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CBS Airs Rodeo Footage Showing Horses Electrically Shocked to Force Bucking

Source: News of the Horse

“…a rodeo worker is seen shocking a bucking horse with a Miller Manufacturing Hot-Shot Power-Mite”

1-3-17-1Las Vegas, Nevada – The Professional Rodeo Cowboy’s Association (PRCA) contracted with CBS Sports, a subsidiary of CBS, to cover the 2016 Wranglers National Finals.  The PRCA paid CBS Sports an undisclosed sum of money to air the rodeo.

Despite the PRCA’s claim that bucking horses are “bred to buck” and “love bucking,” footage aired by CBS tells a different story.  Using only footage aired by CBS, animal welfare activist group SHARK was able to prove that horses were shocked to force them to buck at the National Finals Rodeo…(CONTINUED)

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  1. Signed
    Cruelty to animals, also called animal abuse or animal neglect, is the human infliction of suffering or harm upon non-human animals, for purposes other than self-defense or survival.


  2. You dont want to know what All they do to Rodeo horses. The fact is when they dont produce they Also ship Every one to slaughter. Some Rodeo riders started buying to save them. Not all rodeo folks agree with these practices either.


  3. I hope the rodeo takes care of who is responsible for the cruety to all the horses and others animals there that are being electroshocked!!! Ban them , Give shocks from that probe and see how they enjoy it,! Jail!!!! What the hell is wrong with people. Vegas Rodeo is very popular, and people enjoy going. As other Rodeos are popular. Please help. Those horses, etc from being eletroshocked! Thank you for taking care of this abuse! Show them doing this abuse, you the Rodeo will not stand for this nor ever!


    • From what I have learned, this is common practice and I have seen photos of the daughter of Vold rodeo livestock (who years ago bought many of our wild horses) doing this. It is no secret within the rodeo world but it is absolutely animal abuse for the sake of $$$.


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