Rescue Operation

Source: Fleet of Angels “The settlement sets the stage for one of the largest known equine rescue and adoption efforts in U.S. history…” South Dakota state’s attorneys have reached a settlement agreement with the International Society for the Protection of Mustangs and Burros that will transfer full control […]

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Under the Skin – Donkeys at Risk

Source: The Donkey Sanctuary Right now, millions of donkeys from Asia, Africa and South America are at risk of being stolen and slaughtered for their skins – the gelatin in the hide being a key ingredient in the prized traditional Chinese medicine called ejiao (e-gee-yow). A new report […]

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Our National Mammal Under Fire: Bison Slaughter

“Here at Wild Horse Freedom Federation our primary concerns lie with the government’s full blown assault against our free roaming wild horse and burros on public lands and trust me, that in itself is a full time job. But with that being said we are not blind to the similar plights of other fellow passengers on Spaceship Earth such as whales, dolphins, wolves, coyotes and in the case of this information Bison.

Right now, there is massive concern over what is happening to the wild Bison in Yellowstone and the information below speaks to this issue. We share this story, not to dilute our work with the wild equines but to further demonstrate the abject stupidity of government be it local, state or federal. It is a shame that the court system does not allow us the capability to sue such entities for the simple cause of just being “STUPID”. If that were possible the courts would be clogged beyond imagination and I would be first in line with case in hand. Keep the faith.” ~ R.T.

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Update on ISPMB Wild Horse Hearing

By Elaine Nash The hearing regarding final resolution to the ISPMB case- which was first scheduled for January 27 and then changed to January 26 and 27, has now been canceled. The State Attorney decided to make a deal with ISPMB, allowing them to keep some of the […]

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Equine Vampire Farms Exposed!

By Martin Bagot as published on The Mirror “Cruel horse hormone scandal as pregnant mares’ blood is injected into British Meat supply…” Crammed into pens and ­repeatedly forced into pregnancy, these are the pitiful horses whose blood is extracted on horrific “vampire” farms to boost meat production. Tens […]

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