Equine Rescue

Video: “Maybe Next Year”

“We post this video, today, knowing that New Years was two days ago but this small slice of equine/human goodness just came across our desk yesterday and we could not help but want to share it with you, straight away.  Although produced to sell a commercial product, it touches upon on a nerve that many of us have lived and feel tightly bonded to as strongly today as we did yesterday.

To all those who fight the good fight; never give up!

Oh, tissue alert.” ~ R.T.

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    • Yes. Tears and smiles. I like that it was all done with sound, from a horse’s point of view, or what you would imagine another creature’s point of view would be. :’)


  1. Every horse and every burro, young and old, deserves love and respect whether in someones pasture and barn or in the wild. RESPECT is the key word.


  2. Oh, so many memories of my girlhood brought back by this sweet story!!! Thank you so much—what a great ad, to help people learn about adoption!!


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