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Correction: Court Asked to Transfer Ownership of ISPMB Former Wild Horses

Source: Timber Lake by Kathy Nelson

CORRECTION!!!  This story is not correct, the petition has NOT been filed.  The reporter is wrong.  Standby for further information!!!!


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  1. Thats certainly a big step in the right direction. My question is: will these two organizations be liable for what it costs the county to feed the horses for another three weeks? I would imagine the county needs to re-coup the money it spent.


  2. Wow! I think this is a step in the right direction as Fleet of Angels and the other groups have worked so hard to rehome and place them. If that happens I’m assuming the auction is off the table. The horses had NO say in the matter just innocent souls. I certainly hope none will remain in the woman’s custody. I’m amazed at what can be done if people just work together. After all it is all about the horses. Good start to the New Year!!


  3. I am still not clear on why charges have not been filed on Karen/ISPMB for cruelty to horses for the inhumane way she took care of them…… she has been a detriment to the wild horse effort for a long time 😦 So glad the horses will change hands!!!!


  4. This could be the miracle that is needed for these innocent wild horses. If this does happen, keep in mind that these two rescue organizations will need any financial help we can give them for hay and farriers, etc. If I remember correctly, this is not the first time that these groups have stepped up to help many horses in need.
    Fleet of Angels of Evans, CO and Habitat for Horses of Hitchcock, TX.


  5. My prayer for these horses just could be answered. I was praying they would find their way to Habitat For Horses. I’m not really familiar with Fleet of Angels. I so hope the court does this.


  6. I would imagine that HSUS will also step up to help. At least I would hope so. They tried to work with sussman but gave up after she refused their help. I am hoping that this is a positive move for the horses. They come first.


  7. I am very happy for this step forward – I have been waiting for an update. Please post any info about donations for food in the coming weeks – I am still sending to Dewey County Sheriffs Office. I am very thankful for the two groups that have taken the giant step in this situation. I hope there is enough shelter to keep the horses comfortable. I am willing to help in any way that I physically or financially can. Thanks for posting the update !!!!!! Love and peace to you !!!!

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    • I would guess that since there are a few weeks before the hearing that the Sheriff’s office will still be responsible for feeding the horses – so donating to them might be a really good idea – especially if there has to be money spent to effect this change.


    • I’m hoping most survive this winter. There is yet another blizzard underway, and no shelters. Most of the roads in that part of the state have been periodically closed so getting someone there to feed each day is a question. There were some incidental reports when adoptions were happening that they were still finding carcasses and sick horses, and the almost complete lack of photos or videos leaves me wondering what is going on there. Great news if ownership can be transferred but hoping it’s not too little, too late.


  8. Pleeeeeaz think of the HORSES when placing new care takers in charge💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎 they SUFFER when WE fail THEM! They DESERVE PROPPER grounds to run w/ foliage to graze regular hay delivered & possibly if given unused land could be planted w/ alfalfa2 cut costs! Separate areas for mares in heat or MAMAS w/ BABIES!! Monthly Vet checks 4 hooves& health care!! Grounds checked DAILY!! And motion cameras w/ lights 2 deter criminals& horse thiefs etc… Installed every 100 ft along ENTIRE fencelines!!! IF We’re gona SAVE THEM we gota DO EXACTLY that!! Meant no DISRESPECT B4😇🌷 that story made me cry for DAYS to where I would hyperventilate being so distressed from my mental images I could not forget. My Native HORSE LOVING HEART ONLY WANTS THEM HAPPY AND HEALTHY LIVING TOGETHER IN THEIR FAMILIES FREE TO RUN & Not BE AFRAID OR STARVED ANYMORE!!! That’s ALL. I pray for them Every single day, as I shed tears now KNOWING how imperative this issue is makes it hard to even see…PLEZ HELP SAVE THE MOST MAJESTIC TREASURES EVER CREATED💔🐎🌍🌷


  9. https://www.charitynavigator.org/index.cfm?bay=search.profile&ein=946169422

    This document indicates ISPMB at the end of 2015 showed the IRS $562,132 in revenues with essentially no assets. Accruing only $10,096 in assets since 1968 indicates either complete dysfunction or erroneous reporting, as this isn’t even the value of one old pickup or tractor. And it would seem since the horses were/are indeed private property, they have a value not showing up here as assets. Even at $100 per horse, 800 horses would be worth $80,000. These figures don’t pass the smell test.

    Though some foals were born in 2016, if you account for those who died at the same numbers, and round the total herd population to 800, this declared revenue comes to $702.67 per horse annually, or $58.56 per horse, per month.

    This amount has to cover all overhead, insurance, staff, equipment, repairs, fuel, hay, salt, water, along with medications, vaccinations, dewormers, vitamins etc. which we know were only rarely provided.

    At 25 lbs. of hay/day, an average adult horse needs just under 800 lbs./month (a lot is wasted feeding round bales or dispersed hay). At $150/ton this comes to $60/month/horse JUST FOR HAY.

    Inevitable result followed in 2016.


  10. Well, that certainly says it all! Sort of removes any kind of excuse for Karen and certainly the “Board of Directors”. I would think assets would include tractors, trucks , etc. But since the actual physical land is owned by someone else – that wouldn’t be considered an asset. I remember Michael Blake was at one time on the Board of Directors – maybe when he passed away, no one else came on board. Of course, this is far after the fact & really doesnt matter anymore. What matters is getting the horses to a safe place.


  11. IS – thanks for the info on the per day food money I was trying to figure that out but had different answers from different people so I probably was not asking the right question! On the 2015 figures that you cite – is any of this info in the hands of Steve Aberle? I have not seen anything new in the Rapid City Journal that has done a fabulous job keeping the information flowing and am wondering if no news is actually good news. I have been watching the weather and it is really scary – I did see a video on youtube from the Chilly Pepper group that showed some of the horses late December ….. I think they were working with Fleet of Angels setting up shelters…….you should see those videos……Dewey County fb page is all about the snow and the roads and that I can understand – still I am going to message them for news if any…………


    • Rita that information is from their IRS Form 990 per the link I posted, and I calculated what those numbers mean just out of curiosity.

      Agree this is a harsh winter with the snowiest months still ahead, and have been checking the Dewey County site periodically in hopes of finding updates as they are supposedly the ones feeding these horses for now.


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